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  2. Hi everyone i have had trouble signing in to Ziboom i have found away around it by replying to old emails that were sent to me so i think i am in or maybe this is a new type of social distancing but i don't think so..here is what we do when we are in quarantine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9R7iLo6z4s

  3. I am bored ! I used to hate it when my kids said that. 


    I feel I need to plan a holiday in 2020 but every time I get near the computer the task seems overwhelming and it is easier to stay put. 


    Tried using aTravel agent once to do all the leg work, but I knew I could organise a better itinerary. 


    First World Problems... I know. 

  4. Hi Anna ... just wondering where the daily feed of topics shows up... a question too ... looks like every song I posted before is gone.... I feel like a social reject.

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    2. Anna


      I don't see any activity from you under ALL ACTIVITY, so this part is all private.  


      I asked Sandy to send me a PM.  Hopefully, we'll get her to open up her messaging. 

    3. Sandy


      Before this issue was mentioned today, I had no idea there was a problem with me sending or receiving PMs because I hadn't been involved in either since before the lastest edition of Ziboom.  I have now learned that my message box was considered "Full."  


      I also don't know whether I am responding here to a thread, or am participating in a PM exchange between Morgen and Anna. If the later, how the heck am I able to do that?'Tis a puzzlement.


      At any rate, I have sent Morgen an email, which is something I do understand and know how to execute.


       Morgen, I am also very happy to see you posting,  Am looking forward to more of your music selections, movie reviews, and just about anything else you choose to comment about.  

    4. Anna


      Hmm...I thought this was private, but apparently not.  What is this feature?  It's sort of cool!  hahaha

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