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  2. @Sandy - yes, it’s quite possible that the new cases are attributable to the test centers. My lab tech friend said to not to be too alarmed about that number because it will increase. I’m glad your mayor extended the stay home order. It’s the only way this thing is going to go away. Since the time I last wrote, all remaining performances of “Hamilton” in SF were cancelled (i was supposed to go again in May), and the public schools announced closure for the rest of the school year. I fear the May performances of “The Band’s Visit” will be cancelled (I have tickets for May 30th), and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be able to go to Montana in July. I guess time will tell. I’ll have to see what the stimulus really does for small businesses, although I’m willing to bet it won’t be close to enough.
  3. Our mayor officially extended that stay home order to the end of April. Also, on the most recent list of coronavirus in US States, I noticed that the number of new cases in California was very low. Texas, on the other hand, added quite a lot, but i really think that is due to all the test sites that were finally set up over the past 10 days. @Rebel77, I had read that the 3.2 trillion dollar relief package as supposed to include a three-hundred and sixty billion dollar assistance program, whatever that means, for small businesses.
  4. Ain't nuthin right about 2020 so far... Utah had a 5.7 last week or so. Well, Yellowstone? Are we waking up??
  5. Yesterday
  6. I think I will make a donation to McConnell’s opponent’s campaign.....PRONTO.
  7. For you hockey fans, and San Jose Sharks lovers, this is Patrick Marleau. He is supposed to help homeschool his five boys. His wife said that he was drinking on the job.
  8. @Sandy - Would this be the SAME Mitch McConnell, who took all those days off and avoided looking at the bill? This is what his 1-minute ad should be like:
  9. McConnell releasing ad tied to his role in virus rescue bill BRUCE SCHREINER , Associated Press•March 31, 2020 1 / 3 APTOPIX Virus Outbreak Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky. gives a thumbs up as he leaves the Senate chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, where a deal has been reached on a coronavirus bill. The 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill is expected to be voted on in the Senate Wednesday. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) More FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Looking to capitalize on his leadership post during the coronavirus crisis, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is launching a campaign ad in his home state that touts his role in passing the $2.2 trillion economic rescue package. The TV ad debuting across Kentucky on Wednesday boasts of the benefits going to cross-sections of Americans, and McConnell's role in orchestrating Senate passage of the sweeping aid measure. “America’s in crisis like never before. And in times of crisis we look to leaders," a narrator says in the ad. “Mitch McConnell led the passage of the biggest economic rescue package in history. The ad ends by showing McConnell with President Donald Trump, who remains a commanding figure in Kentucky politics. The ad comes after rounds of sniping between McConnell's campaign and Democratic challenger Amy McGrath's campaign as the virus outbreak escalated. McGrath campaign spokesman Terry Sebastian called the ad “a brazen attempt to rewrite history." ------------------- Kentucky loves Turtle Face and The Mangle Oranged Apricot. What a truly diabolical duo!
  10. Well, here we go. Our county's stay at home order just got extended to May 3rd. So, it will be another month of working at home, which seems to present some new challenge every day. Today, my printer stopped working so our IT guy had to reconfigure the IP address on the printer itself. It took a lot longer than both of us thought it would, but he got ir done! That's why they get paid the big bucks. I had to go into the office for a couple of hours today (I'm actually considered an essential worker) so I took the opportunity to get lunch from our faux but still delicious Mexican place around the corner. This is a very small business that's usually bustling with potential jurors, construction workers working on the new County Administration building, attorneys & legal staff, county workers, etc. Today, it was empty. There were only 3 people working there, and their menu & hours are limited. There were 2 other people outside waiting for food. That was it. It just about broke my heart. Darlene (the woman who runs the front) was so grateful that I stopped by. We've been going there since Day 1, so we have a relationship with the people there. My heart is sinking for the small businesses. Why they're not the ones being bailed out is beyond me. And my hair? Glad I just ordered some headbands!
  11. The NFL (American football) playoffs will now be expanded to include 14 teams! Wheeee! Per the Eastern Sports Poker Network (ESPN): It's official. NFL owners have expanded their playoff field to 14 teams, formalizing a long-held aspiration nearly a decade in the making. The decision will change the complexion of the postseason, boost league revenues by nine figures annually and perhaps provide a new level of job security for coaches. Why make this change now? Who will benefit, and who will be disadvantaged? Can an 8-8 team win the Super Bowl? Why don't we go back to a regular 12-week season so that football doesn't spill over into baseball time? Also for you footie fans who are lounging around, why not do it in a set of Cristiano Ronaldo bedsheets?
  12. There is no real news outside of the virus variety. But how about something pretty!
  13. Same virus, another month.
  14. If you could learn and perfect one skill during this lockdown, what would it be?
  15. Good day and Happy April Fools Day! My first law firm boss was born on April Fool’s Day, so one of the paralegals pooled money together and named a hissing cockroach after him at the San Francisco Zoo. In turn, my boss fired four people that day. It is obvious that my boss was unaware that today is also International Fun at Work Day. I spent most of my youth and teen years as a soda jerk and babysitter. I moved on from those jobs after seeing a newspaper ad for a sales position at an office that was located at the Powell/California cable car stop, an old 40s/50s era building on top of Woolworths. While much of the structure was reinforced to withstand quakes, the owners left the beautiful carved golden fixtures on elevators and in the lobby. Each office in the building had an old fashioned textured glass door with the painted business names. I loved the retro feel of the building. I just did not like the job. I had to do phone sales of Time/Life cook books that came in a set of twelve. It was my job to dial numbers from a sheet and convince someone to buy into these books, which would arrive in the mail every month at the cost of $12.99 per book. I shared my table with one other person, an older gentleman who tried to explain quick check cashing services that were around the corner near the hotels. He was an expert seller, and managed to convince at least ten callers per day to buy into these cookbooks. On the other hand, I was the flunkie, and could never get anyone to remain interested past the first few lines of the script we were to follow, even when using my best radio voice. I would listen to old boy next to me for some tips and discovered nothing. He finally told me that women were easy sales calls for him. There were those times when you got some older person on the phone who simply wanted to hear a friendly voice, and they were ready to say YES to anything. It was easy to sell books to this demographic, but there was plenty of guilt involved as it was more than likely that the person saying YES to everything had no idea what was being sold to them. However, someone had to follow-up dial on each sale, just to make sure that the buyer really understood the conditions of the book sale. In one week, I made two sales. This would guarantee a $25 check. I just stopped showing up after my first check, and began perusing the want ads. This time, I landed a job at the above-mentioned law firm. I spent five tempestuous years with that attorney, and was fired approximately 20 seconds after I told him that I was quitting to move to another law firm. I did have plenty of fun at that law firm. There were lots of Lotto parties thrown by people who had non-million winning numbers, the Goodby Marcos party thrown by at least three Filipinos, and the screaming lady who we built a file box fort around so no one could hear her anymore. There was also a really handsome law clerk in the office who had a very unfortunate gas problem. The lawyer sent him downstairs to work in the same area as the paralegals, and we would take turns running out of the office. The best part was on New Year’s eve, when I would send tons of saved up shredded paper out the window. Today is also Sourdough Bread Day. This is my favorite bread in the world because it reminds me of home... Have a great day!
  16. Outrageous Ebay price for 2 small cans of disinfectant wipes that that sell for $3.99. But hey, the seller wants only 24.99 to ship them. Maybe he is going to hand deliver them. www.ebay.com/itm/New-2-Pack-Cleaning-Disinfecting-35-x-2-70-Total-Count-Clorox-Equivalent-/153883365487?hash=item23d429d06f%3Ag%3ApRMAAOSwvfxegiuR&nma=true&si=IFhl%252FGx763evl0BXMF%252BRnWpcuAA%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  17. Saw this - avert your eyes Dave it's a bit "Anglo Saxon" i.e. sweary
  18. Every year he does a parody of the "Queen's Speech" in the pub and he's hilarious. One year he dressed in the full regalia to do it. For instance - "This year has been my anus horribilis, but my husband and I wish all of our loyal subjects a happy new year". That was a year when her maj. said "Annus horribiliis" in the Queen's speech.........it was probably the year Lady Diana died. He's one of the people behind the street party too (along with Matt the accordianist). Both are very talented guys.
  19. Usually the subject matter or if I know something about it. I generally want to finish what I have started, I can't remember stopping one.
  20. I have completely stopped listening to and looking at Trump. There are some things I can control, and one of them is choosing what listen & don't listen to. I monitor the news just enough to keep up on the current events I NEED to know about. I don't need to know about the ramblings of a madman and serial liar. It has done wonders for my mental health. And, I really am working from home & have enough distractions. I don't need that one.
  21. Unlike Trump, Newsom understands that now is NOT the time to fight, even with your sworn enemies. I have no doubt that when this crisis is over, Newsom will have some choice words about Trump. But, not until then. Newsom is too smart for that.
  22. @Versailles - that is just plain cruel! Did you dash to the store before lockdown? I would have.
  23. Good morning! It's supposed to be 75F/24C today. Let's see if that happens. It was cold as hell yesterday. In sad news, Japanese comedian Ken Shimura passed away from CV. He was a member of the comedy team The Drifters. I looooooved the Drifters, and all my uncles would come over on Sunday nights to eat dinner and watch the show together. My mother got really really angry when they taught me the lyrics to a Drifters song about a man's fiance, who loved to pass gas. R.I.P. Here are some workout videos. The first is from actor Jack Black, who joined TikTok: ...and there is this one from a coach on the Black Ice Drill Team, from somewhere in Ohio.
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