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  2. Glad that you posted this, Anna. I'll have to see where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on this issue. A consideration when voting. I'm not hearing impaired at this point, but in the future - - - - - - - -?
  3. A deaf man is suing porn site Pornhub for closed captioning. The below-listed article describes his reasoning better than I can, so I encourage you to read it. If not, the sum of his argument is that there are several videos such as Hot Step Aunt Babysits Disobedient Nephew, Sexy Cop Gets Witness to Talk, and Daddy 4K -- Allison comes to Talk About Money to Her Boys' Naughty Father which he cannot understand because of the lack of closed captioning. I believe he should win his case, as he has the right to access any tech that will enable him to enjoy what the rest of us take for granted. However, I think he will be very disappointed at the plot lines. But maybe not. From Movielab: Deaf Man Sues Pornhub for Lack of Closed Captioning in Videos
  4. I love cheese.. my next ‘research’ foray will be to this Cheese Cathedral in Perth that boasts 350 cheeses and courses on all sorts of cheese related things. popular in Perth now are cheese wheel wedding cakes, but I still like a traditional fruit cake. Actually my north of England first husband loved tangy cheddar style hard cheese and a slab of fruit cake together, a popular way to eat it in that part of the UK.
  5. Yes grandfathers ... not always warm and fuzzy. We lived in fear of my paternal grandfather who resided in the cottage down the bottom of our garden. Not much like a gnome or fairy though ..more troll or ogre. He was so bad tempered and mysterious. He had lots of rifles and those bands of ammunition hung up on the walls in his dark and musty cavern of a kitchen. he used to go off on shooting expeditions for kangaroo and rabbit skins. he said the aboriginals in inland Australia had taught him how to hunt. He threatened to shoot my mother as he disliked the 20 year old English war bridge intensely. No wonder that marriage was doomed ! I tried to keep on his good side and as a young child would clean his rooms, run errands ..he liked to divide families - he had 5 children. I remember him telling me I was a favourite - but not my older sister, as she was “just like my mother “ ! Well the old bugger eventually died he left the grand sum of $100 to my sister and nothing to me !
  6. Dear me .. sorry to hear all this sad news ..it has certainly not been a good news day in the UK. hope your op goes well @Cestrian and @Morrigan that the funeral goes off without a hitch. Hugs to all. Even without those two major life events ....I read something about this week in January is also normally a depressing time due to the winter season, people being short of money after Xmas etc Keep safe and well.
  7. My worst interview for a job I did not get, was in the social work department at a large government hospital dealing mainly with veterans. I was interviewed by a panel of 3 - social workers and director of nursing and some of the questions related to my thoughts about working with people with disabilities. My CV also highlighted my work with blind and vision impaired. While outlining my experience and how I would handle this scenario or that one of the interviewers asked how I had gained a lot of experience working with blind, people with epilepsy etc I did not lie and said my son had been born with certain conditions. The whole interview went downhill from then, with one woman even asking how I would manage that job and my son ..who was in school by then ! Ironically I thought the very people that should have some insight into disability had no compassion or scruples. I knew that legally they should not have asked that direct question, but at that stage I could not tell a lie. Also Perth is a small place and the welfare social work field even smaller so if I had made an issue it at the interview time or after, it would have been a black mark against me. I have since learnt that in some situations it is best to lie to protect yourself.
  8. This is one of the benefits of getting older - ie one does not have to have job interviews any longer! I can't remember a job where I had a really bad interview - but I was always really nervous ahead of them. I had a few really bad jobs, where it became obvious in the first few weeks, or even days, that it was a mistake to take the job. Happily retired now, I will never be having another job interview, and mighty glad I am about it!
  9. Thanks @cestrian @eqman @Sandy and @Anna - thinking of you today @cestrian
  10. I met with a company where my friend was working. He wanted me to come on board as an executive, only the director level though, to help transform the company. I understood that the company was looking to become "a real company." They had many director level and above people still working in code and doing hands on work. The new CEO wanted to transform into a company toward a more mature model of strategic thinking and management and appropriate levels. As I met with the various people, they continued to ask me hands on coding skills, etc. I kept asking each one if they understood why I was brought in and asked if they understood the direction in which the company was headed. Nobody seemed to understand what I was speaking about. One of the people that stood out was the Director of QA. He insisted that I was wrong. He and I then got into a discussion about how I would handle people who had performance issue. Being one of the only people that would actually place people on performance plans and fire them at Disney, (people were actually move to my team before so I would terminate them and I rode shotgun on many people writing performance plans for people on their teams) I spoke about approaches to improve performance, but did call out the need to move on from people at times. This Director of QA then stated how he has never met anyone who was a bad employee and that he could fix anyone. I told him how short sighted this thought was, including spending many hours in performance plans, but he had to be right. Last of the day I met with the CEO, who indeed spoke about the need to transform the company as I had heard. I expressed my concerns about the hiring process and that nobody was on the same page with her. Luckily, they ran into some money issues (surprise, surprise) and had to place the position on hold. There are crazy people out there.
  11. My worst job interview was my last one, which was with the owner of a local web company that was creating marketing websites for local businesses. Now I had done this exact for our local paper, who ran new ideas like this every month in a harebrained scheme to extract more money from our less than web savvy advertising clients. So, I understood what the interviewer was trying to do. This was less of a job interview and more of an “inquiry”, wherein the interviewer was trying to get my trade secrets for creating a successful web space. He was asking for particular software and technology recommendations, while trying to get some of my marketing ideas. I made sure to mislead him in exchange for wasting my time in trying to get a free web consultation. What was your worst job interview like?
  12. Good day and happy Wednesday! The week is zipping by, and I am set to report for jury duty in 2 days. On my reality TV Question of the Day, I forgot to mention that one of my favorite reality shows is Worst Cooks in America. This being reality TV, there are several small time actors who do appear on this show to play hapless cooks. They are easy to spot because there is some mad overacting, which probably explains why they are small time actors. Mixed into this are genuinely bizarre people who are given the chance to learn important cooking points, such as the need to dice ingredients with uniform cuts, and how not to burn down the kitchen. There was one particular bad chef in the bunch, who was tasked with making two over easy eggs. In doing this, he would lightly tap the egg shell until all sides were tapped, then he would break open the egg (with egg shells landing in his ramakin). He also broke open 8 different eggs. He had to make an open-faced ham and cheese sandwich for the judge, buthis completed sandwich had some massive problems -- including two overcooked eggs. After his elimination for the week, his excuse for the bad dish was, “I couldn’t find the right egg.”. I already figured that this guy was using some sort of science/math mindset to find the perfect egg so he could cook the perfect egg. This guy has now become my favorite person on TV. Today is Grandfather’s Day! My grandfather Naojiro was quite the player, and I still see his ex-girlfriends whenever I go to Japan. The oldest one is stooped over and is pushing 100, but she merrily comes out to greet me whenever I go to her cake store. Naojiro hated Americans and Filipinos. I did not anticipate any of this in my Brady Bunch addled brain when I was a kid. I was hoping for more of a @DaveA, and less of that surly character that hocked up a giant loogie at 5am, or refused to look me in the eye during the entire time I lived in the household. He did buy my sister a baseball bat and a bat case that I was instructed to never touch, and brought her to a baseball game. I would say that overall, not really socializing with a grandfather was fine. I managed to get several free bats from the San Francisco Giants on bat day, and my sister's bat stayed rotting in its case. Untouched.
  13. Yesterday
  14. @cestrian Will be thinking of you tomorrow! Will add some prayers (but not the empty post-gun kind). hehe. @Morrigan I am so sorry, my dear. My best to you and your daughters. Much love to you both.
  15. @cestrian - I wondered where you have been. I thought you might still be in a funk over the last UK election results. I wish you the very best of luck with tomorrow;s surgery. Please let us know how you're doing when you feel up to it. (((((Hugs))))) @Morrigan - So sorry to hear about the death of your ex-husband, even though you were expecting it. Condolences to your daughters who have lost a father.
  16. Hope the surgery goes well @cestrian Thinking of you and your family @Morrigan Better days ahead I hope.
  17. @Anna.. Yes, hopefully Stoke will be okay and start to climb the table.. They seem to enjoy playing for the new manager.. Wow!! What a great voice Tonya Pinkins has! Yes, she is a crazy lady in FTWD, her character is very evil... I don't like to say too much as I'm practically up to date and you are somewhere in Season 4.. But that does mean you are aware of the crossover of a certain character and there's another to come in Season 5.. John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) is also one on my fav characters in the series..
  18. I liked Javier Bardem's character in "No Country for Old Men" - he was just so utterly cold and ruthless. But my favourite has to be Randall Flagg aka the Devil (played by Jamie Sheridan) in the 1994 version of Stephen King's "The Stand". I understand a new version is coming out with Alexander Skarsgard in the role. He's quite good at evil characters - shown by his playing of Perry Wright the wife beater in Big Little Lies.
  19. It's sad when anybody dies Morrigan, I hope your daughters will be O.K.
  20. Wow! @cestrian - hope the surgery all goes well and uneventfully - you're most welcome to a good luck cyber hug on Hugging Day, and keep us posted on your progress. My exH, father of my two adult daughters, passed away in the early hours of this morning. We'd been expecting it, he's had Lewy body dementia - but it's still sad - he didn't quite make his 67th birthday which would have been next week, a relative spring chicken. We were together 24 yrs, and there were some happy times in the early years.
  21. Good afternoon folks, sorry I've not been on here. Mad hospital mania. After my ultrasound on Dec. 24th a small leak was found which was bleeding into the area round the stent I had inserted 3.5 years ago. I've spent the past month with my feet barely touching the ground. I was "red flagged", so I had an X-ray, C.T. scan, and saw the lovely Mr. Dimitri (last week) Today I had the pre-op. and they took bloods. Tomorrow they're going to try to block the leak via keyhole surgery. I'll be awake - Yikes, and it should take an hour then I have to lie still for three hours. I have to be there for 8.00 a.m. ! At least I'll still be half asleep. If all goes well they'll be chucking me out at teatime. My brother's staying overnight tomorrow just in case there are any problems (he can drive me back to the hospital) He can leave anytime Thursday. I'll probably need a hug I saw Dave's sad news and I have been thinking of him. The gun nuts were on our news last night - just like the knuckle dragging racists in the U.K. We'd say all mouth and no trousers - they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.
  22. Whoa...all great picks. Spacey has massively disappointed me IRL. But Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber was outstanding. I think Jeremy Irons tried to get to that level in Die Hard 3, but that was just overacting. Louise Fletcher is one of my favorite character actresses, and was fantastic as Nurse Ratchet. My favorite would be Dathan (Edward G. Robinson) in "The Ten Commandments". I actually saw this movie on wide screen in Berkeley, and the entire audience was hissing at him through the movie.
  23. @Frank Beastie - I was pretty shocked by the score. I was sure SC was a goner, but at least we are making an effort against flunking. Now we can resume our regular programming, as our match for this season is over. Best of luck to West Brom! Also love that Garrett Dillahunt (John) is on the cast of FWD. He has played some truly strange and creepy characters, with my favorite being the kidnapper who had his head microwaved by the kidnapped girl's dad. That was a great movie moment. He was also on a Lifetime movie where he played some guy who got catfished by a woman his age, who was impersonating her own daughter. On another note, a bit sad that Tonya Pinkins plays the crazy lady who wrote notes on people's head and used them as biters. I am a fan of her! That lady has a set of pipes on her and is MASSIVELY talented. She is a Tony and Obie award winning actress, and once played the female half of one the first interracial marriages on a daytime soap opera. This is her singing:
  24. The first villain that comes to mind is Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Description: "The coldest of hearts, the sternest of looks, the reddest of tapes. Nurse Mildred Ratched is more than merely the head of administration at a psychiatric hospital, she rules the ward with a quietly terrifying iron fist, serving passive-aggressive put-downs to break the spirits of the mentally ill, efficiently and effectively."
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