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    I really wasn't aware of the strong racial element until I began seeing it on US Twitter before the wedding, most notably from MAGA folk. I expect no less from them, ya know? I was hoping that Ms. Markle would be welcomed, but I did finally look at the post-stepping-back-from-duties comments from people -- many from liberal friends -- who have absolutely NO IDEA just how racist they are. Most notably, the whole universe of racist Yoko Ono dragon lady comparisons, and the common misconception that women of color use some sort of voodoo to captivate their white husbands and make them do things against their will, was in full force. More importantly, why are the press fixated on badmouthing the couple when Prince Andrew exists in the palace? Is pedophilia not interesting enough? Americans do not have a royal family, so perhaps we really don't understand the situation. My family has said so many disparaging things about the current Empress of Japan, who has suffered years from debilitating mental health issues that have prevented her from making public engagements. In Japan, there is something called "gaman", which means that you are expected to endure anything to complete a task that you do not want to do. Because of this, I think most Japanese are quite unsympathetic to the Empress. Perhaps many British people expected a Duchess to endure the racism. That's a hard thing to do, especially when someone posts a photo of a monkey and says that it is your newborn leaving the hospital. I've seen many comments suggesting that that the Duchess was a poor sport for not seeing the humor in that "joke". What a world.
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    I think the fireworks in Sydney should go ahead as it does attract a huge following of overseas and interstate tourists - but hopefully they will have collection tins for fire services at the event, as well as an online funding page, and the donations could go directly to help the victims of the fires including the widows and families of two firefighters who lost their lives. I love a fireworks display but have not seen any this summer as a couple of fireworks events near my suburb scheduled before Xmas were cancelled due to our bushfires and high winds in the evenings. I will be babysitting on NYE in Mandurah which also has a fireworks event planned - but I intend to be fast asleep in bed by then. Happy New Year in advance to all Ziboomers
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    Wow! @cestrian - hope the surgery all goes well and uneventfully - you're most welcome to a good luck cyber hug on Hugging Day, and keep us posted on your progress. My exH, father of my two adult daughters, passed away in the early hours of this morning. We'd been expecting it, he's had Lewy body dementia - but it's still sad - he didn't quite make his 67th birthday which would have been next week, a relative spring chicken. We were together 24 yrs, and there were some happy times in the early years.
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    Well, here we are - the morning after the championship games and I'm still pinching myself, wondering if it's true. From glory years, to some truly dark years, to now. We didn't think this would happen under the Jed York era. But, the Niners hired John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, gave them six year contracts & let them build this team. Three years in, the Niners are going to the Super Bowl. Jed even got out of the way yesterday when Mike Shanahan was about to give him the George Halas Trophy, pointing to Kyle and saying ''Give it to him.'' What a moment for father to give son the NFC championship trophy. I read a post on the Niners FB page from a Cowboys fan saying that all they've ever wanted was for Jerry Jones to get out of the way. Even after all these years, Jerry Jones can't get over himself. Like Kyle said in his post-game speech, the George Halas Trophy is not the one they're working to earn. 2/2/2020 in Miami, here come the Niners! Also, congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes will be very difficult to stop. Kyle & Robert Saleh must come up with the game plan of their lives. Here we go! @Anna - two weeks to plan snacks!
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    It's pins & needles in the San Francisco Bay Area again. The old emotions of playoff football that we haven't felt in years are back. It's a dream season that we never imagined would happen. We would have been happy with a winning season, yet here we are. I'm so thankful! Of course, it's hard to predict outcomes. But, history shows that you can never count Aaron Rodgers out of any playoffs, especially against the Niners. There's a rich history between these two teams. Thank goodness Dee Ford and Kwan Alexander are back to harass Aaron, although they were limited in practice yesterday. Hopefully, that's just so they can be at full strength come Sunday. I'm excited, but trying not to think too hard about it. As to brah Marcus Mariota, sorry to say he deserved to be benched. I'm hoping he can get it together because he's an amazing talent. As much as I dislike the tomahawk chant, I love Patrick Mahomes. He's so much fun to watch! Looking forward to this game, too. As to Tom Brady, I'm hoping he ends up on the Raiders. Wouldn't that be a hoot?????
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    Your update was so good to read @Versailles
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    I'm not really laughing today as our temp. is an extremely unseasonable 64F !! As unlikely as it might seem, I don't like these temperature swings as tomorrow or the next day it may be in the 20's. I'd rather it would settle in between the mid 30's and mid 40's. That's a comfortable winter - - -for us.
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    I would take issue with several things mentioned in the article posted by @eqman in the OP, firstly that Thomas Markle is seen by the majority as a "loveable rogue" disowned by his "heartless daughter". I am a bit of a royal watcher and I feel that public sympathy was 99% with Meghan for the way her father behaved, and the leaking of her personal letter to the Press was shocking. Of course there are always going to be a few racist people trolling someone like Meghan, but I feel the overwhelming majority were very much in her corner, in the beginning, and were so pleased that Harry had finally found some happiness with her, after losing his mother so young and then struggling with only an emotionally illiterate father for support. I have, since their announcement, seen references in the Press to the fact that she is American and drawn comparisons with Wallace Simpson, but I have never seen anything racist about her in a newspaper. I think that if the couple are unhappy with their positions in the Royal family, then they should be allowed to "hand in their notice" and live a different life. But I very much take issue with the way they have done it, excluding the Queen in the planning, and their commercial plans for life, post-Royalty. We have seen from the experiences of several royals in the recent past, that commercial interests and royalty don't mix well - for instance the Earl and Countess of Wessex in the early 2000s. The Sussexes plans to trade off their royal connections are evident from this article from The World Trademark Review. Even the name, is trading off the fact that they are royal. I think this is totally wrong. "As has been widely reported in recent days, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex filed a UK trademark for SUSSEX ROYAL in June 2019, covering six classes and more than 100 goods and services. The move has been seen as a possible indicator of the commercial plans that the couple have for their new Sussex Royal brand, which was announced after the pair left the Royal Foundation charity last summer (the first use of the brand name being the couple’s Instagram account launched in April 2019). One retail expert, for example, told the Daily Mail that use of the SUSSEX ROYAL trademark on products could “generate revenues of £400 million”.
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    Yes!! No doubt about it. World War 2 was the last war in which the US was attacked and fought to defend itself. Since then, they have become the world's Numero Uno war monger. 1950-1953 - Communist North Korea, supported by China, invades non-communist South Korea. UN forces, principally made up of U.S. troops, fight to protect South Korea. UN forces, principally made up of U.S. troops, fight to protect South Korea. The Korean War is the first armed conflict in the global struggle between democracy and communism, called the Cold War. 1961 Cuba - The U.S. orchestrates the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion, an unsuccessful attempt by Cuban exiles to overthrow Fidel Castro'scommunist regime in Cuba. 1961-1973: Vietnam War: In 1955, communist North Vietnam invades non-communist South Vietnam in an attempt to unify the country and impose communistrule. The United States joins the war on the side of South Vietnam in 1961, but withdraws combat troops in 1973. In 1975 North Vietnam succeeds in taking control of South Vietnam. The Vietnam War is the longest conflict the U.S. ever fought and the first war it lost. 1965 - Dominican Republic: U.S. president Lyndon Johnson sends marines and troops to quash a leftist uprising; he fears the Dominican Republic might follow in the footsteps of Cuba and turn communist. 1982 - Lebanon: U.S. troops form part of a multinational peacekeeping force to help the fragile Lebanese government maintain power in the politically volatile country. In 1983 241 U.S. Marines and 60 French soldiers are killed by a truck bomb. The multinational force withdraws in 1984. 1993 -Grenada: U.S. President Ronald Reagan invades the Caribbean island nation of Grenada to overthrow its socialist government, which has close ties with Cuba. A U.S. peace-keeping force remains until 1985. 1989 - Panama: U.S. President George H. W. Bush invades Panama and overthrows Panamanian dictator and drug-smuggler Manuel Noriega. Noriega is later tried and convicted on a number of charges, and is imprisoned in the United States. 1991 - Gulf War: U.S.: Iraq invades the country of Kuwait. The Gulf War begins and ends swiftly when a U.S.-led multinational force comes to Kuwait's aid and expels dictator Saddam Hussein's forces. 1994 - Haiti: After Haiti's democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide is ousted in a coup in 1991, a U.S. invasion three years later restores him to power. 2003-2010: The U.S. and Great Britain invade Iraq and topple the government of dictator Saddam Hussein. The U.S. engagement in Iraq continues for the next several years amid that country's escalating violence and fragile political stability. ---------------------- I rest my case...
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    Yes, there are too many anti-vax people out in the world. It gives things a chance to spread. I am not a doctor, but you would think with more of a chance for things to spread, isn't it more likely for mutations and new strains of conditions to become viable? But, perhaps I have seen too many sci-fi flicks.
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    Yesterday we visited a cafe that I found online in a neighbourhood nearby. I absolutely loved it as it was roomy with friendly staff and a nice small menu, but the clincher was that it was a Retro 1950’s style decor place. I somehow felt very comforted by the fact that I was surrounded by all this memorabilia from my childhood. Each section of the cafe was done out like a room, so you could sit in a kitchen, the lounge room, the dining room, the bar area etc There were old comics and magazines to browse. I spent a bit of time pouring over the artefacts and remembering when I thought it was cool to own a burnt orange and avocado green ceramic coffee pot or a corning ware casserole with a little tea light underneath. I thought it would be a great place to invite a group of my same age gal pals for morning tea but also could be a useful venue for outings of people suffering from dementia. Pack my suitcases (without those useful wheels) for time travel backwards.... but Is the past ever as simple and rosy as we seem to remember it ?
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    The segment of the Christian evangelical church that support him are working overtime to deliver the message. They are the ones that believe it the most. The rest are just conspiracy theorists or right wing nationalists who read Breitbart. Republicans have long attacked public school education through cuts in funding and pushing private and/or charters schools for a reason. When the opponents of your Vietnam war are students, what better way to cut down the opposition than take away their ability to reason? So many have become accustomed on reading varying versions of the "truth" via online, without ever questioning what they are reading.
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    Patriots are finished for this season. They might as well pack up the golf clubs and head out for a relaxing off season. If they get by Tennessee I'll be surprised but beyond that -- no hope. Most of their early season wins came against weak teams and they couldn't even repeat these wins later in the season (think - -Miami) It's been a great decade for the Pats but looking ahead, i think they'll have their ups and downs like most teams. These runs at the top come and go for different teams. The 49ers, Cowboys, Packers, and a few others come to mind. Teams that were consistently contenders, year after year. Belechik - Brady - - -the end of an era!!
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    News from our SIL. That it’s not much fun going out (tonight) when you have had a gastro bug since Boxing Day ! Looks like their date night for NYE might be a fizzler. I suggested perhaps movies and something light to eat afterwards..well maybe SIL can just sip on a soda water and watch my daughter eat, cos she hasn’t lost her appetite ! A movie that got good reviews is “Jo Jo Rabbit” and the only other thing on at their local cinema besides kids movies is “Cats” and that has had a lot of bad reviews. Anyone seen it yet ? Meanwhile I have chilled the Prosecco and as soon as the story book Peter Rabbit has been read and 5 year old tucked in bed.. I am breaking open the bottle. Chin Chin everyone and all the best for a happy and most importantly healthy 2020.
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    Favorite Song - Easy Street by "The Collapsable Hearts Club" (yeah, they spell it that way). And only because it was used to torture people on The Walking Dead: 10 Hours of fun! Favorite Film - Black Panther - it's just fun. Worst Film - Any Transformer movie Favorite Sports Moment - Giant's World Series wins, in particular, the one in 2012 with @Anna, @Rebel77 and her husband across the street from the stadium. Worst Politician - Mitch McConnell Landmark Event - Giants winning the third Word Series in the decade. Favorite Phrase - "I hate my job." Favorite New Food - There is a pizza place in Yokohama Japan that we found which is awesome. I know this may not be a "new" food, but it is a great new place and a great memory. Person who does not need to be in the news anymore - Trump
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    We'll be at home watching whatever college bowl game is on TV, laughing at whatever horrible ''ringing in the New Year'' show from Times Square is on, and passing out by 10:00 p.m. - only to be awakened by the sound of the young folks in our neighborhood lighting firecrackers. The days of going out went out a long time ago. Everything is overpriced or a fixed menu, causing me to wonder ''WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THIS THAT I CAN'T ORDER FROM THE REGULAR MENU???????????" As someone once told me, New Year's Eve is for amateurs. I think I will try to find a ramen place that's open for lunch. Some winter traditions can't get completely lost!
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    Guess i am like the rest of you i will be staying home to think about New Years Eves of long ago and thankful i will not wake up with a killer headache and for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-61vE7sKZAE the people that still do how about partaking in the Polar Bear Plunge?
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    I'm not gonna lie - I haven't been watching much of the Warriors lately. When Steph Curry broke his thumb, all of Dub Nation's collective heart sank and knew the season was over. It's honestly been too painful to watch. But, somehow they've won 3 games in a row now, including a major upset yesterday against the Rockets. I guess it's time for me to pay attention again. We have some new young players, and the future is bright! When Steph & Klay come back from their injuries, it'll be even better! All eyes are on Sunday night's Seahawks/49ers game around here. It's pretty simple for the Niners - win and it's the #1 seed. Lose and it's going to the home of the NFC East champs for a wild card round game. It's insane to think that if the Niners were in the NFC Central, they'd be coasting right now. But, such is life in a tough division! It'll be interesting to see if Beast Mode (newly signed RB Marshawn Lynch) can make any difference for the She-Hawks. And, thankfully, our wonderful George Kittle will be playing this time. BRING THEM ON!
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    Probably before you were born, Anna, but the LA Rams had some good teams (early 50's) with Bob Waterfield (QB) and Elroy "Crazy Legs'" Hirsch as a running back. TV was just coming into homes and for many of us, it was our first exposure to pro football. Here in New England our "local" team was the NY Giants and they were televised in the New England area on most Sundays. Before TV (in the 40's) there was the Boston Yanks, but they were gone by the 50's. Pats didn't come along 'til 1960 in the "new" American Football League.
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    Yes - a bit like large red penile sports cars lol. I have always thought that most people carrying guns in America is a massive case of self fulfilling prophecy. Sooner or later if everyone's got one on them, they're going to get used.
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    Going with The Joker, but mostly due to Ledger's and Nicholson's performances. Close second would be Keyser Söze from "The Usual Suspects."
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    I read this in a US forum and wanted to It was written by a right wingnut who lives a few miles from Richmond, Virginia: -------------------------- Richmond 2ND Amendment Rally Just wanted to say that ... I was there! Of course living 15 minutes away helped! I spoke with folks from Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Saw a guy from California. One black guy was walking through the crowd yelling: “Clear the way, White Nationalist proxy coming through”
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    @Frank Beastie - I can't say that I am enjoying Season 4 with the jumping timeline. I also don't enjoy it as much. I really liked it when the story was in Mexico because Jesse Borrego, whom I loved in "Blood In, Blood Out" got a role. Rueben Blades is amazing, and I am very intrigued by his character. My ex-husband had to leave El Salvador when he was stabbed because of the American trained death squads, so I understand Blades' storyline quite well. I really also enjoyed the native American tribe story, but I don't think referring to them as Indians was very accurate. If those kids are Californians, we don't do that. Most west coasters -- especially Californians -- refer to tribes as Native Americans. There are several spots in So Cal where I live that were home to indigenous tribes. There are lots of casinos out here run by them, ya know? Anyway, tribal reservations are all over the west. I was REALLY happy to see that particular storyline, especially since it was excellent in showing the more nefarious aspects of subtle racism instead of the usual in-your-face Nazi salute. We experience lots more of the former. I can't say that I'm too happy with north-of-the-border storyline, or that Alicia has turned into Maggie -- a character I massively dislike on TWD. As to the footie game, I think it was on super early. My husband doesn't wake up until pretty late morning on the weekends. Plus, he doesn't pay much attention to sports unless I tell him what happened. So I didn't tell him. haha
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    @Rebel77 - I'm even getting a bit nervous about the 49ers/Packers game. On the one hand, the Niners crushing 37-8 victory earlier this year should inspire confidence; on the other hand, an 8-37 defeat could have the Pack seeking payback. Let's just hope that Garoppolo & his posse send the Packers packing. Only 5 hours 'til kickoff. In the meantime, we can burn some time watching the AC nail down the team they will be sending to the Super Bowl. May the best teams (the Chiefs and 49ers) win.
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    She is the former Sister Diane, my 2nd grade teacher. She came back to haunt us when she returned as Miss C*****. She wore mini dresses with plunging necklines to showcase her missiles. She also loved crossing her legs in class to show us her lace panties. I should credit her for helping me invent the 3-hour long rosary, wherein my Hail Marys were spoken at the rate of 1 word per minute. They let the Catholic kids out of class to do the spiritual things. Once the boys caught on, they joined me in the long rosaries, and Father Gutzloe thought we were being extra pious. I also invented the 4-hour/all afternoon bathroom cleanse, since she used to volunteer me to clean the girl's toilet. 1 toilet for the entire 3 story school. 1 Catholic girl in classes 4 through 6. She was a missile-breasted bitch of the highest order.
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    And then there were four….. The NFL divisional round saw the Tennessee Titans spring yet another upset, this time knocking off Lamar Jackson and the top-seeded Ravens. It saw the 49ers flex their muscles in a dominating win over the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers ended Russell Wilson's do-it-all campaign in the cold of Lambeau Field, and Patrick Mahomes spotted the Houston Texans 24 points before blowing past them 51-31. So, Championship Weekend is set. The No. 2-seeded Packers will travel to Levi's Stadium to face the 49ers, while the Chiefs will host the Cinderella Titans at Arrowhead Stadium. The 49ers already drug the Packers up and down the Bay in Week 12, winning 37-8. Mike Vrabel's Titans are a nice story, but running back Derrick Henry can only carry the entire team on his back for so long. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/nfl-playoff-predictions-picks-2020-afc-nfc-championship-games My take: The only result I feel relatively certain about (and am rooting for) is that the San Francisco 49ers will prevail over the Green Bay Packers, but can't predict whether the Tennessee Titans will continue their Cinderella playoff run, or turn into pumpkins. My best judgment tells me that the Kansas City Chiefs will prevail and face off against the 49ers in the 2020 Super Bowl on February 2.
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    Forged in Fire, I guess is "reality." And some show called "Alone." Other than that, nothing left on TV... Flavor of Love!
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    Because of the keto diet, there are lots of sweet snacks out there that are low/no sugar. You can also cook sweet stuff as long as you substitute sugar with something like Swerve, which comes in several different forms that emulate real sugar. Chocolate chip cookies made with sugar free but sweetened chocolate chips gets a big yes from me. My MIL also made a sugar free pecan pie for Christmas using crushed walnuts as a crust. It's not going to be like real sugar, but you might like some of the products. These foods have evolved. I cannot use Splenda, so I am glad for products like Swerve.
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    Nearly too ashamed to post my reply. My snacks are always about sugar. Anything sweet is always my first thought and preference. Since husband’s diabetes diagnosis there is never an excess of sweet treats in the house eg cookies, cake, icecream or chocolates... so sometimes to satisfy my after dinner cravings (the worst time of day) I feel like a sugar junkie and resort to a teaspoon of marmalade ! I think I know why thin people remain thin..most don’t have or give in to their sweet tooth. They prefer a snack of cheese or something savoury that usually has more protein and less useless, airy calories.
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    The attack upon Iraq was immoral and illegal. George W Bush should have been tried for 'Crimes Against Humanity.' Iraq didn't harbor terrorists before the egregious attack against their country. They are now overridden with terrorist cells. Here is just one estimate of the numbers killed, and I believe the final tally is far worse: "No one knows with certainty how many people have been killed and wounded in Iraq since the 2003 United States invasion. However, we know that over 182,000 civilians have died from direct war related violence caused by the US, its allies, the Iraqi military and police, and opposition forces from the time of the invasion through November 2018. The violent deaths of Iraqi civilians have occurred through aerial bombing, shelling, gunshots, suicide attacks, and fires started by bombing. Because not all war-related deaths have been recorded accurately by the Iraqi government and the US-led coalition, the 182,000 figure for civilians killed from 2003 to 2018 is lower than the actual figure."
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    @Dan - LOL I LUV your video of NHL Players Figure Skating. Regarding the video @Anna posted, I got the same message you mentioned: Video unavailable This video contains content from International Olympic Committee who has blocked it from display on this website or application. Watch on You Tube * * Click on that line in the original post and you should be able to watch the video. btw: The announcers are speaking a foreign language - Japanese? Video unavailable This video contains content from International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it from display on this website or application. Watch on YouTube
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    TODAY'S BREAKING STORY: LONDON — Senior British royals were set Monday to hash out details of Prince Harry and Meghan’s plans in an unprecedented summit triggered by the couple's shock announcement that they planned to "step back" from their traditional roles. Harry and Meghan, known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, said in a statement posted on social media and their own new website Wednesday that they would split their time between North America and the United Kingdom as they "carve out a progressive new role within this institution." “This bombshell had been dropped on the royal family and yet they still hadn't met to discuss it face to face,” NBC royal contributor Camilla Tominey said. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II leaves church on Sunday at her Sandringham estate in eastern England.Chris Radburn / Reuters “I think people really couldn't relate to that, so the idea of a face-to-face meeting was urgently needed as is a solution to this problem. [The royals] don't want it to be strung out over weeks. They want it done in days,” she added. The meeting will take place at Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham estate in the east of England. The heir to the throne, Prince Charles, will be there, after returning from Oman, where he had gone to pay his condolences after the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Prince William will also be at the meeting. The family will need to work out how exactly Harry, who is sixth in line to the throne, and Meghan will continue to support the queen, while also working to become “financially independent.”
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    @Rebel77, I think the Titans were under the radar because the team seemed to come together/round into form at the end of the regular season. I saved an article from last week, written by a sportswriter who actually predicted that the Tennessee Titans would beat the NE Patriots. Above all, he raised my consciousness about the high quality of the Titans' team. If you're like most of America and didn't pay very much attention to the Titans this season, let me give you a quick refresher on Tennessee: They had the NFL's leading rusher, they have a wide receiver who averaged more than 20 yards per catch and they have the best quarterback in the entire league. OK, that last part is a slight exaggeration, but not by much. During his 10 games as the Titans starter in 2019, not only did Ryan Tannehill go 7-3, but he also finished as the NFL's leader in QB rating and yards per attempt. And you know what, I'm going to repeat that, because it doesn't even sound believable: RYAN TANNEHILL led the NFL in QB rating, which means he had a better rating than guys like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes. Also, Tannehill's league-leading yard per attempt average was 9.6, which is insane, because it means he was nearly gaining enough yards for a first down EVERY TIME he threw the ball.
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    They are ALL acting idiotic over social media right now. In fact, they have all been acting idiotic for some time now, and Trump is not the only culprit. He is just the stupidest one because he is the dumbest person in the room. Well, he and Devin Nunez. I would really like politicians do just put their head down and do their jobs, all without their "comeback lines" on Twitter and Instagram. The only sensible thing I've heard has been the Utah Republican, who said that the White House briefing was awful. This is a very serious situation, and everybody needs to shut down their accounts and deal with things like adult. The world deserves much better. The rest of the world understands that Trump's tweets cannot be taken seriously...including Iran. The only person that sounds like Trump on twitter is the Iron Sheik, an 80s era wrestling star. The above statement about declaring war via social media is just a soundbite, and I sort of wish that politicians would stop playing gotcha.
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    Yeah the snow & wind were horrific. When Jerry Rice caught that first TD pass, when he eluded two defenders, I went nuts. The Niners were supposed to struggle in that weather. Hahahaha.....NOT! I'm trying not to think about Saturday's game too much. I haven't read any articles or watched any pressers. None of it matters - let's just play the game. I'm glad I have a class that morning so I don't sit around getting anxious until 1:35 p.m. However, I will get anxious if the class runs late and I miss the BART train. I thought about driving but, TBH, driving in downtown Oakland scares the crap out of me - even more so than downtown SF. Same obstacles, just not as familiar with the territory. February 2nd - the day @Anna moves back up here. Woo hoo!
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    I'm going with Beyonce. I like her, but her choice of music isn't my favorite. I consider her to be a long line of MTV/video visual stars. Mary J. Blige is a much much better overall talent.
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    @Anna the Osmonds were never considered cool as you say - although must admit one of their first hits - ie "Down by the Lazy River" I thought was quite a cool rock track. It reminded me a bit of "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Whoever sang lead vocal on this (Merrill or Jay?) had a better rock voice than Donny.
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    I choose Superman for his ability to swoop down, scoop up, and fly away with evil demons like Donald J Trump.
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    I think Crawdaddy's days with the Giants are over. He is underperforming at the plate, and Zaidi has stockpiled infielders like toilet paper. Zaidi doesn't care of fan sentiment, and our connection with one of our own, so I would look to see Craw moved in a trade during the season, if not before. However, I don't think he'll be allowed to get rid of Buster.
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    I don't participate in social media, per se, ie Twitter and Facebook, so haven't seen the meanness and/or vulgarity discussed here. I participate in online forums, like this one, to interact with friendly, intelligent people with whom I can share thoughts and information. Should nastiness rear it's ugly head, I'd move on lickity split. Having said that, one has to acknowledge that Donald Trump, the US Twitterer-In-Chief, is the poster boy for nasty, mean, insulting attacks aimed at anyone and everyone who does not rubber stamp his views. His vile tweets are covered almost daily on TV and the internet. His campaign slogan in 1016 was "Make American Great Again." A more apt description would have been, "Make America Hate Again." I have to wonder if, indeed, it is Trump who has inspired the current outbursts of meanness and rage.
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    I had to get over being angry at the Giants since we committed to the 2020 season. I don't love this ownership group, and am more unhappy about the Kapler hire than anything else, but I'm not going to forsake my favorite players (namely Buster and Craw) because of those idiots. Cole will be under the biggest microscope ever now. One slight mistake and he'll be on the cover of the New York Post with the best headline ever!
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    @Sandy - I believe that our mutual (meaning @Rebel77 and I) began during the 2010 MLB playoffs. It was VERY CLEAR that Buck was favoring the Texas Rangers to win. And when the Giants finally won the World Series after a 51+ year wait, he simply said "that's it. That's it. They win the World Series". I also believe that it might be a case of "guilty by association". His partner was Tim McCarver, the perma-cheerleader for the St. Louis Cardinals. McCarver was so biased towards the Cardinals, and was also an AWFUL ANNOUNCER. I mean, AWFUL. During the 2012 World Series, SF Giants pitcher Barry Zito was receiving quite the ovation for having hit a double off of Justin Verlander. He was also pitching well. So when the crowd began chanting BARRY! BARRY!, Joe Buck said something like, "the name is a familiar one to this stadium". Of course, he was speaking of Barry Bonds. Instead, Tim McCarver responded by saying something like, "That's right! For Barry Manilow". Sam and I kept rewinding the TV because we couldn't stop laughing. It was such a stupid comment that Barry Manilow began trending on Twitter that night. Lots of non-baseball Manilow fans began thinking that their favorite singer had died. In any case, Buck is not the best game caller. However, I believe that he can do a better sit-down interview. The Giants have an interviewer by the name of Amy Gutierrez (Amy G or "Lame-y G"), who is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at live interviews with people. She doesn't listen to answers, and responds by saying FER SHURE. And then she goes onto the next question. She never engages in banter with the interviewee, so it is always uncomfortable and stupid because she asks the same stupid question WALK US THROUGH YOUR (insert hit here). As someone who has spent a great deal of time interviewing famous people on the air, I would have NEVER made it if I interviewed as she did. However, her husband is the reason why she got her job, which means that she also never has to improve. And she doesn't. She just gets worse. However, her one-on-one pre-recorded things are better because they can be edited. Those are actually okay to watch.
  46. 1 point
    @Sandy - indeed, you are correct. The game is too brutal & injury prone to play more than once a week. There's a lot of criticism of even the Thursday night games, when teams have so little rest between matches. I can't recall who, but there were some injuries during those Thursday night contests this year. I hope they stop those matches, but then it's all about $$$$$$. Also, what would we do without the wonderful sounds of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on a Thursday night?????
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    We had a nice Christmas, although I don't think either my FIL or Sam noticed that my MIL and I hightailed it out of the family room pretty early on Eve and Christmas because both men were watching those stupid car refurbishing shows on TV. We did have a tornado warning last night in Santa Barbara, Carpenteria and Montecito, which is in the area where the fires hit two years ago. It isn't too far from here, but far enough not to impact us. I've only been through one tornado warning, and that was in Japan. No one in the house knew what to do, so we were lucky that tornado specialist Sam was in the house. He told us to hide in the closet (tub was a no-go as Japanese tubs are usually filled with water), but all the closets were filled with items from Costco. haha I hope everyone has a nice day today.
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    @Versailles - You would do well traveling alone in Japan. Japanese do like Australians and British, so you would always feel welcome there. Because of the Olympics, you will find English signs everywhere. Also, it is impossible to get lost there as people will always help you out. I have a friend my age who began traveling to Japan alone, and he now goes every year. He also cannot speak the language, but gets around just fine. Japan also has fake food displays outside restaurants, and menus are usually in English and Japanese. I also have a ton of family there, so you'd always have a fall back plan. Also, store mirrors are very mean to everyone!
  49. 1 point
    Knee issues too..and I blame carrying too much weight around. At least my Doctor says it would help to just 10 kilo. I love walking, but these days my knees really play up during and afterwards. Walking down stairs is another no no. I have tried to incorporate Turmeric into my diet. Supplements, chai tea and in meals. Seems to help lessen the inflammatory response. I should take up less stressful swimming, water walking and stationary cycling... Is it too early for New Years resolutions ?
  50. 1 point
    I started watching a serialised remake of "The Name of the Rose" on BBC1, set in a monastery in 14th century northern Italy in the middle of winter. Some will remember the original film starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater, made in 1986 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091605/ The 2019 version stars John Turturro as William de Baskerville, and he does a good enough job in Sean Connery's old role. The new serial is nearly as atmospheric as the film, but I have only seen one episode so it remains to be seen how well it fares going forward.
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