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    For me it’s a comedy called “ Fleabag “ a BBC TV series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also stars and produces the show. Her sister Isobel composes the music. Other stars in it that I like are Olivia Colman as her step mum, Bill Paterson with that lovely soft Scottish accent as her Dad and Kristen Scott-Thomas has appeared. When I saw the first episode I thought gosh that’s a bit rude..and then proceeded to binge watch the other episodes ! My husband thinks I am a bit like Phoebe..(except for the rampant sex and 1 night stands - LOL). She is whacky and driven and gives a witty and honest monologue to camera during scenes. He thinks her relationship with her sister is like mine too .. as she is always the target of a dismissive barb. She is an Atheist - but has a fantasy towards the hot new Catholic priest... now who can’t identify with that ?
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    My Cousin Vinnie..was and still is one of my favorites. The scene were Pesci as the lawyer comes to visit the two young men (one being his cousin)..still can make me laugh out loud. Then the classic..Young Frankenstein..by Mel Brooks is always a good one to laugh away a bad day...
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    I am going with A Fish Called Wanda as the top one I will never pass up, but there are SO many others. Blazing Saddles to Bringing Up Baby, there so many great comedies out there.
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    Anna I hope that the professionals in the hospitals leak the true information but as you said the current data probably is incorrect too at this point. I have so many good friends in various States I cannot bear to watch the US news. No wonder you guys like Justin Trudeau. We were doing reasonably well in British Columbia and our numbers were single digit a few weeks ago in terms of new infections .. now we are creeping up the ladder again. For some reason face masks being mandated for indoor spaces has not been ordered here yet .. although they have been in a few Canadian cities. My area of BC was doing ok right up to Canada Day and two parties in Kelowna have caused outbreaks all over the southern Okanagan where i live. Since I have finished with visits to the nurseries I am back to staying at home as very few are wearing masks.
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    Don’t agree with it. In the age of social media too many people are being written off and their lives or careers destroyed so easily by others. To me it often seems like lots of keyboard warriors ganging up on an individual or organisation. I agree there is an area where twitter etc have a part to play in the fast dissemination of news and world events, or in organising something like Arab Spring. The issue for me is the speed that cancel culture can be weaponised, without much research by individuals as to the history, facts and back story.
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    Hi folks teatime here, they keep telling me I’m doing reall well. Out of ICU and in a COVID free ward with only one other patient . Very cold though I do feel the cold. Another gang of Doctors today ! Pain let to a low level. Out of bed quite a bit but sleeping a lot too . Hope you’re all okay
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    Good morning! We're heating up here this weekend, too. Low 90F's today and tomorrow. Thankful that it's not in the 100F's, but it's still hot enough that you need to be inside by noon or else. I really need to get to an eye doctor soon. Between LASIK actually wearing off (which is expected after 20 years) and additional screen time (not just work, but working out, Zoom, Facebook chats - all the things we have to do during COVID to stay connected), my eyes feel the strain. I stopped going because my favorite optometrist no longer took my husband's old vision insurance. But, now that we don't have vision insurance anymore, I may as go back to that doctor. It was a great office, and very close to my house. Taking from the garage sale thread, I think this is the day our neighborhood usually has its annual garage sale. It's the day you really have to watch how you drive because someone in front of you will see something in a front yard, then suddenly decide to put on the brakes. Or, it's the old speed up, slow down, etc. between garages. Not gonna miss that part of this lovely event one bit! I miss Golden Gate Park and the model airplanes & boats on Spreckles Lake so much! Someday, when it's safer and (not gonna lie here) I'm assured that I can go to the bathroom when I need to, I'll go back. Until then, I'll see it in my memories! Happy Saturday!
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    never a family member .. how do you get rid of those permanently ? I have seen less of one couple because of an obnoxious spouse eg my nephew’s prima donna wife. Friends same thing ... I mean it is just unfortunate when a gal pal has a jerk as a husband. One I remember was a lady I met at the sailing club. Just a first introduction at a yachting function and a very lively conversation about art (she had gone to art college in the UK) and Greek history - which I know zilch about, but am interested in. She and her husband were an older looking, middle aged couple about 55 years, no children. Next time I saw her was just before Xmas about 9pm at the city railway station. We were each heading home after attending our seperate work Xmas drinks functions. As we waited for the train (she did not see me) she appeared to be a little inebriated and with a much younger man dressed in a business suit - they were ‘canoodling’. After 10 minutes he said his goodbyes just as the train pulled in .... in the dark old railway terminal c 1880 - it seemed all very “Brief Encounter”. Unfortunately no steam trains to add atmosphere. The train journey is 20 minutes and when she saw me in the carriage she joined me and we chatted for the Rest of the journey.... no mention by either of us about the young Romeo of course. We are both British ! As the years rolled on we got friendlier - but I never warmed to the husband. He was always controlling, made passes at me, had bad breath, I swear he didn’t wash sometimes, was drunk most nights ..and in and out of jobs. Not sure what bound them together, but they still are and I heard they have moved over the other side of the country now. For me - It was a case of “ I like you - but I can’t stand him” - so I had to GRADUALLY pull myself away from any contact or outings until there was nothing left.
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    My first job was in the exploration department of a big name oil company. It was made up of geologists and geophysicists using data from the field to map the best places to drill for oil. It was an entire floor of men until someone decided to hire a couple of women to assist them with the grunt work. Although we knew nothing about geology, we were given the title of geotechs. There were so many things I liked about those guys. For instance, if you were about to make a major purchase, ie washer/dryer, they had researched those appliances thoroughly and could recommend the best product, for the best price. However, the one thing I didn't like was the sexual harassment. (That was before it was acknowledged that sexual harassment even existed, much less had a name for it.) I had a supervisor who went beyond innuendo. One night, he called from a nearby phone booth, wanting to come over. Another time, he cornered me in the file room dangling the key to a nearby motel, asking me to meet him there after work. My response: "Sounds great! Why don't you do this - check into the room, take off all your clothes, wait under the bed covers, and if I am not there, start without me." Next, we heard 2 people who had quietly entered the file room explode with laughter.
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    I kind of have a soft spot for Campbell's Tomato soups.
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    Sandy - I think that's wishful thinking on my part, I'd be happy to stay totally zonked out for two weeks ! First few days on morphine, but I don't know how much longer after that. They reckon I'll be in for two weeks, I'm not looking forward to that, I love my own space. My sister in law just rang to ask how things are, her daughter is a ward sister on the ward I'll be in from next Thursday, but she only does weekend night shifts so I won't see her for a couple of days.
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    Paula took me for the COVID test this morning, my nose has been twitchy ever since- I keep feeling as if I'm going to sneeze. We had to drive up to the special tented area at the back of the hospital and remain in the car until a nurse came out with the kit. Operation is still on track for Tuesday so - hopefully - this time next week I'll be in a side room off ward 53, doped up to the eyeballs and not feeling a thing. I noticed that there is a test to see if people have had the virus and developed resistance, this is run privately but only costs £36.00. The testing centre is half a mile away on the football club car park. Only one COVID death in 2 weeks at the Countess hospital, and that was a week ago. ICU is the pinch point - other less serious operations are still being performed although of course there's a backlog. Emma (my new BF the operations co-ordinator) rang me yesterday just to see how I am - how lovely is that ? She said she'll check on me next week as well. She's working from home and as she has OCD she redecorated her house during her week off. I gave her my address but I don't think she's interested in coming round to sort my place out Boo Hoo.
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    Sir Alan Parker died today. I didn't realise how brilliant he was as a film director. He directed "Bugsy Malone", "Mississippi Burning", "Evita", "Midnight Express", And my absolute favourite "The Commitments", a film about trying to make it big in the Dublin music scene as a soul band. Very, very Irish and very very funny. Working class Dublin in all of its wonderfulness, my favourite scene is when they go to visit somebody in a block of high rise flats in a poorer part of Dublin, the lift doors open and there's a fella in there taking his horse up to his flat. The singer has a fabulous voice. The trailer's on YouTube. I hope that his films will be shown on t.v. soon.
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    I am reading this in this mornings paper “The Australian” page 10, on a complete fiasco at nursing homes in Melbourne. The journalist Niki Sava says.. A friends family received a call late last week, after the Federal Government stepped in (they are responsible for funding in Australia) to help at the privately run nursing home where staff were overwhelmed by the virus. They told them their mother was about to die from the virus, and that only one member of the family could come and visit her, after the visitor was dressed in a hazmat suit. While the family worked out who should go they got another call to say sorry, they had called the wrong family - it was not their mother who was dying. Just 36 hours later they got another call to say their mother had died from Covid. Unforgivable.. the aftermath from this epidemic will be felt for a couple of generations.
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    I think we're all skimming the COVID news, it's too depressing, especially for Californians, Texans and Floridians. Thinking of you all, especially Sandy as I saw that you had a hurricane coming your way too. I've not been on the computer for two days ! Last Wednesday I caught a mystery bug, I was freezing cold, nauseous, light headed and found it hard to stand all within the space of 2 hours during the evening. I finally made it down to bed but didn't trust myself to go back upstairs to switch the lights off. Next morning Tony spotted the lights, opened my back door to see if I was OK - good lad. Well I was alive which was a plus, but still feeling much the same as the night before. I eventually made it upstairs and collapsed on the sofa where I more or less stayed for days, I'm still not too good until I've been up for a couple of hours. Each day brought a slight improvement and, although I still feel battered I'm definitely OK. None of the symptoms of COVID - no high temperature, no tickly cough, no loss of taste or smell, just feeling like hell with a runny nose and a headache. My operation is still on course for August 4th. unless there's a surge in people needing ICU more than I do (the idiots who were ignoring social distancing and mask wearing - not political - just total idiots) Paula's taking me for a COVID test at the end of the week, and to the hospital next Tuesday. Roll on this time next week when I'll be in ICU morphined up to my eyeballs. I know this is the COVID thread, but my situation is all reliant on whether or not COVID flares up again around here. One death from COVID in the local hospital during the last 10 days, and that was 5 days ago. One of the Muslim ladies who came to ask for vine leaves the other Sunday, came back on Friday with a Turkish version of Dolmades which was a lovely thought - frightened me to death - a human being only 6' away, pity I couldn't eat more than a couple of bites. I've been living on fruit and jacket potatoes with cheese, home made soup or omelettes - easy to make and I'm only eating because I know I have to. Keep safe everyone.
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    i loved water parks.. still do but word of advice do not go down head first while wearing a loose bathing suit..
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    Dave Martinez coach of the Nationals was interviewed yesterday and said how scared he is about the virus .... first he had heart surgery in the spring. He said he is washing his hands 99 times a day and wearing a mask constantly but goes to the park and straight home. He said he is worried one of the players will end up on a respirator.
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    There is nothing worse than tossing and turning all night. I empathise with Sandy and Lemon -as I used to have that problem when I worked full time - I really needed a good nights rest as I was very tired working long hours and running a household but the more I tried the less I got, Too wound up with thoughts about work, things I needed to do, mulling over something someone had said. Valerian herbal tablets ( a Central nervous system relaxant) from a health food shop helped and a CD that played relaxation music to drop off to sleep to - but it was not foolproof.
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    I am a lifelong insomniac. All attempts and programs to overcome this problem have failed miserably. Consequently, I take an over-the-counter sleep aid every night, which I have often needed to change over the years. That is surely not an ideal situation, but it beats watching the clock all night long.
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    In honor of Dance Day, what is your favorite Hollywood film dance scene? This is mine.
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    No @Cestiran ..it’s ridgee didge. The trials are run in the other large teaching hospital in Perth. Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre. They regularly recruit for various therapies. i qualified for one just before last Xmas ..From memory it was arthritis treatments. it pays and seems like money for nothing, but that one you actually had to stay in their centre for 2 weeks BORING ! ..all meals and wifi access provided, but you are basically a prisoner while they study you. I had too many pre Xmas social commitments.
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    I've never watched Fleabag, but I'll watch it on Catch-up now I know Andrew Scott's in it. I think I first saw him in Sherlock Holmes as Moriarti and found him compelling. Olivia Coleman's one of my favourite actresses too. I didn't realise what I was missing, thanks Versailles for pointing me in the right direction.
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    Today is a perfect winters day in Oz. No rain ( poor farmers ) beautiful warm sunshine and blue skies and I must still be suffering for a lesser known Covid symptom. i now have the freedom to travel anywhere in the state, to any cinema, museum, cafe, town but I am reluctant to leave the confines of my own home and back garden. Am I too scared ? Feeling fearful of what others might be doing that would put me at risk ? Have I watched too much TV news clips about the dangers of Coronavirus to older population ? Whatever it is I know I am feeling less confident to venture out and have no need at present. I enjoy my own company and love to potter about all day in my home and garden BUT surely this can’t be healthy ? How and when do older (Aussies) people start to fully engage again without fear ?
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    @cestrian - I believe it stopped being free awhile ago, but different counties and states are offering free testing. However, you have to qualify for free COVID-19 testing now if you want to use pharmacy stores such as CVS or Walgreens. Right now, the costs do vary if you don't have insurance, or if your insurance will not pay. It can go from $100 to $2300 per person. I checked my insurance, and they take care of out-of-pocket expenses. I assume that I'll have to pay. I honestly have no idea. In any case, the testing is the cheapest part. I read that if you require hospital stay, you are looking at a minimum of $30k in costs.
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    Anna - I've been wondering how people without health insurance are being treated if they don't have the ability to pay ? If there was one solid argument for universal health care I would have thought being in the middle of a pandemic was it. There are various systems in Europe but everyone is covered. They all cost slightly more than the U.K. system but as a proportion of G.D.P. are still about half of what American "healthcare" costs. No deaths at the Countess Hospital overnight. According to the government there were only 6 COVID related deaths in the UK the day before and one was at the Countess of Chester Hospital (that means England as Wales, Scotland and N.I. are virtually COVID free due to the fact that their devolved governments took a more sensible approach from the beginning)
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    Anna so sad to hear your love affair with junk food did not work out for you i believe you will find something else that is just as bad someday..cheer up
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    @DaveA @cestrian - I read that statins are linked to lower death rates from COVID-19.
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    One of my memories of Europe was somebody was always on strike ..want to take a bus? sorry we are on a one day walk out..and car traffic i was warned French or Italian drivers are crazy and just because your on the sidewalk you are still fair game.. this was 40 odd years ago so i am sure things are better today..maybe
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    Two comedic movies that made me laugh throughout the entire films are "The Graduate" and "Harold & Maude." However, this restaurant scene from "When Harry Met Sally," starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, is a classic one I'll never forget:
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    The only buyers remorse I have had is for the items I picked up and wanted to buy but my better judgement at the time said put it down ..or come back another day ! That beautiful black velvet evening dress in my size. Those vibrant Turquoise and orange cushions. That fab grey cashmere swing coat with a funnel neck. oh and that black Italian designer Ferragamo long coat for $50 at an exclusive second hand consignment shop... yes the waist was a bit tight for me.. dam those skinny, wealthy fashionistas !
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    Your description of France and their tradition of having an afternoon rest is very evocative. For a tourist hell bent on seeing and doing as much as possible in a day, it is kid of annoying - but if you stay in France or Italy, Spain for any length of time in summer, those naps inside the cool of a shuttered, old stone apartment are a welcome break from the intense heat. All the better for enjoying the lively night time scene of aperitifs at a bar, a stroll and dinner out. ...... Saw this funny photo online about being in the dog house !
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    Due to the fact that I'm still waiting for this operation I've been on a far more stringent lock down than almost everybody else, not been in a shop for over 2 months and scurrying for cover if anyone approaches me if I go for a walk, I waved at the hairdresser from the other side of the road that's as brave as I'm going to be. I finally braved the great outdoors yesterday but only for a stroll round the block, I was shattered when I got back. I don't think I've ever been this unfit. I rang my new BF Emma yesterday, she told me that my operation will probably be before the end of the month unless I.C.U. beds are taken with COVID patients I feel like the bearded vulture - watching the death rate at the hospital - 3 days with no deaths - l hope it continues. The lack of I.C.U. beds is the sticking point. I'm first on the list. I'll ring again on Monday. I'm avoiding watching the doom and gloom on the news too. I chatted to a couple of the locals on my little stroll and mentioned that I didn't have any masks to one lady, 2 hours later she brought me a pack.......how nice is that. I'd asked Tony to get me some posh coffee from Waitrose - the posh people's supermarket, "I'm not walking that far" he said I wasn't surprised. No problem - Brian brought me some the next day Another friend, Bws, went for a quick drink, got pissed and fell off his bike on the way home (home is 300 metres from the pub) So far he's been pushed into the canal by an idiot on the tow path, skidded on a patch of ice and given himself concussion and had a fool open a car door as he rode past knocking him off his bike, that time he broke his hip. I really think a greater power is telling him to sell the push bike. I'm really missing going to the shops to get my own food, I can't stand supermarket fruit and veg. it's chosen for show not taste, peaches and plums like bullets etc., etc. I'm missing cream cakes and pies from a good baker, cheese from the "Cheese Shop" (we have a shop dedicated to cheese and all things cheese related) I can easily spend £20.00 in there. Supermarket cheese is rubbish too, thank goodness I found the toastie maker it makes crap cheese edible. I'm making my mouth water now, at least I have some decent bread and lovely smoked bacon so I'll have a B.L.T. in a minute.
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    Walter Brennan only because he looked like my dad..i liked Coop too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUOGPS0HlaY
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    In another lifetime I worked in Welfare. One of my jobs was an an Emergency Relief Officer with the Red Cross. I did not like it because it felt wrong to ask the people on welfare to go through hoops to get a little financial help - it was never direct cash just paying a bill on their behalf. They would come in to ask for help paying their electricity or other bills because they could not manage on the pittance that is unemployment benefit. The ones that had the hardest time both in asking for help and managing where those who had been rich ( a la Tori Spelling ) - but because they had lost their job, or their high flyer husband had deserted the family, were now in reduced circumstances.
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    Going with Cary Grant. His timing and delivery were always spot on. I will go out of my way to watch his movies at times.
  37. 4 points
    @Anna - AGREED! After the latest rollback in California + this Trump business, I can't take any more bad news! So, let's keep ourselves safe:
  38. 4 points
    I, too, loved the aforementioned Gregory Peck, most especially in his iconic performance in "To Kill A Mockingbird." I also liked Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, "Here's looking at you, kid," and Bogart with Katherine Hepburn in the amazing, "African Queen." Plus, I loved Gary Cooper ("High Noon"). I also liked the affable Cary Grant. Once told by an interviewer, "Everybody would like to be Cary Grant," Grant is said to have replied, "So would I."
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    it's about time we had our own day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KymFaQlc2hQ
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    This song may not have been written for the pandemic, but I think there's a specific reason why this band chose it for Stephen Colbert's #PLAYATHOME segment. All the lyrics are so in need today, particularly these: "For you here's a song to make your day brighter, one that will last you long through troubled days." The great Maurice White is gone, but it sure is wonderful to see Phillip Bailey, Verdine White (the original bassist), and Phillip Bailey, Jr. I hope you can enjoy some peace and calm with this amazing 1974 song that still speaks to us today. Pandemic #6 - Earth, Wind & Fire - "Devotion"
  41. 3 points
    I love these maps. This one is fascinating. Personally, I love French food, too.
  42. 3 points
    #6 - in Category "Music from a movie that really sets the scene for the script" "The Magnificant Seven" This classic movie with Yul Bryner, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson featured one of the best Western scores that ever graced a silver screen. Hear it and you want to jump on a horse and ride into the sunset. With a single melody, the score has come to epitomize the idea of the American West. So much so that the title tune even became the 'Marlboro Cigarette Theme'.
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    "Disaster" is too strong, but I have been through hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. I actually surfed in Hurricane Diana. That was dumb...
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    @Anna and @Versailles - I’m with you & only skimming the COVID news these days. It’s necessary for my own mental health. I look on this thread to get perspective from those who live abroad. Other than that, I can see the US news anywhere as it’s all over the place.
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    @Versailles - The Southern part of Australia is very interesting! Man eating wombats, lots of flies and sharks with lasers. That is my kind of place!
  46. 3 points
    #4 - I love this song by Gladys Knight and the Pips, singing "Midnight Train To Georgia." - leaving LA because "I'd rather live in his world than live without him in mine."
  47. 3 points
    i will always be a Monty Python Fan.. i like silly, even Naked Gun poor OJ not really https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNCuCo-AWwE
  48. 3 points
    I always liked Vivien Leigh and Rosalind Russell. Edward G. Robinson is a great villain, and Cary Grant was the bomb diggity. I like Gary Cooper, except for the cowboy stuff, but my favorite will always be Gregory Peck (maybe because of Atticus Finch). What old time movie star do you like?
  49. 3 points
    For sheer silliness I liked “Johnny English Reborn”. It must be funny - because I laughed out loud in the cinema on my own ..that doesn’t usually happen.
  50. 3 points
    Hi people - the sun's out here so I may venture forth later, I went out yesterday and nobody I saw was wearing a mask !, I haven't been in a shop for over 2 months and I don't intend to start now especially as Tony has finally figured out my likes and dislikes, for instance I can't stand cheap factory made cheese and although Tesco mainly sells this crap he picks out the best that he can. There was just a knock on my back door, by the time I looked out of the window bloody Marco had rushed out of his house to see who it was (I really will have to speak to him about this sort of thing , he leapt on Tony yesterday when he'd only come to leave my shopping). I shouted down "Hello" and 2 Muslim ladies came out from under my carport and asked if they could have some leaves off my grape-vine - of course I told them to help themselves any time (I should have told them not to knock as I've lost count of the number of times I've been woken up in the morning). Watching the news is getting too depressing, especially the news from America. I used to think Trump was a feckin' joke, but now I realise just what a dangerous man he is. Boris is nearly as bad and takes us all for fools, unfortunately his fan base can't see that. Boris has only chosen "yes men" to be in the Cabinet (his closest advisors) and has ignored the scientists and medical experts - where have I heard that before ? I'm still watching the numbers of COVID deaths at the local hospital, they seem to go up and down quite a lot - this is relevant to me as I'll need an I.C.U. bed (0 on Thursday, 2 on Friday, 0 yesterday) Malala after receiving her degree from Oxford University - apparently you get "caked" by your friends - strange people these students. I've just been reminded that 2 years ago today I was in London, outside the American Ambassador's house in Regent's Park London ready to protest Trump's visit the following day................Blimp Day as it's known
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