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    cooking(learning to bake bread) ...cars..looking for a pre 1970 VW Bus to be buried in..most music..
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    watching buses go round and round on a computer screen
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    I don't have enough people words to make it understand you the way it understands me
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    end of the hippie era
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    We don't take Humor seriously enough(Konrad Lorenz)

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  1. Well at least the looters will be wearing masks.. nice to see "this day in history" back ..I was interested in the 1962 soccer match some of the hits and falls seemed a little fake but not all of them i wonder if they wear protective cups that would be a great help in most sports i guess..i had forgotten about Charles Ng the horrible crimes he committed with Lake and even more surprised he is still alive ..
  2. Dan


    sorry about that..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqZNMvIEHhs ok you asked for it..
  3. Dan


    i actually like this version....sadly the more things change the more they stay the same..
  4. Dan


    i was driving my teenage son and his friend somewhere many years ago.. the first thing he would do was change the radio station usually to something i did not care for.. when a song came on i told them i know this ! they kind of looked at me and said i don't think so this just came out. NEW TOPIC: Songs people think are new but are not Public Enemy - He Got Game - YouTube
  5. Dan


    i was going to list a song in a foreign language by Ozzy Osborne but found out it is in English
  6. wow i thought the way you describe your outing it was a hockey game but i should not make fun..you Mother in law sounds like she can take of herself but still scary..my family recreation day are a bit fuzzy but i do remember countless drives to the beach but vacations i remember they were spent camping in Canada and the States.
  7. Dan


    sorry about that i found this song about summer
  8. Dan


    i think i mucked up the flow i was somewhere else on the site and it came to land here so when it is my time to mention a theme maybe"did 60's songs really mess up your mind"
  9. Dan


    ok so we give 5 examples who let the dogs out was #5 Next Theme:singers who became famous after they died
  10. we lived in St Thomas and Port Stanley was a small fishing village about 9 miles away on lake Erie in southern Ontario the "Banana Belt"
  11. We could download music on the internet for free in Canada but not anymore.. a friend of mine a musician was dead set against this for good reasons the only exception he told me was if you bought a record album say "dark side of the moon" wore it out bought a new one then he thought he had paid the group more than enough and was guilt free if he happened to download that particular album off the net
  12. All the fast food restaurants up here started selling meatless burgers i guess they were not that popular one by one they stopped selling them..Anna talking about the beach and the old arcades brought back memories of the beach my parents took me to. Mackies was the place to go for popcorn ,fries and their world famous Orange-aid i remember an old over engineered pop corn machine spewing out pop corn and being sold as fast as it was made.. piles of oranges going into a press and last but not least the fry shack a separate building where for 50 cents you got a box of french fries guaranteed to have at least 2 fried flies in the mix ..oh and ice cream cones not the single ones but the triples !!
  13. Exercise bikes have come a long ways.. when i travel most motels have an exercise room.. they never seem to be used much..i am more of a pool and Jacuzzi guy.. once i was in the tub with a teacher she was marking her student tests we had quite the laugh when she ask questions from the test i think i proved are you smarter then a 5th grader that night.. anyways back to the exercise bike.. Anna are in race mode do you not see the Lance Armstrong button? when you find yourself 10 miles behind just press it and when you catch up throw that air pump into the front wheels of the leader after that you can just cruise at your own pace across the finish line
  14. I don't think that would work for me Anna unless it was a drinking beer and eating poutine friendly suit. The cancellation of the hockey season has not been that bad for me so far i have watched Toronto play and beat Montreal for the cup granted it was before video tape was invented. I have watched every game Boston has lost in the playoffs for the last 30 years so yea i think i....am...OK?
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