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    cooking(learning to bake bread) ...cars..looking for a pre 1970 VW Bus to be buried in..most music..
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    watching buses go round and round on a computer screen
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    I don't have enough people words to make it understand you the way it understands me
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    end of the hippie era
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    We don't take Humor seriously enough(Konrad Lorenz)

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  1. I don't like spicy food but my boys do.. so when i was in New Orleans last fall i passed this Tabasco shop and decided to buy the one with the most heat .. i went in and they had this setup for you to sample sauces i was definitely out of my league here but the pretty girl in front of me turned around and said you have to try this one...and i did mmm i said then made a hasty departure while my lips went numb i did not know what to do run down the street and throw myself into the river or visit every bar in town...reminded me of that scene in Dumb and Dumber at Dante's inferno i was not dumb but dumber
  2. Like the rest of Ontario i was woken up Sunday by an emergency tone but i just rolled over and fell back asleep maybe that would of been the best plan anyways according to this article https://www.stthomastimesjournal.com/opinion/matt-gurney-false-nuclear-warning-shows-canadians-are-on-their-own-in-case-of-disaster/wcm/2164b01f-dd7b-48fb-941c-bc86ecac5075
  3. Yes Sandy we are trading homes i will be living at Kensington Palace and they will be living on a nice quiet street in Southern Ontario i wonder what day the trash has to be put to the curb? maybe i will ring up the Queen and ask
  4. Yes!! the rumors are true the unroyal couple will be moving to Canada i really should keep this to myself but we are house(palace) swapping ...Morrigan what channel does the hockey game come on BBC1 or BBC2 ?
  5. i liked the hat that Hunter Thompson used to wear .... but when i wore one i looked like this guy https://www.aveleyman.com/Gallery/2017/D/tve4552-19660113-136.jpg
  6. Trader Joe's roasted salted cashews sounds so much better than Morrigan's crispy seaweed thins lol
  7. i believe so.. just ask the 57 Canadians i mean the 167 people killed when their plane was shot down over Iran
  8. how sad.. i clicked on the video and it says not available in my country ..must be still upset for beating you in the world juniors no mind we have this instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TW1WKhvpMA
  9. Dan

    Life Lessons

    I don't know why but 2020 is making me feel very old is anyone else feeling this? I turned on my computer today and this video came up please watch it will make you feel better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AThycGCakk
  10. The restaurants around here have giving up on the plastic straws and now give you these hard paper tubes to suck thru i can not stand them ..stores are selling stainless steel straws but who wants to clean them i will just put my lips to a glass ....not sure what to do if i order a milkshake.. Anna maybe i was a Sumo wrestler in another life because i love the Japanese sense of humor and game shows with sub titles...weird ? i don't think so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlvGc8wXr2A
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHSjnmrnuPg
  12. Dan

    Tsunami !!

    Due to health issues i have had to buy an adjustable bed so i can sleep in relative comfort which got me thinking..do you remember waterbeds?..Did you have one? I never did but a lot of my friends loved theirs and not just for sleeping lol My experience was not great if i can remember that far back i got a bit of wave action going on and my partner got sea sick. I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and if you can manage staying up until 12:00 have a toast to the new year be it Champagne or Tea yea 2020!!
  13. just for fun once i asked a hairdresser if i could get a discount because i didn't have that much hair she answered right back telling me she would have to charge double because it was harder to find ..that shut me up lol
  14. Grandfathers lover and a video of trains coming in and going out you don't have to be Fellini to figure it out lol.. just kidding i see there is a barber shop too..how much is a haircut over there?
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