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    Chester, England

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    World affairs, swimming, reading, music (Folk - Reggae), House Exchange holidays.
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    Retired teacher, but running my own letting business.
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    Born inside the City Walls which makes me a Cestrian. Passed the 11+ & went to Grammar School then Teacher's Training College in Manchester.

    Taught for 3 years then got itchy feet & went to live in Oakland for a year.

    After 2 years back in the U.K I got itchy feet (& a very controlling boyfriend) & went to live in Amsterdam for a year running a "Back Packer's Hotel".

    Another 10 years in England & I did a teacher exchange with a bloke in Auckland, New Zealand. I was there when the French Secret Service blew up the Greenpeace ship "The Rainbow Warrior"

    Back home for another 10 years, then retired from teaching & put an ad. in "The Lady" saying "Job wanted, short term, remuneration not as important as a) an interesting job & b) in an interesting place".

    Six very interesting jobs later I packed it in.

    Now own 4 houses & rent out three of them so life is either very quiet or absolutely manic. I'm hopefully coming to the end of six months of mania.

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  1. It's sad when anybody dies Morrigan, I hope your daughters will be O.K.
  2. Good afternoon folks, sorry I've not been on here. Mad hospital mania. After my ultrasound on Dec. 24th a small leak was found which was bleeding into the area round the stent I had inserted 3.5 years ago. I've spent the past month with my feet barely touching the ground. I was "red flagged", so I had an X-ray, C.T. scan, and saw the lovely Mr. Dimitri (last week) Today I had the pre-op. and they took bloods. Tomorrow they're going to try to block the leak via keyhole surgery. I'll be awake - Yikes, and it should take an hour then I have to lie still for three hours. I have to be there for 8.00 a.m. ! At least I'll still be half asleep. If all goes well they'll be chucking me out at teatime. My brother's staying overnight tomorrow just in case there are any problems (he can drive me back to the hospital) He can leave anytime Thursday. I'll probably need a hug I saw Dave's sad news and I have been thinking of him. The gun nuts were on our news last night - just like the knuckle dragging racists in the U.K. We'd say all mouth and no trousers - they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.
  3. Her ex- husband is buried in Overleigh Cemetary Chester. Edward Langtry Birthdate: February 14, 1846 Death: October 16, 1897 (51) Asylum for the Insane, Chester, Cheshire West and Chester, UK (It is supposed that Mr. Langtry was suffering from concussion of the brain, due to falling down the gangway of the steamer on which he traveled from Dublin to Holyhead.) Place of Burial: Chester, UK Immediate Family: Son of Richard Langtry Husband of Jane Frances Price Ex-husband of Lillie / Emilie le Breton
  4. One of my personal bug bears is selfish bar*******s parking in spots reserved for disabled people. This made me smile and hopefully this selfish little w****r won't do it again. Trump's latest carryings on have left me speechless. My friend and I were discussing Trump/Iran yesterday, he said "Trump's playing a game of draughts (chequers ?) and Iran are playing 3 dimensional chess." I wasn't intending to go to London to protest again but if Boris becomes Trump's poodle the way Blair became Dubya's poodle in dragging us into the Iraq war I'm afraid I'll be forced to go.
  5. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day, for the first time in years I quite enjoyed mine. My brother and I went to the pub at 12.30 for a sing song, for once it wasn't heaving with people I've never seen in my life before. When the Bouverie closed at 1.30 we ambled home with a short stop off at another pub. on the way. Lots and lots of my neighbours were in both pubs. which was lovely. Home to a rather good (if I do say so myself) venison casserole and a couple of hours slobbed out on the sofa before my brother finally left at 8.00 p.m. Plus - the weather was gorgeous - blue skies and relatively warm
  6. Boxing Day - the day when some people rush out to buy stuff they don't (usually) need and can't (usually) afford because all of the big retailers have "Boxing Day Sales" The tradition dates back to a time when many people were "in service" - servants in other words and they were allowed one day a year - December 26th. - to visit their parents. People eat turkey butties in an attempt to try and use up the left-overs from yesterday. Sane people (me for instance ) avoid the roads and the shops until sanity returns - probably by the end of next week. Re handbags/shoulder bags - I like shoulder bags but I have the same problem as you Sandy. Although I have a number of shoulder bags I tend to use the same one until it almost falls apart. I see it's "Mummers' Day" in Padstow, while trying to find a photo to put here, I found that "Mummers' Day" is celebrated all over the world, but not usually on Boxing Day. Mumming groups often wear face-obscuring hats or other kinds of headgear and masks, some mummers' faces are blackened or painted. In 1418 a law was passed forbidding "mumming, plays, interludes or any other disguisings with any feigned beards, painted visors, deformed or coloured visages in any wise, upon pain of imprisonment". Many mummers and guisers, however, have no facial disguise at all. Mumming was a way of raising money and the play was taken round the big houses. Most Southern English versions end with the entrance of "Little Johnny Jack his wife and family on his back". Johnny, traditionally played by the youngest mummer in the group, first asks for food and then more urgently for money. Johnny Jack's wife and family were either dolls in a model house or sometimes a picture. The black face is nothing to do with racism.
  7. Merry Christmas to all on Ziboom. Thank you Anna & Sam for all you do for us. Now to make my venison casserole for tomorrow. At one point I thought we'd be having cheese on toast as the butcher put my venison at the back of his walk in fridge and then couldn't find it . I went there this morning (morning ? What's that ?) and it had appeared as if by magic, I think it was hiding behind about 20 turkeys. Anyway I hope you all have a lovely time.
  8. Dominic - rang from the vascular department - the surgeons have a meeting on Friday, I may need another C.T. scan and possibly a discussion with Mr. Dimitri to decide on a course of action. Dominic said he'd phone me if anything was deemed urgent but to ring him after that if I'm worried. No phone call on Friday means it isn't urgent and they'll get back to me next week.
  9. I've had a pretty awful year, starting with building work that seemed to go on and on, Mr. passive aggressive trying to bully me, ditto the crazy cat woman (tenants) I employed a (cowboy) drainage company who thought they could treat me like the sh*t they left the back yard covered with (they picked the wrong woman - I set my solicitors on them and it took until last Thursday for them to realise that they couldn't just ignore me, so they'll refund my money via my solicitor). This has been going on since March and it's cost me almost as much as the refund but he's taken his website down, so hopefully he'll not try this with anyone else. It's a pity I couldn't wipe his company out or at least warn others about him. Just as I thought things were looking up I had an ultrasound and xray of my aneurisms last Saturday - the aneurysm has got bigger due to an endoleak so I'm now glued to the 'phone waiting to speak to the "Nurse Coordinator" in the vascular dept. to see if I'll need further surgery. If I do it'll be sooner rather than later. I detest Christmas as Christmas Day 14 years ago was the most traumatic day of my life. Too traumatic and personal to want to go into. So I'm hoping that both Morrigan and I have a much better 2020.
  10. I've never been a "Strictly Come Dancing" fan, but since I saw Kelvin and Oti in the first show when Kelvin was a last minute contestant after somebody else dropped out I've been watching some of it. Last night Kelvin and Oti won and I'm not surprised. They both really look as if they're enjoying it and the chemistry between the two of them is obvious. They got a perfect score from the judges and the public vote clinched it. I hope this video shows, it was on youtube and that's usually O.K.
  11. I'm not surprised Portillo is on the list, I always wondered. I hated his politics but I must admit that he comes over very well when he appears in political discussions on T.V. Chester's M.P. Peter Morrison was an odious man, he was given a caution by the police for soliciting a rent boy in Crewe, he was an alcoholic. I might add he was useless as an M.P. Until 1967 homosexual acts were illegal in the U.K. so I'm assuming that all M.P.s on the list weren't "out". I've been pleasantly surprised by the fact that "Mayor Pete" has garnered a great deal of support.
  12. Just about the only thing that put a smile on my face today - racist and homophobe Anne Widdecombe (Sandy & Versailles - remember the sack of spuds "dancing" in "Strictly Come Dancing"?) was absolutely slaughtered in her bid to be an M.P. Gay Remainer beats anti-LGBT Brexit Party candidate Ann Widdecombe Pollard, the city’s first out MP, received 25,461 votes, while Widdecombe came third behind the Conservatives with 2,909 votes. The symbolism of the defeat was not lost on Twitter. One user noted: “Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe tried to get back into Parliament. She lost to openly gay, Remain-supporting Labour candidate.” Another added: “It might not be great news overall, but it’s very good to hear Ann Widdecombe lost her bid to a gay remainer.”
  13. I love Jay Ungar but nobody can beat Dave Swarbrick on the violin. Swarb at the Cambridge Folk Festival - I was there. Swarb's the cheeky little beggar on the right. I'd forgotten the noises Swarb made when he was playing I just remembered - early on in my Festival going days - when I had more stamina - I was feeling slightly "tired and emotional" (a bit drunk) I was sitting in the beer tent at about 2.00 a.m. when two people walked towards me, well to be absolutely truthful, one (Martin Carthy) was virtually holding up the other (Dave Swarbrick), the tent was virtually empty - Carthy asked me to look after Swarb. while he went for a pee, so I ended up looking after two guitars, a couple of fiddles and a very very drunken Swarb. for 10 minutes.
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