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    Chester, England

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    World affairs, swimming, reading, music (Folk - Reggae), House Exchange holidays.
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    Retired teacher, but running my own letting business.
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    Born inside the City Walls which makes me a Cestrian. Passed the 11+ & went to Grammar School then Teacher's Training College in Manchester.

    Taught for 3 years then got itchy feet & went to live in Oakland for a year.

    After 2 years back in the U.K I got itchy feet (& a very controlling boyfriend) & went to live in Amsterdam for a year running a "Back Packer's Hotel".

    Another 10 years in England & I did a teacher exchange with a bloke in Auckland, New Zealand. I was there when the French Secret Service blew up the Greenpeace ship "The Rainbow Warrior"

    Back home for another 10 years, then retired from teaching & put an ad. in "The Lady" saying "Job wanted, short term, remuneration not as important as a) an interesting job & b) in an interesting place".

    Six very interesting jobs later I packed it in.

    Now own 4 houses & rent out three of them so life is either very quiet or absolutely manic. I'm hopefully coming to the end of six months of mania.

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  1. I have no idea if this will post here, I don't have much success with Facebook videos. It's showing on my post. Police open fire on householders standing outside their own houses
  2. I've been considering getting an exercise bike as I can't go to the swimming pool. I did have an exercise bike but it seemed to be stuck on going uphill so I sold it. Chester on lock-down an hour ago. 25C................too hot for me, I'm such a wimp. MY younger brother is 64 today, he seems cheerful considering he can't go out to celebrate his birthday. My elder brother was born significantly deaf, but he could lip read really well. When I've been to concerts/festivals I always make sure I'm well away from the speakers as I know that being deaf makes life very difficult.............it's an unseen disability.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/feb/24/lawrence.ukcrime12 When Stephen Lawrence was murdered by a gang of racists and his murderers were protected by the racist Metropolitan Police this enquiry was set up and there were 70 recommendations. Since then British Police (mainly the racist ones) have had to mend their ways. Some of the police (a very few I think) are still racist, but they'd be scrutinised very closely. The original officers were thrown out of the force and the thugs were re-tried (the first time this has ever happened) using newly found evidence and discounting the "evidence" of the corrupt detectives. Stephen's Mother Doreen Lawrence fought for justice for years and is now Dame Doreen Lawrence and sits in the House of Lords. I think that the police have to wear body-cams which protect both them and the people they stop and/or arrest. All is not "roses round the door" as black youths - mainly in London - are subject to "Stop and search" far more than non black youths, but they don't generally get shot . Mark Duggan was shot a few years ago as the police said he had a gun, there was a tremendous outcry and the 2011 riots in London, but the police were cleared - wrongly in my view as he had no gun on him although one was found in bushes 20' away. The only way to cut down on police racism and general thuggery is to hold officers to account immediately, to suspend them immediately and to have investigations into their behaviour carried out by independent investigators (police from other forces) whose findings should be open to public scrutiny. My rant for the day.
  4. You'll be giving Heston Blumenthal ideas
  5. I'm afraid I can't join in with the worker's comp. situation as I don't know anyone to whom this has applied, although my younger brother had a very good case for sueing for wrongful dismissal. Unfortunately he would have had to have gone back to work until the case was heard and as he was in the middle of a nervous breakdown, had been signed off with stress and was staying with me at the time, it didn't happen. On the home front - I have a bee , well several bees actually. There are masonry bees in my garden, they're orange and solitary. They don't swarm. Every day this week I've found a single bee in the bathroom, I let it out into the garden and the next day another appears. Which reminds me of an amusing anecdote told by Billy Connolly I think Two Scotsmen were having breakfast together, one was the leader of the "Church of Scotland" noted for his stinginess, and there was a tiny catering jar of honey on the table "I see you keep a bee" said the guest. More than 5 months ago I took 2 paintings to the framers, then the framer was ill (story of my life), then COVID hit - anyhoo I had a phone call at lunchtime - not only are my paintings done, but my pal Brian is bringing them round in half an hour It'll be great to get them back. Edit - my paintings arrived Yaaaay. Nothing from the hospital so far. By English standards it's hot here (25C yesterday, 23C today). I went for a walk yesterday...............I'm really not good in the heat, I was shattered when I got back, so I attempted to have a mini "siesta" - 5 minutes into my siesta one of the huge Beluga planes from Broughton flew over, I didn't get up fast enough to see it but I'm sure that's what it was (I recognise the sound of the engines). It's amazing how low it flies and how quiet it is. I've been clearing out my paperwork from years ago, going into hospital certainly concentrates the mind. I now have 15 empty files to give away and I'm not finished yet. I've been burning the papers it's a good thing I have a fireplace. I've been watching the Minneapolis situation - appalling - that cop should be done for murder and the other cops should be charged too. On top of that they arrest a C.N.N. news team I hear the distant sound of Jackboots.
  6. A petition calling for Dominic Cummings’ departure from government is on course to reach one million signatures, as fury over the scandal fails to die down. Boris Johnson admitted on Wednesday the saga had been ‘frustrating’ – but advised angry MPs and members of the public to ‘move on’. However, a Change.org page that demands the PM’s top aide either resigns or is sacked now has the backing of more than 945,000 people. The petition hit 500,000 signatures on Monday, following allegations that he broke the government’s lockdown by travelling 260 miles to Durham with his family – including his wife, who had Covid-19 symptoms. The political strategist has admitted making a second 60-mile round trip to Barnard Castle on Easter Sunday to check he was fit to drive after suffering coronavirus-related eyesight problems. Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/28/petition-dominic-cummings-sacked-set-hit-1000000-signatures. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And Boris was "doing a Trump" yesterday forbidding the scientists from commenting on Cummings' behaviour as it was "a political matter" I don't think most of us are falling for Boris' diversionary tactics.
  7. I love Florentines and Digestive biscuits coated with dark chocolate (I don't remember seeing orange ones) are O.K. I've always wondered why Florentines were called biscuits though. My favourite biscuit is this one Really high quality ginger biscuits coated in really high quality dark chocolate. If I buy a pack at the supermarket half of them don't even make it to the car. Otherwise I give biscuits a miss (oops I forgot Jaffa Cakes - I'm addicted to them which is why I rarely buy them - the whole packet goes in one sitting, then I feel sick ) "Biscuits and Gravy" is unheard of in this country.
  8. This guy is sooo talented. Here's another from him.
  9. Votes to sack him almost a million, votes to support him under 30,000. Matt Hancock (well half of his surname is correct) has been making an absolute fool of himself, not only in defence of Cummings but in everything else he says. He's been called out on national t.v. almost every day. It's a bit like Trump really, if I wrote down every lie he told I'd be here all day. If it wasn't so appalling it would be funny.
  10. The first petition has almost reached a million signatures. Even the rabid right wing press are against him.
  11. I saw this on facebook - it's absolutely brilliant. The guy who did this is a genius. I took this off youtube
  12. People ripping into Dominic Cummings. "As a concerned parent I'd do the same" except that thousands of people throughout the U.K. observed the rules missing relatives dying, or missed visiting relatives in or out of hospital, or didn't attend funerals. The man is the lowest of the low. Even the Tory M.P.'s are rounding on him and one's resigned in protest. Two petitions on Change.org "Save Dominic Cummings" - 15,000 signatures. "Sack Dominic Cummings" - 750,000 signatures, On a more personal level, I rang the hospital, the green zone isn't set up yet but I'm top of the list when it's up and running.
  13. I've been reading that he doesn't actually have the power (no matter what he thinks) to defer the election. With his attack on postal ballots it shows the world that he'll do anything to remain in power. Possibly to try and avoid prosecution on various charges. Let's go back to "hanging chads" eh ?
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