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    Bedfordshire United Kingdom

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    people, travelling, music, singing and jewellery making
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    retired teacher
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    Married twice and still married. 2 sisters , no brother Mum still alive at 99 Lives in Ireland

    .I had two children. One son passed but still have a daughter who is very close to me.

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  1. I do but may watch some of it on catch up. I do nevertheless try to plan some viewing.
  2. Thanks for welcome back Sandy. I really thought site was down and nearly gave up. Thank God for Facebook where I could keep in touch
  3. Hi Anna I have been using IE11. Perhaps it needs to be updated. Nevertheless I tried on my ipad which is safari and could not get on either. Good luck and thanks for the welcome back. Pleased I was missed by some anyway.
  4. i have done it so hopefully i will not get lost in the abyss again!!
  5. I have been trying to post on this site for several weeks would not let me on . So today thought I would try chrome and will see if it lets me post. Fingers crossed!!
  6. I have been following this story with interest but also disgust. What is happening to the people who are trying to rule America? It is going from bad to worse and that is because the man at the top Trump is just evil and will allow these things to happen. I have heard that Trump will remain in power as all of middle America support him. sadly. When will all this end?
  7. Happy birthday Morrigan. Have a great day.:cheer2:
  8. Lovely story. I hope the poor bird survives.
  9. I agree Dave. It can be really tasty especially if you add a cheese crusted topping to it.
  10. I love any chicken dishes and have several recipes I use with chicken. I also like shepherds pie in winter and sea bass is a favourite of mine whilst eating out.
  11. Personally I would go ahead and have the dental treatment and not put up with such pain. You could be making your teeth worse if you leave it. Your teeth I feel are your priority!!
  12. I don't really change my fragrances in the summer but I stick to Calvein Klein Obsession and Estee Lauder Beautiful all the year around.
  13. I don't like furry toilet seat covers, beaded curtains, carpeted bathroom(most impractical because I have had a few but now tiles.) waterbeds tv cupboards. I don't mind coloured walls hate beige or any bland colour. We have just painted our small bedroom a mint green so lovely and bright.
  14. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. I know he had been very poorly but thought he was getting better. He will be so sadly missed. RIP Mike.
  15. What an amazing sunrise Anna!!
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