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  1. What was your nickname during childhood?
  2. Good day! I forgot to mention that it is Gay Pride Month! I am not sure if parades are going to go forward, but Gay Pride Month is always a time to celebrate the LGBTQ community. Meanwhile, my town is having a protest for George Floyd today. It should be interesting to see what happens, since I understand that busloads of people are coming into protesting towns for the sole purpose of looting. This is a very lootable city because we have a huge mall that people come to, especially now as there is a new Karl Lagerfeld store. Our mall just re-opened. The looters might be in for a surprise if they decide to steal the food from the food court area. That will slow their roll. The food there is horrible. Today is Rotisserie Chicken Day! There was a little Middle Eastern deli near my first job as a soda jerk. When I would work in the mornings through the afternoon, I would buy their little $3.00 rotisserie chicken, which was small and so very tasty with its crispy skin covered with a variety of spices. You could buy a banana split for $3.00 back then, and this was a tub swimming with ice cream, sauces and bananas. I thought the chicken was a better value. These days, big stores offer rotisserie chicken. Costco has even opened up its own chicken factories for the purpose of supplying its stores with miscellaneous chicken products. The local grocers also offer the same. However, these chickens stay steaming inside their heavy plastic containers, and end up with wrinkled skin with flavorless meat. However, that flavorless meat blends well with other things you might find at the grocer, such as salsa. Nothing will ever beat those little rotisserie chickens of my youth. Middle Eastern dishes mix spices and meats, blending everything together in the manner of skilled magicians. Today is also Bubba Day, that popular Southern nickname that is often associated with athletes and overweight white men in baseball caps, clutching a beer. I used to work with a very handsome attorney, a real city sort of guy that looked like Kenny Loggins. He always wore expensive suits, drove a nice car and bought two homes on a brand new home division that were being built in the outskirts of San Francisco. I went to his house after the birth of his child to deliver some work to him. While I was there, his wife kept screaming for Bubba, her city slicker husband’s nickname. It took off some of that sleek attorney shine and made him human. Yay! Have a great day!
  3. 1713 First performance of George Frederic Handel’s Silla, in London, UK. It is an opera seria in three acts, and might have only been performed once. The music would later be recyled in Handel’s Amadigi di Guala. Silla was scored for strings, two recorders, two oboes, bassoon, trumpet and continuo instruments. It was also unique for offering a part for a non-singing actor. The story of Silla is about Roman dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla, as recounted by Plutarch, the Greek essayist. VIDEO DESCRIPTION RECORDING - Opera (1:52:58) George Frederic Handel’s Silla History Source: Wikipedia (wikipedia.com) Image Source: George Frideric Handel . Artist: Balthasar Denner, circa 1726. Public Domain. 1835 P. T. Barnum and his circus start their first tour of the United States. Barnum previously owned American Museum, a conventional exhibition that he transformed into a live show with freaks, contests and other sensationalized attractions. Based upon the success of his museum, Barnum began a global search for both living and dead exhibitions to add to his show, which began to draw international attention. While he was known for his outrageous exhibits and claims, Barnum was also motivated to help those who could not make a living by conventional means. Barnum also served as mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he fought prostitution and union discrimination against blacks. VIDEO DESCRIPTION TELEVISION - CBS This Morning (7:26) - 2019 Inside the life of master showman P.T. Barnum History Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica Image Source: Ad for “P.T. Barnum's Greatest show on Earth”. Public Domain. 1841 Edward John Eyre, the first white man to cross southern Australia from Adelaide to the west, finds his expedition saved when he meets Captain Rossiter of the Mississippi. Eyre originally wanted to cross the continent from north to south, but those was continually re-routed by terrain issues. His expedition was continually wrought with problems, including the death of his overseer, John Baxter, and starvation. Eyre encountered the French whaler Mississippi at Thistle Cove, and were taken aboard as a guest of Captain Rossiter. They were given provisions, which allowed Eyre to continue his journey. Eyre later named the inlet Rossiter Bay, although it was later renamed to Mississippi Point. VIDEO DESCRIPTION SPECIAL EVENT - Exhibition (2:47) - 2017 The Edward John Eyre works - Leith O'Malley History Source: This Day in Australian History (today.referdex.com.au) Image Source: Portrait of Edward John Eyre. By Henry Hering. Public Domain. 1919 Anarchist followers of Luigi Gelleani, who had been deported back to Italy from the U.S., simultaneously set off bombs in eight separate American cities. The bombs, 25 lbs./11 kg. of dynamite packaged with heavy metal slugs designed to act as shrapnel, were sent to government officials who endorsed anti-sedition laws and deportation of immigrants suspected of crimes or associated with illegal movements. Galleani’s followers, better known as Galleanisti, were responsible for bombings and assasination attempts against institutions and individuals who were viewed as class enemies. The group promoted radical anarchism. Although Galleani encouraged bombings, he was never a participant. The bombings would lead into the Red Scare of 1919-1920. VIDEO DESCRIPTION MUSIC VIDEO (2:41) The Clash perform Galleani History Source: wikipedia / dwardmac.pitzer.edu Image Source: New York Tribune. 1919. Public Domain. 1924 U.S. President Calvin Coolidge signs the Indian Citizenship Act into law, granting citizenship to all Native Americans born within the territorial limits of the United States. Before the Civil War, citizenship was often limited to Native Americans of one-half or less Indian blood. In the Reconstruction period, progressive Republicans in Congress sought to accelerate the granting of citizenship to friendly tribes. In 1888, most Native American women married to U.S. citizens were conferred with citizenship, and in 1919 Native American veterans of World War I were offered citizenship. The privileges of citizenship were largely governed by state law, and the right to vote was often denied to Native Americans in the early 20th century. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (1:28) - 2016 A Path to Citizenship History Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica Image Source: U.S. President Calvin Coolidge with four Osage Indians after Coolidge signed the bill granting Indians full citizenship. Library of Congress. Public Domain. 1941 In retaliation for Cretan participation in the Battle of Crete, German paratroopers massacre the Greek citizens of Kondomari. Men, women and children were forced to gather in the village square. A number of hostages was selected among the men, who were led to the surrounding olive groves and fired upon. According to German records, at least 23 men were killed. The whole operation was captured on film by Franz-Peter Weixler, then serving as a war propaganda correspondent (kriegsberichter) for the Wehrmacht. Kondomari has been declared a martyur village by presidential degree. VIDEO DESCRIPTION PHOTO MONTAGE WARNING: Photos are disturbing. (4:42) Kontomari Maleme, Massacre History Source: Wikipedia (wikipedia.com) Image Source: The civilian hostages at Kondomari. Photo by Franz Peter Weixler. CC BY-SA 3.0 de. 1953 A 27-year-old Elisabeth II, the elder daughter of King George VI, is crowned queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of her other realms and territories, at Westminster Abbey. She takes the throne after the death of her father, in February 1952. Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne came about after Edward VIII, who was the heir to the throne as the son of King George V, abdicated in 1936. Her father, Prince Albert, duke of York, became King George VI, and Elizabeth II became the presumptive heir to the throne. She is now the longest-reigning monarch in British history. VIDEO DESCRIPTION TELEVISION - BBC TV (2:56:40) - 1953 0:01 / 2:56:40 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II: Westminster Abbey 1953 History Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica Image Source: Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, here with her husband on the occasion of her coronation in 1953. Public Domain. 1962 During the 1962 FIFA World Cup, police intervene multiple times in fights between Chilean and Italian players, in one of the most violent games in football history. Tensions between the two football teams were exacerbated by two Italian journalists Antonio Ghirelli and Corrado Pizzinelli, who crudely described the city of Santiago. Both reporters were forced to flee the city. Meanwhile, Chilean reporters responded in kind to the attacks. The first foul occurred within 12 seconds of the kick-off and the police were called. As the game wore on and the two teams engaged in scuffles and spitting, police had to intervene multiple times until the end of the game, which Chile won by the score of 2-0. VIDEO DESCRIPTION SPORTS - Football highlights (6:54) - 1962 Chile v. Italy, 1962 History Source: This Day in Football History Image Source: Battle of Santiago at the Football World Cup Chile 1962. Giorgio Ferrini is dragged off by policemen. Photographer unknown. Public Domain. 1966 The United States lands its first spacecraft on the Moon. It is the first of seven robotic spacecraft sent to the moon for the purpose of gathering data for NASA’s Apollo missions. The Surveyor 1 soft landed in the Ocean of Storms, using a retrorocket and a bank of three thrusters to slow the ship’s speed from 6000 mph/9656 kph to 3 mph/5 kph. Surveyor I began transmitting a series of photographs of the Moon’s surface a half hour later. Surveyor 1 spent the lunar night on the Moon and was successfully reactivated the next lunar day. In total, Surveyor I transmitted more than 11,000 photographs and data on the moon’s surface and temperature Contact was lost on 7 January 1967. VIDEO DESCRIPTION NASA HISTORY BRIEF (4:41) - 2016 America’s First Lunar Surveyor: 50 Years Later History Source: NASA Pet Propulsion Laboratory (jpl.nasa.gov) Image Source: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Public Domain. 1970 Bruce McLaren, 32-year-old race car driver, dies in a crash while testing an experimental car of his own design at a track in Goodwood, England. McLaren was the youngest to win an international Grand Prix contest for Formula I cars. He was among the wealthiest driver-designers in the sport and was contemplating retirement from driving to devote more time to the business side of his racing interests. The racing team that bears his name survived him, becoming one of the most successful in Formula One history. VIDEO DESCRIPTION AUTOFILES DOCUMENTARY (26:10) Bruce McLaren History Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica Image Source: Photo by Lothar Spurzem. 1966. CC BY-SA 2.0 Germany 1979 Pope John Paul II returns home to Poland as the first Roman Catholic pontiff to visit a Communist-ruled country. After disembarking the plane, the Pope fell on his knees and kissed the ground. The Pope was then driven into Warsaw in an open top car past around two million people who cheered: “Long live our Pope”. Pope John Paul II was born Karol Józef Wojtyła in Wadowice, Poland. He secretly began religious studies in 1942 during the Nazi occupation of Poland. He was ordained into the Catholic priesthood in 1946, then assigned to Kraków’s St. Florian’s parish, where he studied, wrote and lectured on philosophy, along with social and sexual ethics. Pope John Paul II is known for helping to end communism, building bridges with other faiths and apologizing for the Catholic Church’s role in WWII. In his later years as Pope, he was known for ignoring sex abuse scandal victims, reinstating offending priests and covering up details. VIDEO DESCRIPTION ABC NEWS (5:45) - 1979 Pope John Paul in Poland History Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica (brittanica.com) / National Catholic Reporter (ncronline.org) Image Source: Millions cheer Pope John Paul II during his first visit to Poland as pontiff. 1979. Public Domain. 1983 After an emergency landing because of an in-flight fire, twenty-three passengers aboard Air Canada Flight 797 are killed when the heat of the fire and fresh oxygen from the open exit doors created flashover conditions, engulfing the plane’s interior in flames. Because of this incident, numerous new safety regulations are put in place. Subsequent blood tests showed some of the passengers had inhaled lethal amounts of toxins from the in-flight fire, likely meaning they were already deceased in their seats when the plane touched down. VIDEO DESCRIPTION WCPO9 NEWS (4:44) - 1983 Air Canada fire: 23 die on burning plane making emergency landing at CVG History Source: Wikipedia (wikipedia.com) Image Source: Fire damage in the aft lavatory, the point of origin of the fire. 1983. Public Domain. 1985 Serial killer Leonard Lake is arrested close to San Francisco, California. He and accomplice Charles Ng raped, tortured and murdered an estimated 11 to 25 victims at a remote cabin in Calaveras County, California. After his arrest, Lake swallowed cyanide pills that he had sewn into his clothing, and died four days later. A total of 12 corpses, along with videotapes, and journals found at the cabin also confirmed Lake’s involvement. Police also uncovered charred fragments of human bones, but were unable to determine the identities of the victims. It is estimated that Lake, along with Ng, killed as many as 25 people Lake’s accomplice Charles Ng escaped to Canada. He was arrested for shoplifting at a store near Alberta, and was sentenced to 4.5 years for his crimes. The US had to wait for Ng to serve his time for his crimes, and hope that Canada would hand him over, despite laws that did not obligate the country to hand over suspected murderers to face the death penalty. In 1991, the Canadian Supreme Court finally allowed Ng to be extradited. Materials discovered at Lake’s cabin were used to convict Ng on 11 counts of capital murder. VIDEO DESCRIPTION DOCUMENTARY (1:32:01) Serial Killers: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng History Source: murderpedia.com Image Source: Fair use. 1994 An RAF Chinook helicopter carrying more than 20 of Britain’s top intelligence experts crashes on the Mull of Kintyre, killing everyone on board. The deaths of 25 senior police, army and MI5 officers - some of the most experienced intelligence experts in the country -- were described by the Chief Constable of Northern Ireland as a “catastrophic loss in the fight against terrorism”. In 1995 an initial RAF board of inquiry ruled that the pilots -- Flight Lieutenants Jonathan Tapper and Richard Cook -- were guilty of “gross negligence”. In February 2002 a House of Lords committee opposed the RAF’s verdict and concluded there were no grounds for blaming the pilots. VIDEO DESCRIPTION DOCUMENTARY (44:58) Chinook Helicopter Crash History Source: BBC Online (news.bbc.co.uk) Image Source: RAF Chinook HC2 (ZA677) similar to accident aircraft. Photo by Adrian Pingstone, 2004. Public Domain. 2002 Paul McCartney throws Heather Mills’ $21,000 engagement ring out of a Miami hotel window during an argument, but the security guard who found the ring received a $1650 tip. Although hotel staff was told not to speak of the incident, they mentioned hearing McCartney shout, “I don’t want to marry you. The wedding’s off”. Despite the argument, the couple later married. VIDEO DESCRIPTION AP ARCHIVES (3:26) - 2002 Sir Paul McCartney weds Heather Mills History Source: New York Post (nypost.com) Image Source: Mills, McCartney and Vladimir Putin during a tour of the Kremlin in 2003. Kremlin.ru. CC BY 4.0. 2003 Europe launches its first voyage to Mars with the European Space Agency’s Mars Express. The spacecraft carries a colour stereo camera, an energetic neutral atoms analyzer to study how the solar wind erodes the atmosphere, a mineralogical mapping spectrometer, and atmospheric and radio science experiments. It also carries a British lander named Beagle 2, equipped with a robotic arm to acquire soil and rock samples for X-ray, gamma-ray, and mass spectroscopy analysis. It will also deploy the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding instrument, which used microwave pulses to search for radar signatures of subsurface water. The Mars Express orbited Mars on December 25, 2003, and it settled into its operational orbit on January 28, 2004. It began returning images of the Martian surface, and its onboard instruments indicated the trace presence of methane. Its Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) instrument found evidence of liquid, who its ultraviolet spectrometer discovered aurorae on the planet VIDEO DESCRIPTION ESA HISTORY BRIEF (5:04) - 2019 0:01 / 5:04 Fifteen years imaging the Red Planet History Source: Encyclopedia Britannica (brittanica.com) Image Source: ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft. Public Domain. 2006 Over 200,000 Maoist demonstrators march in Katmandu, Nepal, demanding the abolition of the monarchy. Police used tear gas and barriers to stop the crowd from storming the king’s official residence. Nepalese king Gyanendra came to power in 2005, after accusing the government of failing to control the Maoists, whose goal it was to form a communist government in the country. The protests would eventually end direct rule by King Gyanendra. In November, 2006, Nepal’s decade-long civil war would officially end with a peace deal between Maoist guerrillas and an alliance of the seven political parties. VIDEO DESCRIPTION AP ARCHIVES (2:18) - 2006 Clash in Katmandu, curfew imposed to stop pro-democracy protests History Source: CNN (cnn.com) Image Source: Maoist wallpainting in Kathmandu, just opposite of US embassy. Photo by Soman. CC BY-SA 2.5. 2012 An Allied Air cargo plane crashes into a minibus at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport in Ghana. The Boeing 727-200 cargo plane, operated by Allied, overran the runway on landing, broke through the airport perimeter fence and struck a minibus on a roadway. All four crew members on the plane survived, but all 10 people aboard the minibus were killed, along with a cyclist and a cab passenger. Multiple ground injuries were reported as well. There was rain and poor visibility at Accra when the plane crashed. According to AIB Ghana, the investigating agency on this crash, the Captain’s decision to continue landing instead of aborting at missed approach point was the probable cause for the crash. The Captain also disconnected the auto-pilow and flew manually in an unstable approach. The crew also concentrated on tracking the Localizer, rather than watching for threshold and runway edge lights. Finally, the Captain did not deploy speed brakes on landing. VIDEO DESCRIPTION GBC NEWS (7:46) - 2012 Cargo plane crashes in Accra History Source: aviation-safety.net 2014 After nearly 40 years on the throne, King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates. His son, Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Grecia, accedes to become the new King of Spain. Felipe VI is the only member of the Spanish Royal Family without a personal scandal. King Juan Carlos of Spain began turning his country towards democracy upon his ascent to the throne. He stopped a military coup that threatened to return his country to Franco-era military dictatorship, and also allowed policies that allowed Spain to progressively move towards a socialist government. However, the 76-year-old King Juan Carlos had been criticized for taking part in an expensive vacation and elephant hunt in Botswana in 2012, and a corruption investigation that involved his daughter, Princess Cristina, uncovered extravagant spending that put the family at odds with the Spanish public. VIDEO DESCRIPTION EURONEWS (1:24) - 2014 King Juan Carlos signs into law his abdication History Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica 2015 Sepp Blatter, president of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), resigns and says that he would call for elections to choose a new president of FIFA. Blatter will remain in his position until an extraordinary FIFA Congress could be held for his successor to be elected. The U.S. FBI and Swiss investigators raided a hotel in Zürich in advance of a FIFA annual congress, arresting and charging several FIFA officials with racketeering and money laundering. Seven additional officials and sports marketers were indicted by the US Department of Justice for offenses spanning a 24-year period. In addition, four other executives and two companies pled guilty in an international probe that uncovered $150 million in alleged bribes and kickbacks. In December 2015, Blatter was ejected from office and banned from taking part in any FIFA activities over the next eight years. In 2016, a FIFA appeals committee upheld the suspension but reduced the ban from eight to six years. FIFA also elected Gianni Infantino as their new president. VIDEO DESCRIPTION WASHINGTON POST (2:32) - 2015 The FIFA scandal, explained History Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica Image Source: NL-HaNA, ANEFO / neg. stroken, 1945-1989,, item number 253-8731. CC BY-SA 3.0 nl. 2015 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Canada releases a final Summary Report on the Indian residential school system, wherein it describes the treatment of its survivors as “cultural genocide”. Residential schools were government-sponsored religious schools established after 1880, in conjuction with Christian churches, for the purpose of assimilating Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture. An estimated 150,000 First Nation, Inuit and Métis children attended these schools, which were finally closed in 1996 after former students demanded recognition and restitution for the disruption it caused the community, along with the long-lasting problems it created for Indigenous people. In 2007, actions by former survivors resulted in the Indian Resident Schools Settlement Agreement, along with a formal public apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.The TRC was created as part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA), with the intention to compensate survivors for the harm suffered in residential schools, and to work towards a more equitable and just future for Indigenous peoples. The Summary Report also puts 94 recommendations forward, for the purpose of repairing relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. VIDEO DESCRIPTION AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (47:30) - 2017 Canada’s Dark Secret History Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia (thecanadianencyclopedia.com) Image Source: Study period at Roman Catholic Indian Residential School, Fort Resolution, NWT. CC BY 2.0.
  4. Wow...what happens if Liverpool loses? Will they count it? I mean...there has been a looong absence! Meanwhile, in sports humor (@Rebel77 might like this):
  5. Anna


    @Dan - We are still on the last topic, which is "bugs/arachnid" in the title. Once we finish this category, we will move onto yours. Do you have a bug/spider song to add? Thanks!
  6. Welcome to June. We heard rumors that Premier League might be returning. Is it true?
  7. Welcome to a new month of Coronavirus/COVID-19. Here is an interesting article out: Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything Also, the Americas aren't doing too well with this. And America. We have been told that the intimate pool party in Alabama included someone who just tested positive for the virus. This person provided all the bars and restaurants visited on that day, so health officials have asked that giant pool party to be tested.
  8. Welcome to June, 2020! Even though most of us are still at home, there is plenty of news taking place. So let us start with June news that made you happy or sad. I love this photo: ...much better than this one:
  9. Some countries are beginning to open services and activities in June. What will be the first business/service you will visit or endorse?
  10. Good day, and welcome to June! It’s busting out all over! Also, This Day in History is back. I put a lot of time into it, so enjoy! Today is Family Recreation Day! This is not something that was possible with our family, as our parents worked too much. My father was also past the age of 50 when I was born, so he was not exactly the active type by the time I was running around in circles. I once wrote a really weird blog post about an outing I had with my father for a round of shoe buying, that ended up with him forcing me to stand in the men’s toilet of a department store with him. However, I do enjoy Family Recreation Day with Sam and his parents. When they first moved to California, Sam’s parents bought us all tickets to watch the American football team, San Diego Chargers. The Raiders, who just moved from Los Angeles back to Oakland, was one of the big ticket games on schedule, and we motored into the stadium parking lot, fully expecting to pull into a spot with no problem. Instead, there were lots of Los Angeles Raiders fans who cluttered the lot with their cars and gigantic skull and crossbone flags, and they were actively trying to block Chargers fans from parking. When one Raiders fan, cosplaying in Dungeons and Dragons gear, stomped up to our car window, banged on the window and sucked in his bloated being with all his sumo rage as he bellowed, “WHO IS YOUR TEAM?” Sam’s parents are not the sort of be trifled with, as they are both well-educated and no-nonsense. Sam’s father just pulled the car into an open spot while Mr. D&D stared at us, as if we ran over his steel-toed warrior boots. I remember turning to him and yelling, “I’M FROM SAN FRANCISCO”, which was my way of flexing superior Bay Area blood, which was closer to Raider territory than Los Angeles. Mr. D&D backed off, but our entire game experience was of being caught in some sort of bizarre gang war live-action wrestling match, where fans were too ready to fight each other. We just wanted to eat hot dogs and enjoy a game, but there was a new fight in the stands every five minutes. It got so bad that the game stopped, and players just kept staring at the stands. We had our own Family Recreation problem to deal with in our area. There were people sitting behind us who kept spilling beer on Sam’s mother, who is really the sort of strong character that would punch a bear in the nose. She is tall, slender and has quite the attitude, and she was ready to deal some punches to the beer spiller. This is when we all stopped watching the game as we readied ourselves to pull her back from beating up beer spiller and his three beer bellied friends. It was the stadium police that ended up stopping her from taking action, so we sat back, saw another almost beer spill then watched as the police accompanied all the characters out of the stadium walkways. We have gone to concerts and other events together, but this might have been my favorite recreation activity. I realize that it might not fit in with traditional potato sack races or group bowling, but being together always brings good times. Have a great day!
  11. 1215 Zhongdu (Peking/Beijing) is captured by Genghis Khan and his Mongol horde, ending the long Battle of Zhongdu . In 1210, Khan began his campaign against the Jurched, the people of northeast China whose capital was Zhongdu. By 1213, the Mongols broke through the Great Wall, which allowed Khan and his army to move onto Zhongdu by 1214. A new Golden Khan had been installed in Zhongdu by the time Genghis Khan arrived in the capital. Rather than fight the army, the Golden Khan offered gold, silver, silk horses, a Jurched princess and an agreement to pay tribute to Genghis Khan, in exchange for withdrawal by the Mongol army. The Golden Khan broke the agreement, and Khan re-entered Zhondu, starving the city into submission. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (9:56) - 2018 Mongol-Jin War 1214-1216: The Fall of Zhongdu Source: historytoday.com 1495 Friar John Cor is commissioned by the Scottish government to make aqua vitae VIII bolls of malt, which becomes Scotch whiskey. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HistoryPod History BRIEF (2:51) - 2018**VYEND** First written reference to Scotch whiskey Source: Wired Magazine 1533 Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII of England, is crowned Queen Consort of England. Their marriage was not without controversy. King Henry VIII was already married to Catherine Aragon when he met and fell in love with Boleyn. The King secretly initiated an annulment from his wife, then secretly married Anne Boleyn, although the union was pronounced null and and void by the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer. In September of 1533, Boleyn gave birth to the future Queen Elizabeth I. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (11:41) - 2019 Queen Anne Bolyen’s Coronation Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica 1638 The first earthquake in the USA is recorded at Plymouth, Massachusetts, 18 years after the landing of the Pilgrims. The earthquake was a magnitude 6.5 centered in New Hampshire, and was felt throughout the eastern seaboard, including Charleston, South Carolina, which recorded 100 deaths. Source: nesc.org VIDEO DESCRIPTION WWLP-22 NEWS (1:22) - 2020 Hundreds of earthquakes felt in Massachusetts since records began Source: nesc.org 1779 Benedict Arnold is court-martialed after being charged with 13 counts of misbehavior, including misuse of government wagons and illegal buying and selling of good. While Arnold was eventually cleared of most charges, General George Washington issued a reprimand against him. Arnold, who was angered by the court proceedings, would later agree to deliver both West Point and George Washington to the British. His plan was foiled, and both Arnold and his wife escaped to New York City. VIDEO DESCRIPTION BIOGRAPHY (23:30) - 2019 Benedict Arnold: America’s Greatest Traitor Source: history.com Image: Colonel Arnold, by Thomas Hart, 1776. - From the Anne S. K. Brown Collection at Brown University. Public Domain. 1794 The Battle of the First of June, the first naval engagement of the French revolutionary wars, begins in the Atlantic Ocean. Fought against the British, the battle began when a Admiral Earl Richard Howe tried to intercept a grain envoy from an American ship that was being escorted by a French Atlantic fleet. Fighting began, spanning over several days. While the British managed to capture some ships and scatter fleets, the French were able to allow the grain shipment to continue unimpeded. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (7:25) - 2013 The Battle of The Glorious First of June 1794 Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica 1836 First performance of Gaetano Donizetti’s one act Il campanello de notte, at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples, Italy. Il campanello de notte follows the wedding night of doctor Annibale Pistacchio, who is unable to consummate his marriage because his wife’s jealous cousin Enrico keeps disrupting the evening. Disguising himself as several types of patient’s in need of medical help, Enrico manages to keep Annibale away from his new wife until dawn, when the doctor has to leave town to attend to his mother. VIDEO DESCRIPTION LIVE PERFORMANCE - Opera (1:03:13) - 2014 Il campanello de notte, performed by the Teatro Bellini di Adrano. Source: classicalmanac.com Image Source: Gaetano Donizetti, by unknown artist. Public Domain. 1875 A.P. Ashbourne of Oakland, California, patents a process that makes coconut oil accessible for domestic use. This is a process that is still used today. Ashbourne, who was born into slavery, also invited the biscuit cutter. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (2:02) - 2014 0:00 / 2:02 Black History Food Fact- Alexander P. Ashbourne creates and patents the 1st biscuit cutter Source: atlantablackstar.com Image Source: Source unknown. Public Domain. 1918 In the Battle of Belleau Wood, Allied forces under John J. Pershing and James Harbord engage Imperial German Forces under Wilhelm, German Crown Prince. It is the first major engagement by the U.S. army, and it greatly boosted morale amid the Germany’s Spring Offensive. It also secured the first important victory in France. The bravery of the U.S. Army’s 2nd Division, comprised of the 4th Marine Brigade, was especially noteworthy. In recognition of their service and sacrifice, the French renamed Belleau Wood the Bois de la Brigade de Marine. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (9:40) - 2018 The Battle of Belleau Wood Begins Source: wikipedia Image Source: Georges Scott - illustration American Marines in Belleau Wood. Public Domain. (1918) 1938 Canadian Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel team up to create Superman, who makes his first appearance in DC Comics’ Action Comics Series Issue #1. The comic sells for 10 cents. VIDEO DESCRIPTION BUSINESS WIRE NEWS (5:44) - 2014 The Original Superman Comic, Action Comics #1, Sells for a Record-Breaking $3.2M on eBay Source: wikipedia Image Source: Cover of Action Comics 1 (Jun 1938 DC Comics) Art by Joe Shuster, art, and Jack Adler, color. Fair use. 1943 The German Luftwaffe, comprised of eight German Junkers Ju-88C6, shoot down BOAC Flight 777 over the Bay of Biscay, killing all 17 people on board. Actor Leslie Howard and Wilfred B. Israel, a known advocate for saving Jews from the Holocaust, were among the passengers on this flight. While the official Nazi government explanation claimed that this incident was a result of “human error” , there has been much speculation that German intelligence anticipated that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was on the flight. There is also a theory that Leslie Howard was also a British spy. VIDEO DESCRIPTION FILM - Mark Felton Productions (9:27) - 2019 Get Churchill! The Mystery of Flight 777 Source: history.info Image Source: Royal Air Force official photographer. Public Domain. 1945 Indonesian nationalist leader Sukarno delivers the Pancasila, five principles that would become the founding philiosophy of the country. The Pancasila, which was delivered while the country was still at war and under Japanese rule, stressed Indonesian nationalism, internationalism/humanism, consent/democracy, social prosperity and belief in one God. The Pancasila would become the basis for the Indonesia, following the country’s declaration of independence following British rule. VIDEO DESCRIPTION LIVE FOOTAGE (2:09) - 1956 President Sukarno Speech at United State Congress 1956 About Pancasila Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica Image Source: Photo by Frans Mendur, taken in 1945. Public Domain. 1958 Frances General Charles de Gaulle is invited back to the helm 12 years after relinquishing power, to help New French President Rene Coty form a new government as the war in Algeria rages. By 1958, the growing number of casualties in the Algerian war of independence alarmed the French public and drained the French economy. To help with the new government, General de Gaulle demanded special powers for at least six months to restore order and unity, and to draft a new constitution for a Fifth Republic. VIDEO DESCRIPTION BRITISH PATHÉ (4:45) - 1958 0:00 / 4:45 Emergency Powers Aka The French Crisis Source: BBC Online Image Source: A WWII photo portrait of General Charles de Gaulle. Public Domain. 1962 Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi high official, is hanged in Israel. Following the end of WWII, US troops captured Eichmann, but he escaped from a prison camp. Eichmann settled in Argentina, where he was arrested by Israeli secret service agents in 1958. Nine days later, Eichmann was smuggled to Israel ad tried before a special three-judge court in Jerusalem. Some called for an international tribunal to try Eichmann, and others wanted him tried in Germany, but Israel was insistent. During the trial, Eichmann portrayed himself as an obedient bureaucrat who merely carried out his assigned duties while denying any responsibility. VIDEO DESCRIPTION FILM - Documentary (1:28:53) The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Source: history.com Image Source: Israel National Photo Collection, created 1961. Public Domain. 1967 The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967. It is the band’s eighth studio album, and spent 27 weeks at number one of the UK Albums Chart, and 15 weeks at the top of Billboard Top LPs chart in the US. Rolling Stone ranked Sgt. Pepper as the greatest album of all time. VIDEO DESCRIPTION RECORDING - Single (2:02) - 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Source: wikipedia.com Image Source: Cover art. Fair use. 1979 Rhodesia formally ends nearly 90 years of white minority rule and declares it will now be known as Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. In the absence of any official ceremony crowds of revellers, mainly black, gathered in the streets of Salisbury and surrounding townships at midnight to mark the change. Despite the new, black prime minister -- Bishop Muzorewa -- and presence of new cabinet members, much of the government will stay the same. Former PM Ian Smith, who has moved from his official residency to a more humble abode, said he would be asleep during the changeover. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (4:20) - 2019 What happened to Rhodesia? Source: BBC Online Image Source: Ministry of Information, Immigration and Tourism, Government of Rhodesia. Copyrighted free use. 1985 More than 300 people are arrested after a convoy of hippies traveling to Stonehenge turns to violence in what is now known as the Battle of Beanfield. The traveling band of hippies were on their way to the ancient stone circle in Wiltshire for an illegal festival, but were stopped seven miles from their destination by 500 police officers, who blocked a road and refused to let them pass. Police have said they came under attack, but those in the convoy insist that police “ambushed” their peaceful procession of vehicles. Dozens of hippies were injured and hospitalized, and 537 travellers were arrested. It was one of the largest mass arrest of civilians since WWII. VIDEO DESCRIPTION HISTORY BRIEF (4:55) - 2019 Hippies vs Police: How the Battle of Beanfield shocked Britain Source: BBC Online Image Source: Photo by Tim Maylon. Fair use. 1986 Patrick Joseph Magee is found guilty of planting the Brighton bomb which killed five people in 1984. plot to bomb the Grand Hotel began as an act of revenge for the stance which British PM Margaret Thatcher had taken over the 1981 Irish hunger strike. The Magee was arrested in the Queen’s Park area of Glasgow on with other members of an active service unit planning other bombings. At his trial, he received eight life sentences, with the judge branding him a “man of exceptional cruelty and inhumanity.” Magee was released from prison in 1999, having served 14 years, under the terms of theGood Friday Agreement. VIDEO DESCRIPTION INTERVIEW - with Iain McNay (55:02) - 201 Jo Berry and Pat Magee “Building Bridges” Source: bbc.com 1991 Eleven-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard is kidnapped while she was walking from home to a school bus stop. Search began immediately after her disappearance, but no reliable leads were generated despite the fact that her stepfather, Carl Probyn, witnessed her kidnapping and chased the kidnappers on his mountain bike. She would remain a captive until 2009 , when she was successfully identified at a parole office in Concord, California. She had accompanied her captor Phillip Garrido, a known sex offender, to the parole office after officers became suspicious of his behavior during a separate outing with his two young girls -- daughters of Dugard and her captor. VIDEO DESCRIPTION INTERVIEW - with Diane Sawyer (1:24:58) - 2011 Primetime with Diana Sawyer - Jaycee Dugard Source: CNN.com Image Source: http://njnnetwork.com/2009/09/sex-offender-philip-garrido-used-jehovahs-witness-to-get-early-parole. Fair use. 1992 The Pittsburgh Penguins defeat the Chicago Blackhawks to clinche a four-game sweep of the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It is the 2nd consecutive NHL championship for Pittsburgh, and the first sweep of a final series since 1988. During the season, the Pittsburgh Penguins lost coach Bob Johnson, who died of a brain tumor. VIDEO DESCRIPTION SPORTS - Game highlights (15:28) - 1992 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Chicago Blackhawks - 1992 Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Source: New York Times 1999 American Airlines Flight 1420, an MD-82, slides and crashes while landing at Little Rock National Airport, killing 11 people on a flight from Dallas to Little Rock. The flight had been delayed because of weather. Despite lightning strikes around Little Rock, the flight crew decided to expedite their approach. After ATC (air traffic control) issued a windshear and wind change alert, the pilot requested a runway change to enable a headwind landing. This would force the plane to re-lineup for the landing. The crew was unable to see an approaching thunderstorm during their turn. In their rush to land on a runway where visuals were obscured, the flight crew failed to set flaps, spoilers and auto-brakes. VIDEO DESCRIPTION TV DOCUMENTARY (52:03) Racing the Storm Source: wikipedia Image Source: aviation-safety.net. Public Domain. 2001 The Royal Family of Nepal is massacred by 29-year-old Crown Prince Dipendra, who took the life of his parents and younger siblings. It is believed that the Crown Prince Dipendra was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he killed his family. He had been angry when his father turned Nepal into a constitutional monarchy, which would have affected Dipendra’s role as the future king. His parents had also disapproved of his fiancé, and Dipendra was told that he would have to surrender his throne if he hoped to marry. VIDEO DESCRIPTION FILM - Journeyman Pictures (25:10) - 2019 The Shocking Massacre of the Nepalese Royal Family Source: pri.org 2009 American auto manufacturer General Motors (GM) files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, then announces that it would close 14 more American factories and cut up to 21,000 jobs. During bankruptcy proceedings, GM sold key operations to a new company majority-owned by the U.S. Treasury, in accordance with President Barack Obama administration’s plan to save American automakers that were struggling through Bush-era economic recession. Government intervention also allowed GM to operate at lower cost by shedding management and bureaucracy. VIDEO DESCRIPTION AP NEWS (1:38) - 2009 Auto Giant General Motors Files for Bankruptcy Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica, Reuters 2011 David Tennant and Catherine Tate star in a production of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at Wyndham’s Theatre. VIDEO DESCRIPTION LIVE PERFORMANCE - Play (2:39:29) - 2011 Much Ado About Nothing Source: playbill.com 2013 Former CIA technical worker, Edward Snowden, was identified as the source who leaked information about the NSA’s PRISM program to the UK’s Guardian newspaper. Snowden left the CIA for the NSA in 2009, where he worked as a private contractor for the companies Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton. During this time, he began gathering information on a number of NSA activities – most notably, secret surveillance programs that he believed were overly broad in size and scope. Along with PRISM, Snowden leaked a court order that compelled Verizon to turn over metadata for millions of subscribers. He also disclosed that the NSA had been hacking into Chinese computers since 2009. VIDEO DESCRIPTION INTERVIEW - TED conference (2:00) - 2014 Edward Snowden: PRISM not just about metadata Source: wikipedia Image Source: This work is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose. 2017 The word Stan is added to the Oxford American Dictionary. The word, which Eminem popularized in his song Stan, is defined as an “overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.” VIDEO DESCRIPTION MUSIC VIDEO (8:09) - 2009 Enimen’s Stan (long version) Source: calendar.songfacts.com
  12. @Versailles - There is a chance that my aunt and cousin might come along, too. I don't know if we can do 2 weeks, as Japanese workers do not typically get that long (they have national week-long holidays). This will be fun!
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