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  1. Hi Anna ... just wondering where the daily feed of topics shows up... a question too ... looks like every song I posted before is gone.... I feel like a social reject.

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    2. Morgen


      I just noticed they were not there in Blues or Songs that tell a story.  No biggie ... just like to post music and that seems kind of inactive?   I am using a Lenovo laptop on IE as Google is acting really bad for me regarding youtube especially.  I tried to send Sandy a message and got a line saying she cannot receive messages.   Just wondering. 


      Yes glad to be back.   I am still cheering for the Jets and have a huge hate on for the Leafs due to how they handled that incident with the security guard ... so I better not say much on hockey ...lol

    3. Anna


      Oh...I think people just tend to listen to the music.  I don't get a lot of comments on music I post either.  


      I did love your film reviews, though.  I was going to post a few of my own and leave a comment on yours.  I couldn't do it yesterday because I was prepping the site for the upgrade.


      You should definitely say something about hockey!  JDR is supposed to emulate a bar.  You can say whatever you like.  Maybe Dan will respond.  haha I haven't even heard about the security guard incident. However, I had a good laugh over the whole Mitch Marner debacle.  I wasn't too happy with how the Leafs treated Patty Marleau, too.  


      We have two new Canadians on the site, but they've not posted.  One is a former Sens fan who became a Sharks fan after the Erik Karlsson trade.  We became friends after she was pouring out her soul after the Karlsson trade.  The other still likes the Sens.  I dunno why. haha.



    4. Morgen


      ok ... one last question .. I looked at all activity ....and it shows my messages to you and the one that did not go thru to Sandy.  Now does everybody get to see that?  Or is that to show our messages only.

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