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  1. Seven Samurai - this and other Kurosawa movies have spawned so many other movies around the world, from spaghetti westerns out of Europe to Hollywood classics and even Star Wars.
  2. Once COVID is over, my workmate from the UK is going to come back over. He is already wanting to try biscuits and gravy and real southern ham. That is something that is probably different than you know as well, it is a salted breakfast ham, thin but, not a ham steak. I sent him the photo above and he is ready to try it as well. We all thought it would be good for him to compare biscuits. That said, a scone here is usually more sweet. A fun quote from a site I saw: "When you first try an authentic British scone, you might be tempted to think of it as a biscuit. (Unless, of course, you’re from the southern US, where biscuit-making is an art. No real scone would fool a Southerner as a biscuit, that’s for sure.)" I mean, haggis sounds terrible to me. I'd much rather eat biscuits and gravy than that any day:
  3. Ogre


    Haha, switching my original out because the first one I put up is a Nazi (politically), I hear... #4 Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien
  4. BISCUITS AND GRAVY!!!! (Buttermilk biscuits - yeah, the American ones) Here is some from Bojangles - a Southern fast food place.
  5. Ogre


    All good, we can double up! That might be fun, if that is cool with everyone. Remember you need to keep count from both now #2 for FRIENDSHIP from me will be Whodini with Friends For my SHIPS song, and #1, I will go with Gordon Lightfoot and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  6. Ogre


    #6 Led Zeppeling - Black Dog. I will post this version, since they were always terrible live. I remember blasting this as loud as I could as a freshman in the dorm... How about next we go with songs about ships? This could even include space ships, if you like.
  7. Pizza, because I am still full from earlier...
  8. I was walking by and stepped on the base of the bike...
  9. The bad thing about having a new bike is I twisted my ankle on (I stepped on the base) it and fell into the floor hurting my neck and back, breaking our plantation door shutter and getting some nice rug burns on my knees, which also hurt now...
  10. Ogre


    How about we try songs about space or space travel? There are so many cool ones, but I will go with a fun one: #1 Monty Python - Galaxy Song
  11. Japanese, but, yeah, that should be easy to guess.
  12. Ogre


    Wow... Who Are You? I am number 6...
  13. He won the election, which is the worst thing that happened. And the most absurd.
  14. Ogre


    How about let's go with songs about mythical creatures and monsters? I will start it out with Blue Öyster Cult - Godzilla
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