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  1. @cestrian - I wondered where you have been. I thought you might still be in a funk over the last UK election results. I wish you the very best of luck with tomorrow;s surgery. Please let us know how you're doing when you feel up to it. (((((Hugs))))) @Morrigan - So sorry to hear about the death of your ex-husband, even though you were expecting it. Condolences to your daughters who have lost a father.
  2. The first villain that comes to mind is Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Description: "The coldest of hearts, the sternest of looks, the reddest of tapes. Nurse Mildred Ratched is more than merely the head of administration at a psychiatric hospital, she rules the ward with a quietly terrifying iron fist, serving passive-aggressive put-downs to break the spirits of the mentally ill, efficiently and effectively."
  3. I read this in a US forum and wanted to It was written by a right wingnut who lives a few miles from Richmond, Virginia: -------------------------- Richmond 2ND Amendment Rally Just wanted to say that ... I was there! Of course living 15 minutes away helped! I spoke with folks from Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Saw a guy from California. One black guy was walking through the crowd yelling: “Clear the way, White Nationalist proxy coming through”
  4. I though both the AFC and NFC games yesterday were terrific and even enjoyed the victory celebrations of both teams, but most especially the Niners festivities. I now believe that the 2 best teams in the NFL will be playing in the Super Bowl. As great as San Francisco was throughout 2019, though, reaching the Super Bowl was something of a surprise considering the team went from 4-12 last season to 13-3 this year and a division title. Kansas City's run wasn't much of a surprise. The Chiefs reached the AFC championship game for the second consecutive season, but they're finally back in the Super Bowl for the first time in exactly 50 years. I can't predict who will win, just know who I want to win.
  5. Could we have ever imagined in our wildest dreams that the USA could have such a deranged president and staff that could cause so much destruction? Plus, how does the "Trump Administration" have the authority to make so many of these egregious changes? I was so spot on when I went into a deep depression the night Trump was elected. Remember?
  6. I am pretty outspoken, which can be unpopular at times, especially when the truth might be seen to hurt somebody's feelings or challenge the validity of something they stand behind.
  7. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl!! Hey 49ers, let's face off against them there!!
  8. @Rebel77 - I'm even getting a bit nervous about the 49ers/Packers game. On the one hand, the Niners crushing 37-8 victory earlier this year should inspire confidence; on the other hand, an 8-37 defeat could have the Pack seeking payback. Let's just hope that Garoppolo & his posse send the Packers packing. Only 5 hours 'til kickoff. In the meantime, we can burn some time watching the AC nail down the team they will be sending to the Super Bowl. May the best teams (the Chiefs and 49ers) win.
  9. I saw the movie, "The Color Purple" with Whoopi Goldberg, and Oprah Winfrey, so know that it is a really powerful story. I'm having trouble, though, imagining the story set to music. Then again, I would never in a million years have thought that the classic novel "Les Miserables" could possibly lend itself to music. Yet, at this time, I consider it one of, if not the best musical score ever. I've practically worn out the CDs I own.
  10. I've lived in Texas for decades and have never even heard of that state holiday, so I looked it up and found this at Wikipedia: The holiday is observed in late April in many states to recall the surrender of the last major Confederate field army at Bennett Place on Wednesday, April 26, 1865. The holiday is unofficially observed in most Southern states, and remains an official state holiday in South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. Today is the much anticipated Houston Chevron Marathon. As many as 13,500 runners will descend on downtown Sunday morning to run the 48th annual Chevron Houston Marathon, a 26.2-mile course that weaves between skyscrapers, potholes and bayou greenery.
  11. @Ogre, I totally agree, maybe because I am one of those people.
  12. I have loved stage musicals all my life, which began when my stepfather took me, my mother and sister along to NYC when he went there on business trips and I got to see Broadway shows. I would subsequently buy the LP albums, learn all the songs and sing them in the shower. I will want to see "The Color Purple" musical when/if it comes to town.
  13. Good for you @Anna !! Yes, indeed, why shouldn't every US citizen feel that his/her "civic duties can now be ditched, based upon the inability of our Senate to hold a proper hearing on impeachment." In my view, that is a brilliant and very valid objection to serving on any jury in a US court of law in light of the fact that our highest elected officials have made a total mockery of our justice system. You go girl!!! Please let us know how the attorneys and/or judge react to your protest. Wish I could be a fly on the wall.
  14. @Anna - It would appear that Sister Diane was the teacher from Hell. Question: How could she be marrying Mr. Reardon? I thought that Catholic Sisters were not allowed to marry.
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