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  1. I just read THIS: MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — George Floyd and former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin both worked as security guards at the same nightclub as recently as last year, but its former owner says she’s not sure if they knew each other. What she is certain of is how aggressive Officer Derek Chauvin became when the club hosted events that drew a mainly black clientele, responding to fights by taking out his mace and spraying the crowd, a tactic she told him was unjustified “overkill.” https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/05/29/george-floyd-derek-chauvin-worked-security-at-same-minneapolis-nightclub/
  2. Sadly, there are now protests across the entire country over the cop murder of the "gentle giant," George Floyd, including a big one yesterday here in Houston, Floyd's home town. Fortunately, the later was peaceful - for now - but many have turned, violent with buildings ablaze and who knows how many people maimed and injured? Superimposed on those numbers is the horrific Covid19 death toll we can expect from the backlash of massive crowds, many of whom are not wearing masks and certainly not concerned with social distancing. One can only weep for the USA - a country that is jeopardized by a triple "P" threat - a Psychopath President, a Pandemic roaring out of control, and violent Protests.
  3. Sandy


    Great category @Rebel77 !! I walk almost every day that it isn't raining. I used to walk the temperature controlled mall during the HOT summper months, but nowadays, I'm out the door walking this large wooded property as early as 7 AM. This week, for some reason, the song that kept playing in my head was: Walking Song #3 - "Walking In Memphis" sung by Marc Cohn
  4. Sandy


    @Versailles - I absolutely adore "Waltzing Matilda" and both versions gave me goose bumps. Watching the crowd at the live concert, I felt like I knew them and wished I was there with them. I have learned so much about Australia from you and were I younger - much younger - I now know where I would go to flee the psycho despot who is giving this country a foul odor, to say the least.
  5. Gotta love the 5 different reactions to @Ogre's post: Confused, Agree, Skeptical, HaHa and Wow.
  6. LOL I believe when we discuss "biscuits" here, we are discussing 2 very different food groups. For @Ogre and @Rebel77 , a biscuit in the United States and Canada, is a variety of small baked goods with a firm browned crust and a soft, crumbly interior, belonging in the bread/roll food group. @Versaillesin Australia and @Frank Beastie in the UK are describing what, we in the US, call a very wide variety of store bought or home made cookies - not to be confused with computer cookies. Think store packaged Oreos and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Americans, therefore, would not want to put that "hot Southern mess" on their cookie treats, nor would the English and Australians put a Florentine topping on their cookies (scones?). btw: What are "Digestive Biscuits" and why are they called that? The name kinda implies that they are laced with something that aids in digestion.
  7. @Anna and @Rebel77 - That's interesting. Does Workers' Comp vary from state to state? I worked for an oil company for 20 years and I got the distinct impression that they would move heaven and earth to avoid anyone filing a WC claim. Once a very heavy metal case, holding keys, fell on the fingers of my right hand. That hurt like hell. most especially my baby finger. One supervisor after another came around to talk to me. At first, I was moved by their "concern," until it finally dawned on me that they just wanted assurance that I wasn't going to file a Workmen's Comp claim. Come to think of it, over 2 decades, I never knew a single employee that did file a WC claim.
  8. @Anna - interesting, but kinda disturbing about the pretty rich girl who went on Workman's Comp after just 2 days on the job. First, I find it a bit suspicious that, coming from a privileged/sheltered life, she would even know about Workman's Comp. Beyond that, unless she was injured, I wouldn't think 2 days on a job qualified her for Workman's Comp benefits and surely not on a long term basis.
  9. I saw Rocky, but honestly don't remember a thing about it, except for the brilliant theme music that has endured for decades, overshadowing the movie(s) - all six of them.
  10. @Versailles - What an eye opening "rap sheet" on the police officer that literally murdered George Floyd. "No Discipline" following 7 investigations and, on 3 others, he received an "Oral Reprimand." I received a few of those when I was a kid, caught taking a cookie from the cookie jar, and eating it between meals! Sure Derek Cauvin and 3 other officers were fired from their jobs. But why has Cauvin not been arrested, charged with murder. and thrown in jail, awaiting trial? They have him on camera snuffing the life out of Floyd. What more evidence could they possibly need? And the other three officers - why did they not pull Cauvin off of the victim?Were they not police officers, wouldn't they be charged with accessory to murder? Friends and family of George Floyd describe him as a "gentle giant." He was an ex-basketball player, liked/loved by everybody who knew him, including people in his home city here in Houston.
  11. "Matt Hancock (well half of his surname is correct)" New York's mayor, Andrew Cuomo, whose state has more Covid 19 than most countries, waited until new cases were down for 14 days before even partially opening his state. My state, for one, was opened, when like the UK, the number of new cases had not slowed down.
  12. Fortunately, votes to sack Dominic Cummings are almost 3 times more than those to keep him in office. If Cummings is in favor of ending lockdown, I can ony wish that we had been given the option to vote against it. Since opening up my area and welcoming the grim reaper, new cases of the coronavirus have been soaring. It was a choice between saving lives or pumping up (pardon the pun) the oil industry. The later won!!
  13. Sandy


    @Rebel77 I loved the musical "Kiss Me Kate." I saw it onstage and once owned the LP. The fact that it was based on Shakeseare's, "The Taming of the Shrew" lent itself to a lot of great songs. including the hilarious "I Hate Men." If we ever have a category with men in the title, I'll post that one.
  14. Love the name of the group - Dustyesky!! Also, I'd like to hear more of their repertoire. From the little I heard, they have beautiful voices, and harmony. @Versailles - I had an idea. Maybe you could start a choir category in the music thread and feature a song by Dustyesky.
  15. Twitter Adds Fact Check Label to Trump Tweets For First Time. Twitter Inc. has started fact-checking Donald Trump. The U.S. President didn’t take it lightly. Following years of criticism that the social network let the president spread misinformation, on Tuesday a pair of Trump’s tweets that made unsubstantiated claims about mail-in voting were appended with links reading “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.” The labels take readers to a page with a collection of stories and reporters’ tweets about the president’s claims, as well as an item apparently authored by Twitter staff titled “What you need to know” that rebuts Trump. It’s the first time Twitter has taken action on Trump’s posts for being misleading, and the president responded shortly afterward, tweeting that the company was interfering with the 2020 election. “Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!” Trump posted to his 80 million followers. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/twitter-adds-fact-checking-label-231045432.html
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