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    I will have been married to my wife, Jacquie, for 63 years come next Feb. We have 4 children, 13 grand kids, and 8 great grandkids. All of our family with the exception of one grandson and his wife, live less than 2 hours drive from our home. By choice, our social life revolves, for the most part, within our family. I still reside in the same home in which I was born back in 1933, previously owned by my parents and grand-parents and now deeded to our youngest daughter.

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  1. Glad that you posted this, Anna. I'll have to see where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on this issue. A consideration when voting. I'm not hearing impaired at this point, but in the future - - - - - - - -?
  2. Most likely someone named Mr., Miss. or Mrs. "Very Few".
  3. All I can offer is - - - - -"Bundle up" and FWIW it's down to 39 here this morning.
  4. I'm not really laughing today as our temp. is an extremely unseasonable 64F !! As unlikely as it might seem, I don't like these temperature swings as tomorrow or the next day it may be in the 20's. I'd rather it would settle in between the mid 30's and mid 40's. That's a comfortable winter - - -for us.
  5. It's almost laughable but Watford moved up from their "cellar dwelling" 20th place (in the Premier League) to 19th. Posting 3 wins and a tie in the last 5 games. Still, a pretty pathetic season for my favorites. West Ham who had doodled around near the bottom last season is having a more respectable season this year. Oh well, Patriots and Watford have let me down.
  6. We have recently "binge watched" the 1975 TV series, "Edward the VII", and the 1978 series "Lily", portraying the life of Lily Langtry. Enjoyed both of these productions and had watched them years ago.
  7. None. If I wish to hear something pleasant, I'll listen to music. To listen to someone speaking a language which I can't make "hide nor hair" of, is just plain frustrating. When I met my wife, Portuguese was the language used in their house, due the the grandparents speaking limited English. I liked the grandparents but sadly, our conversations were very limited. Today, my wife has no trace of her Portuguese heritage (language wise) as she has been away from the language for 50 years or so and even back then she was bilingual with English as her primary language.
  8. This sounds about right for members of the present administration.
  9. Patriots are finished for this season. They might as well pack up the golf clubs and head out for a relaxing off season. If they get by Tennessee I'll be surprised but beyond that -- no hope. Most of their early season wins came against weak teams and they couldn't even repeat these wins later in the season (think - -Miami) It's been a great decade for the Pats but looking ahead, i think they'll have their ups and downs like most teams. These runs at the top come and go for different teams. The 49ers, Cowboys, Packers, and a few others come to mind. Teams that were consistently contenders, year after year. Belechik - Brady - - -the end of an era!!
  10. "His site also carries testimonials from parents claiming they had slapped their children - including infants - and healed them of fevers, bronchitis and stomach flu." Just looked at this thread again and realized how much money we could have saved using Mr. Xaio's treatment with our 4 kids. We wasted all of that money on doctor's and emergency room visits. All we needed to do was slap them around a bit and all would have been well. Oh well, too late now but I'll pass the info along to our kids on how to care for the grandkids.
  11. The shooting is a tragedy, as all of these needless killings are and they will continue as long as you mix the mentally challenged, criminals, and easy availability of guns. As far as the town's name, it has little or nothing to do with the shootings. I seriously doubt that some wacko looks up the name of the town before going on a shooting spree. We have the White Mountains here in New Hampshire and not too distant White River Junction in Vermont. I doubt that either of these were named for the same reason as White Settlement but I would feel differently if it had been given that name recently. With all of the real problems at hand today, this re-naming sounds like a "feel good" effort and the folks who actually live there weren't interested in having the change rammed down their throats. Probably for a variety of reasons not all necessarily connected to racism. If no one had been shot in the town, most of us never would have heard about it.
  12. DaveA

    Tsunami !!

    A couple of friends of ours had water beds, back in the 60's-70's. Fortunately for them, I never recall hearing of any disasters . I laid on one to get the feel and never considered getting one after that. Neither my wife or I thought that it was a comfortable fit, at least for us.
  13. DaveA

    Tsunami !!

    I can't imagine staying up 'til 12:00 but I do hope that 2020 is a better year. This (almost) past year has been one of the worst that I've lived through, at least politically here in the US, and unlike my more positive thinking wife, I see more and worst disaster this coming year. Regardless of my grumpy pessimism, I wish you all a positive and enjoyable New Year. And good luck with the new bed, Dan. Nothing better than a good night's sleep !
  14. I'm also sad to hear of the health problems that some members have encountered. My wife and I have had a relatively good year, considering we're both in our eighties, but our dear DIL is struggling valiantly with cancer of her liver. She had a double mastectomy 15 years ago and she and her physician thought that she was clear of the dreaded disease. She's the youngest of our children and mates at 55. She and our son have 6 children, the youngest at 15 has severe Down Syndrome which adds to their problems. Fortunately, their kids all live with them or have homes nearby and they are an immense help. This past weekend our 3 daughters all headed down and visited with her at the hospital. They took their ukuleles and gave her an impromptu concert. Hopefully she'll be back home in a couple of days and we'll be headed down for a visit. And Morrigan. I can't imagine the sadness connected with leaving your home. As I've posted before, we still live in the (almost) 100 year old home where I was born. I still wander through the fields where we played "Cowboys and Indians" and fought WWII, as children.
  15. Happy Birthday, Sam and thanks for your input regarding this site !!
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