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  1. From the President down through the Governors, no one wants to take the responsibility for the opening/closing. The most stupid solution that I've heard is the one that you Californians talk about -county by county ?? Other states have done the same but it seems like a brainless solution. Back here in New England we have somewhat the same problem as our actual states are smaller than counties in larger states. Trump is coming to New Hampshire this week and the folks a few miles away, in Maine, are angry as they were about to have a "slow" opening of some things. They're now afraid that many of the Mainers, who favor Trump, will hop across the border (sans masks) for his event and then come back home and spread it around. But back to my original comment. No one "at the top" wants to be the "bad guy" and enforce restrictions, even though they are recommended by medical groups, Easier to pass the decision along and then be able to say, "It wasn't my fault". That seems to be the governing style of the President on almost any subject. Always some one else's fault.
  2. I would prefer that they skip this season or if it is played (in some form) an asterisk would accompany each and every stat along the league champs and World Series champs would be kept aside and not included with the yearly comparisons.
  3. We're getting the same feeling, Sandy. Both in our 80's, my wife suffering from autoimmune vasculitis which has her bed-ridden for the most part. She recently returned from a stay at Mass. General Hospital, one of the 4 or 5 best in the country for her particular illness. As Ces has experienced, she had 4 COVID tests while there and our daughter who has to transport her to Boston and back for her monthly 4 hour "infusions" has to leave her at the entrance area and pick her up at the same spot when she's ready to leave. We can't help but feel as though we're just sitting in a waiting room, waiting for our number to be called. Kind of a sad way to near the end of a wonderful life. Maybe we should just be thankful for what we've had and just enjoy the "wait". Up 'til last January, when my wife was taken ill and the virus hadn't really gotten started, we were still out and about but that has ended in a hurry, for almost everyone - - -not just we old folks.
  4. I always wondered about all of the fireworks. Now I realize it's a celebration of Sandy's birthday. Have a good one !!
  5. John Candy - - -Yesss. I really loved some of his movies.
  6. Tim Horton - - First as a star for the Maple Leafs and later as a donut franchise. Hockey and donuts - -Can't get much better than that!!
  7. I watched a portion of the West Ham game as well. Also watched Watford pull out a tie with Leicester, both scoring in the OT period. Finally getting to understand the additional minutes, added due to injury time outs (I think?) I didn't mind the added crowd noise but kept it low. Maybe I'll try it without the crowd and listen for the commands and communications.
  8. Anna - -there you go again, confusing me with the Bay City Rollers, the musical group - -not the Roller derby gals from the 50's. You corrected me once before and pointed out that the team was the Bay City Bombers. It was a novelty and quite popular in the early days of TV and even here on the east coast it had quite a following.
  9. I guess I'd be a barrel of laugh for you folks if you watched me walk down the ramp, especially the portion without a railing. i only wish I could still walk down as well as he did. I'm not really sure how old he is, maybe mid 70's?? He's a complete a$$hole in my estimation but physical limitation catch up with us all, if we live long enough. Maybe I'd have chuckled when I was back in my 60's but now in my late 80's, I couldn't make it up or down without a rail or a cane.
  10. Different era. I became a teen-ager as the war years were coming to an end in both Europe and the Pacific. It was a more serious time, even for kids and teens. Life would start returning to normal, the older cousins that survived were coming home and the country as a whole was breathing a sigh of relief. Foolishness or rebellion would not have been looked upon favorably and, to a great extent, society was still locked in a late 30's - early 40's mindset. This slowly changed during the years that followed. Only a small minority of kids from our high school graduating class went on to college while the great majority of the boys entered the military or went to work.
  11. Almost always use the local gas station abut 1/2 mile from our house. The original station was there when I was a kid and the building and pumps have been replaced a few times over the years. Since the late '40's, we (and the station) are in an area zoned as residential. If the station ever closes, it'll be gone forever as it was originally "grand-fathered in" when the zoning took place. Old fashioned - -no self service. Just like the old days, Hit the release button for the filler door and pay the guy when he's finished. It's a few cents a gallon more but it's a hell of a lot easier than pumping it yourself. Not many of these stations around now-a-days and when I'm out of town I have to pump it myself.
  12. I'll believe 'cause you're saying it but OMG, I must live a sheltered life as I can't even begin to imagine "having my nails done". Guess my age and lack of sophistication is showing.
  13. What a "party pooper" !! Just when I was going to break out of my isolation and head for the nail salon, you had to bring this up.
  14. If they can keep the cruise ships away and the airports closed, you folks will probably do quite well.
  15. no one else's experiences will ever dim the wonderful memories of my mom and grandmother. Two wonderful women. They emanated kindness wherever they went and especially within the family. My wife, who shared an upbringing somewhat similar to some of you folks, if not worse, was taken in by my mom when I met her. She had just turned 17 at the time and my mom, once she got to know her, told her that "you are the daughter that I never had". My wife spoke of my mother in the same manner. Our whole immediate family think the world of my wife and showed it today. My wife who is presently in the hospital, for the second time in a month, received a video this morning from the whole family. Almost all of her kids, grandkids, and even a few great grands all said a few happy words to her. Even the SIL's and GDIL's all joined in. The idea came from our youngest daughter and her sister, Nancy (or Nan-shee) put together brief video clips of everyone saying a few words about feeling better and Mother's Day. My wife said that she was in tears to hear from them all. A wonderful tribute to someone who is much loved.
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