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    I will have been married to my wife, Jacquie, for 63 years come next Feb. We have 4 children, 13 grand kids, and 8 great grandkids. All of our family with the exception of one grandson and his wife, live less than 2 hours drive from our home. By choice, our social life revolves, for the most part, within our family. I still reside in the same home in which I was born back in 1933, previously owned by my parents and grand-parents and now deeded to our youngest daughter.

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  1. That does sound like a stressful job. Some of those houses (families) sound like time bombs, ticking away just waiting to explode. She has my sympathy as she carries out her duties in a very needed but stressful atmosphere.
  2. I think I'm living in an alternate world. Nobody's mentioned Jerry Lee Lewis or Fats Domino !! I'd rather listen to them "bang the ivories" than any of the "high toned" pianists, past or present.
  3. Mickey Vernon of the Washington Senators. My uncle took me to my first ever baseball game at Fenway Park in 1946. I was 13 at the time. The Senators were playing the Sox that day. We had firsts row seats in the box right behind the visiting team's on deck circle. I don't think my uncle was a big baseball fan but he was friends with a fellow named Paul Bowser, who was a boxing and wrestling promoter in Boston. That's where the tickets came from as Bowser had that "top shelf" box. Never again did I have as good seats as that night. haha
  4. Don't have to be sorry, Anna. DiMaggio was a class act as well as a great ball-player and his brother Dom played most of his career with the Red Sox. Joe Pesci has always been a favorite as well.
  5. Good morning Jenny. Nice to see you here again and sorry to hear that you've had a lingering illness. And I agree that we're sharing a boat that includes many countries. Only time will tell us how it'll all end.
  6. My wife can still type somewhat rapidly as she worked in an office for a bit until we were married and started our family. That was in the mid 50's but she still remembers the keys and the hand positions that experienced typists learned in typing classes. I guess like playing an instrument - - you never totally forget the basics but do get "rusty".
  7. Same here Sandy. Chat is worthless to me as after the first comment I fall so far behind in the conversation it's laughable. If chat was a book, I'd still be on page 1 while the rest of the folks were in page 3 or 4.
  8. "Occasion" is my favorite. I try to dance around using that word in my sentences, knowing that it's 50/50 that I'll misspell it.
  9. WOW. I'd be happy to look like that. At least she has hair !!
  10. Looks like it would be interesting. I'm not much on museums but I'm sure that my wife would enjoy the site. Did anyone tr it yet?
  11. That's a pretty good likeness, Frank, although the beard is missing !
  12. Anna asked, " Isn't the top one the coronavirus?" I think it is and the lady in the red skirt looks to be moving into the "danger zone". Possibly the third from the top is the virus in another form. Getting ready to devour the person in the blue shirt. OK, fun's over. Another uplifting set of beach photos which would be enjoyable with or without the art forms. Thanks again.
  13. Great photos at a beautiful location. On this rainy, dreary, day, the pics are uplifting. We live about 10 minutes from the shoreline and my wife's home, as a child was right on the shore. Sadly, they took a battering in some of the hurricanes years back. After living here all of my life, I would find it hard to move inland. there's an attachment to the ocean that's hard to break. Probably the same for people who live inland but on a large lake or river. Again, thanks for the beautiful pics. brightened my day!!
  14. My wife has cut my hair since 1968 when my regular barber retired. I always thought that she was doing a good job but in the past few years I've began to wonder. Back in '68, I had a full head of hair and now I have next to none?? The only one touching my hair over those years was - uh--my wife. Could she be responsible for my missing hair?? I would hope not.
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