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    I am 62, I have 2 daughters in their 30s and 3 grandchildren. Married for the 2nd time. My career was in relationship counselling, then also tutoring counselling in adult ed. Gave this up after about a decade and worked for charities until I retired.

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  1. This is one of the benefits of getting older - ie one does not have to have job interviews any longer! I can't remember a job where I had a really bad interview - but I was always really nervous ahead of them. I had a few really bad jobs, where it became obvious in the first few weeks, or even days, that it was a mistake to take the job. Happily retired now, I will never be having another job interview, and mighty glad I am about it!
  2. Thanks @cestrian @eqman @Sandy and @Anna - thinking of you today @cestrian
  3. I liked Javier Bardem's character in "No Country for Old Men" - he was just so utterly cold and ruthless. But my favourite has to be Randall Flagg aka the Devil (played by Jamie Sheridan) in the 1994 version of Stephen King's "The Stand". I understand a new version is coming out with Alexander Skarsgard in the role. He's quite good at evil characters - shown by his playing of Perry Wright the wife beater in Big Little Lies.
  4. Wow! @cestrian - hope the surgery all goes well and uneventfully - you're most welcome to a good luck cyber hug on Hugging Day, and keep us posted on your progress. My exH, father of my two adult daughters, passed away in the early hours of this morning. We'd been expecting it, he's had Lewy body dementia - but it's still sad - he didn't quite make his 67th birthday which would have been next week, a relative spring chicken. We were together 24 yrs, and there were some happy times in the early years.
  5. Yes - a bit like large red penile sports cars lol. I have always thought that most people carrying guns in America is a massive case of self fulfilling prophecy. Sooner or later if everyone's got one on them, they're going to get used.
  6. There is absolutely nothing I like about organised religion. I watched a TV programme the other day about a former bishop - Peter Ball - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m000dbjj/exposed-the-churchs-darkest-secret who was protected by high up people in the Church of England for several decades after he received a caution for gross indecency. His protectors included the then archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey and the Prince of Wales. Ball was finally convicted for gross indecency with boys and young men in 2015 and served a couple of years or so. This really epitomises what I hate about such institutions, ie all respectable on the surface and vile underneath. I don't object to people following their chosen religion, but it's like having a penis - it's fine to have one and be proud of it, but don't wave it in my face! I myself would never align myself to any organised religion under any circumstances.
  7. I think Carey Mulligan is an exceptionally good young actor - I would say she's my favourite. Also like Tom Hiddleston, Suranne Jones and Benedict Cumberbatch, although the latter two are slightly over 40. Benedict Cumberbatch's acting in "Patrick Melrose" was amazing.
  8. We had some awful teachers at my grammar school, but the worst was a psychotic old cow called Miss Pryor, who used to teach maths. I lived in mortal fear of this woman when I was 11. She had a terrifying anger and used to take it out on us. Once she wrote on my exercise book so hard with her pen in rage, that she went through about 5 pages and I had to remove them.
  9. @Anna - it is very much NOT the case that in the UK at present, people are thinking it is all Meghan's fault. There is a great deal of criticism of Harry - just as much as of her. The UK does not know about her Hollywood career, really - she was never high profile here. Just because she is a woman of colour, it doesn't mean her behaviour is beyond reproach. Many people here in the UK are disappointed with the way the royal couple have acted. Her family is like a soap opera - nobody has behaved well at all, with the exception of her mother. We here in the UK feel quite protective of our 93 yr old Queen, who has served the country well and selflessly since having the crown thrust upon her unexpectedly after the abdication of her uncle and the death of her father when she was only 25. Her heir, Charles, is now 71, an age at which most people would have been enjoying their retirement for quite a few years. This leaves William and Harry to shoulder the onerous burdens of royal duty. Who could blame William and Kate for feeling a bit abandoned by Harry and Meghan, who are choosing to bail out just 20 months after getting wed? Meghan strikes me very much as someone who does what she wants - which is fine if you are anything other than a senior member of the British royal family. If she didn't realise what was involved, that is on her husband who should have warned her better about what it was going to be like. I suspect he was so lovestruck that he played it down.
  10. Lol @Dan you made oi larf! It's Tuesday, bin collection day - Harry and Meghan don't live at Kensington Palace, not for some time now - they live at Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle. Here is a link to the bin collections for Windsor & Maidenhead! https://www3.rbwm.gov.uk/info/200175/recycling_and_waste Also - here is some info on your new home - very nice too! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frogmore_Cottage Julie Burchill wrote an amusing article in The Spectator, on the demise of her girl crush on Meghan. She described what is going on atm, many calling it "Megxit", as "The Grabdication". https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2020/01/how-did-i-get-meghan-so-wrong/
  11. @Anna I got the flu for the first time in 20 yrs in the middle of October, and I was ill until the middle of November - it was really unpleasant. Hats can look really cool especially on men - I saw an old boy when we were having lunch in the pub the other day with a hat with a feather in it. He was kind of dishevelled but had a certain style. I see it is National Pothole day - there are some really bad ones around our town atm, as we've had such a wet winter. I have to try and remember where they are so as not to damage the car tyres.
  12. "Trustworthy politician" must be an oxymoron.
  13. Lol @Rebel77 they look like dog treats - hopefully not the same ingredients though!
  14. I try not to snack on stuff with too many calories. Atm, I'm quite into itsu crispy seaweed thins - as they only have about 22 cals per thin. Its like a crispy, papery square, and they come in different flavours. I like the ones with soy sauce and sea salt. Other times I just have a banana.
  15. I'll be really surprised if Meghan ever comes back to the UK, even on a short visit, despite all their brave words about supporting the Queen etc. I think she's done her last royal public engagement. Tbh, I'm not that interested in her, I think she will be seen as a flash in the pan in royal terms. I am interested in Harry, because we've kind of all been with him since the British public watched him walk behind his mother's coffin as a grieving 12 yr old. There's something in psychotherapeutic jargon called "repetition compulsion" which I think can be seen in Harry's behaviour. He picked as a partner, someone with whom he could relive his trauma involving his mother. An alpha woman who has a very strong love/hate, push/pull relationship with the media, like Diana did, and who has a very difficult relationship with the rest of the royal family, again, as his mother did. As a child he was unable to influence what was going on or protect Diana - but as an adult he can protect Meghan. All his rage over the childhood events is now coming to the surface. But as often with repetition compulsion, it doesn't end well when there is no conscious awareness. I think this will almost certainly end in their divorce in the not too distant future.
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