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  1. Please tell me you are joking, @DaveA - I can understand a young person who was not born then, not knowing what The Troubles were, but not you! But I have to assume you are not joking, so maybe read this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Troubles the Troubles started in Northern Ireland in the late 60s, thousands of people died in a 30+ year period, both civilians, soldiers and IRA who bombed a number of locations in mainland Britain as well as carrying out a campaign in Northern Ireland.
  2. I do not agree with you there, @Ogre - are you going to ruin your car permanently just for the sake of a temporary good paint job? In the UK, restrictions have been put on things in sports that seriously damage health, such as heading the ball in soccer - this has a proven link with the development of brain injuries and early dementia. Youngsters below a certain age are now not trained in this skill because of the dangers.
  3. I did follow fashion to a degree in my teens, but even then I tended to wear things that suited me and were comfortable, and the latter criterion is definitely my main one now. I tend to wear jeans, long sleeved T shirts and gilets in the winter time, and leggings, shirts or tunic type tops in summer. I don't spend a lot on clothes, and still occasionally buy secondhand in charity shops, but I never stint on good shoes and sandals, quality gilets and coats.
  4. Good news about your new daily regime, regarding exercise and diet @Anna - I am so glad you are feeling the benefit of it. Apropos of UN Day for Women's Rights - here in the UK we had the news that tax is likely to be abolished on women's sanitary protection from the forthcoming Budget onwards. This is something that women here have been campaigning for - well, ever since I can remember, actually.
  5. Definitely never. Steroids have a catastrophic effect on the body's chemistry and are prohibited in sports people. Long term use can cause many serious side effects including liver, kidney and heart disease, altered mood and increased aggression.
  6. On our local town facebook page, someone posted a pic of empty shelves at the local supermarket. Honest to goddess, what is the effing matter with people? I went to do my normal Tuesday and Friday shop at 7am and was met with a LOT more people at Tesco at that time of day than normal, all panic buying. I wanted a couple of packets of paracetomol and there was none. It's not the plague, people!!!!! The longer I live, the more I consider becoming a hermit.
  7. Awww, bless his little doggy heart! this made me happy. https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/06/dog-badly-disfigured-face-finds-happiness-rescued-12358744/
  8. This didn't make me sad, as much as massive facepalm. I imagine this woman's embarrassment when realising she wouldn't have passed elementary maths with this statement .
  9. @Anna going from zero exercise to walking 8 miles a day seems quite a leap! I do 3 dog walks per day, but walk about 3 miles max during those all added together. I don't like my middle name - school children always seem to find something to make fun about in one's middle name, and mine was no exception. When I met my ExH, he didn't have a middle name, and I was only too happy to go along with that family tradition of not having them. So my two daughters have just their forename and surname. I have had two stints as a salesperson - the first as a Saturday checkout girl in Woolworths when I was at school - and the second working in a men's trendy clothes shop in Bristol for a few months after I left school. I had left home and was living with my brother and his wife at the time. However that arrangement broke down when I had my first boyfriend stay overnight without my brother's approval and he and I fell out over it - I left and went to work in Scotland at that point.
  10. Your "Spring forward" daylight saving must begin a few weeks before ours, @Anna - ours isn't until towards the end of March - but I always love that day when suddenly it doesn't get dark until 7pm instead of 6pm as it was the night before. It really signals the start of Spring to me. I remember my mother used to make deep fried cheese puffs when I was a child, along with quite a few other delicious things including Danish pastries. She was a good pastry and sweet things cook - not so good with the savoury meals - I am the opposite. I see it is Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day (United States) which is another way of saying multiple personality I think. It is a rare disorder, but a lot of people suffer mild dissociation in their daily life - usually as a result of childhood emotional and/or physical abuse. So little is yet known or understood about mental illness, still. In the future I have a hunch that it will be realised that dissociative disorders are on a spectrum with schizophrenia at one end, and schizoid personality in the middle, and then mild dissociation such as a lot of us have, down the bottom.
  11. I don't do exercise in the form of any kind of workout, but we/I walk the dog three times a day, and then she gets a final turn round the block before bed, that Baldrick does. In all seasons except winter, I also do a lot of gardening.
  12. I imagine Democrats in the USA are pretty pleased by yesterday's results, in particular Biden's resounding success. I hear he won 9 states including Texas - which I thought was right wing redneck country? Well well, we live in interesting times.
  13. Me too, @Versailles I had overload before it started. I have to admit, someone was invading my body space yesterday looking at stuff on a shelf in a shop, (which I hate) so I started coughing rather pointedly and he moved away. Not proud of that, but it did the trick. Saw this on "Overheard in Waitrose" on Facebook yesterday:
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