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  1. So as if I haven’t talked enough already, I guess the difference is that we all have to make individual choices about who to follow, what to believe, where to buy, etc. But, as a culture, to unfriend or cancel anything just because we’re offended (or on the first offense) isn’t agreeable to me. The development of thick skin appears to be gone in cancel culture.
  2. @Anna - I can understand not letting one bad apple ruin an entire series of beloved films. Not seeing all of the Avengers series has hurt a little and, maybe, eventually I will watch them now that I would no longer be contributing to the big box office ticket. I'm so thankful now for my Jr. High and High School theatre experiences, where diversity was king and not casting an Asian in a role in "Oklahoma" would have been impossible. I'm thankful for a theatre director who once cast me as a daughter in a family of four that would have been biologically impossible (black dad, white mom, and I had a white brother). It's these experiences that make me totally repulsed by whitewashing. Sorry, folks! But, I think this does speak to how deep and wide the idea of cancel culture, and the reasons behind it, can be!
  3. Good morning! And happy Sunday! It's quite noisy outside but I'm okay with it. Our front fence really needed replacing, and our next door neighbor approached us a while back about replacing our good neighbor fence. So, since we were finally in a financial position to do that, we have new fences! My husband and our neighbor are out staning the fences (including his back fence and our side of the common fence) together. They were going to skip today because it's a tiring and tedious job, but after a good nap yesterday my husband decided he could go back out there again today. When he and our neighbor were texting about it, he got a "thanks for being such a good neighbor" text. How cool is that? We are so blessed to have great neighbors on both sides of us. Rafael, the dude with whom my husband is outside right now, is an IT guy has who has put a lot of time and effort into his house. They have a lovely back deck with stunning bougainvillea climbing the posts of an awning he and a friend built. The neighbor's friend has done tree work for us at very low cost. Rafael is just a great guy. Kevin on the other side is a former co-worker of my husband's. He's a little more quiet, but still great to be next door to. Across the street, we have two families and we've watched their kids grow up. One of them is selling and moving to Florida. It's the end of an era. So, I looked up good Neighbor Day and it's September 28th. I'm hoping that COVID is stable enough that our neighbors are comfortable accepting baked treats from us! Smokey the Bear is 75 today? Wow! I can still hear that voice in my head: "Only you can prevent forest fires!" In this day & age of climate change and having to be mindful of fire season, his message still applies!
  4. @Anna - I think Farhan should go back to taking care of his adorable baby and letting the staff handle on the field decisions. That baby deserves a full-time dad!
  5. This is a hard question. In my mind, the words cancel and culture don't really go together. The very definition of culture speaks to its heart of shared beliefs and commonality. The idea of cancelling someone or something as a shared value just doesn't rest in my brain very well. As for myself, I have unfollowed, unfriended, and actually blocked people on Facebook. The level depends on what transpired to my action. Unfollowing? I still want to be friends with this person, but it's best for me to not see what they're posting to preserve that friendship. Unfriended? We weren't very good friends in the first place, so it's better for me to not see + you're really not going to miss me anyway. Blocked? I've only done this twice, and it's because these people made comments on my posts that made zero sense - to the point where I don't even want them to know what's going on in my life. This was also when I realized I need to be much pickier about from whom I accept friend requests. I used to feel obligated when this person goes to my church or is a friend of a good friend. But not anymore. I take each request into consideration and decide from there. As to celebrities, however, it takes a lot for me to boycott or "cancel" them. A big example of this for me is Scarlett Johansen, whom I have decided to boycott for her accepting a role that should have gone to an Asian actress in the live action version of the anime "Ghost in a Shell." She claims that she would never have done this except it was a unique opportunity to play a female protagonist. Ummmm....she lies in this very sentence by claiming she would never have done this, and doing it! This article in the North Texas Daily hits the nail on the head as to why I cannot support her: https://www.ntdaily.com/scarlett-johansson-and-the-old-issue-of-white-washing/ I realize I digress, but it's a complicated question. I think @Anna hits the nail on the head. It is worth listening to people with differing opinions and, eventually, the "crazies" will root themselves out. And, when it comes to corporations, I have no problem with boycotting. They're going to keep making theirs anyway, so they're not going to miss me one bit. When it comes to the issue of whitewashing, I have a huge problem with that. Plus, ScarJo isn't going to miss me, either!
  6. It was too tempting to watch Cueto vs. Kershaw last night, so I turned it on. It ended up being a nail-biter, with the Giants' bullpen nailing down the win for Cueto. It was fun seeing Austin Slater, who has reworked his swing again, hit two home runs off Kershaw. Kershaw looked like he didn't know what hit him. That face was a marvel. But, it is brutally painful watching Hunter Pence play right now. His horrible mistake of losing a routine fly ball in the lights cost Cueto a no-hit bid in the 6th inning. What makes this even worse? Pence had a 99% catch probability on that ball: I love the guy to pieces. He's a forever Giant. He would have been the 2014 World Series MVP if not for Madison Bumgarner. But, it's time to put him as a permanent DH or let him go. Or, better yet, maybe Hunter needs to realize that he's had a wonderful career and his time has come. He's hitting .068, and that thing last night was all kinds of different bad emotions rolled up in one big ball. I don't think any Giants fan out there wants to see him like this. It's incredibly sad. I do not want to remember him like this. I want to remember Reverend Pence, the guy who made that incredible catch in the 2014 division series, that guy we traded for in 2012. This current version is a shadow of that player. On another note, the last two games have shown me that Gabe Kapler has no concept of how to handle starting pitchers. He pulls young starters too early and doesn't give them a chance to build confidence. He left Jeff Samardzjia in the game too long on Friday. He should have pulled Cueto before facing Justin Turner (who, BTW, has a .343 average vs. Cueto), after 91 pitches and an apparent injury (which turned out to be a blister on his toe). These guys are vets and they've earned it? Perhaps so, but there comes a time when a pitcher is out of gas. Learn to recognize those signs, Kapler.
  7. I grew up in a culture that doesn't hug, so this concept is very "Western." The Japanese bow, and bow a lot! Like @Versailles, I had to get used to hugging as a form of greeting when I got more out of the community (age 11 when our family moved to "The Avenues") and started attending public schools. The American form of greeting was way more prevalent there! The other thing now is the handshake greeting at church. I was part of a group that lobbied to eliminate the handshake during the meet & greet portion of service, due to the obvious reasons. We even brought it up to the person who's in charge of guest services, talked about germs, etc. Her response? "What if there are no germs?" HELLO? There's always germs! I used to run to the restroom to wash my hands after that part of service. Or....I would avoid it altogether and call the meet & greet bathroom time. I hope that when we are able to meet in person, our church will eliminate the handshake altogether as many churches already have. It's a bad practice. And, the dropping of the atomic bombs were no doubt heinous crimes. But, I'm reminded that war is ugly, as the Japanese Army also committed horrid acts of war. As I read in a book this morning, "war is not exceptional, peace is."
  8. @cestrian - So good to hear from you! I’m so glad you’re out of ICU and in a COVID free ward. Prayers for quick and easy healing are up!
  9. Rebel77


    Alright, time to start a new category! Because we could all use one, and we cannot tell if someone is doing so under their masks, let's do songs with "smile" in the title. #1 Smile - Chicago - "Make Me Smile"
  10. @Sandy - I couldn't agree with you more. The 2020 MLB season is a joke. Rob Manfred is a joke. I hope the owners vote him out soon.
  11. Good morning! We're heating up here this weekend, too. Low 90F's today and tomorrow. Thankful that it's not in the 100F's, but it's still hot enough that you need to be inside by noon or else. I really need to get to an eye doctor soon. Between LASIK actually wearing off (which is expected after 20 years) and additional screen time (not just work, but working out, Zoom, Facebook chats - all the things we have to do during COVID to stay connected), my eyes feel the strain. I stopped going because my favorite optometrist no longer took my husband's old vision insurance. But, now that we don't have vision insurance anymore, I may as go back to that doctor. It was a great office, and very close to my house. Taking from the garage sale thread, I think this is the day our neighborhood usually has its annual garage sale. It's the day you really have to watch how you drive because someone in front of you will see something in a front yard, then suddenly decide to put on the brakes. Or, it's the old speed up, slow down, etc. between garages. Not gonna miss that part of this lovely event one bit! I miss Golden Gate Park and the model airplanes & boats on Spreckles Lake so much! Someday, when it's safer and (not gonna lie here) I'm assured that I can go to the bathroom when I need to, I'll go back. Until then, I'll see it in my memories! Happy Saturday!
  12. I am not a garage sale person. When I see all the my idea of junk/someone else's treasures out on someone's lawn, I get repulsed immediately. Our neighborhood has an annual garage sale, and we participated once. Never again. People barter at those things! No, thanks! Love a fun antique store! Maybe because there's more good stuff in there. There's a gigantic one in Riverside that @Ogre would probably love. I would suggest visiting but am hoping never to return to that city.
  13. Seriously, Donald? You're gonna mess with this guy?:
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