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  1. Wait! I thought everyone wanted California to drop off the country and fall into the ocean!
  2. Anything I regret not speaking up about happened in my childhood. I was raised not to speak up, talk to police or any other ''outsider'' about anything, so I didn't for the longest time. While I do regret things now, I can't go back and change them. Thankfully, there were no dire consequences to anyone, at least none that I know of.
  3. Well, here we are - the morning after the championship games and I'm still pinching myself, wondering if it's true. From glory years, to some truly dark years, to now. We didn't think this would happen under the Jed York era. But, the Niners hired John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, gave them six year contracts & let them build this team. Three years in, the Niners are going to the Super Bowl. Jed even got out of the way yesterday when Mike Shanahan was about to give him the George Halas Trophy, pointing to Kyle and saying ''Give it to him.'' What a moment for father to give son the NFC championship trophy. I read a post on the Niners FB page from a Cowboys fan saying that all they've ever wanted was for Jerry Jones to get out of the way. Even after all these years, Jerry Jones can't get over himself. Like Kyle said in his post-game speech, the George Halas Trophy is not the one they're working to earn. 2/2/2020 in Miami, here come the Niners! Also, congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes will be very difficult to stop. Kyle & Robert Saleh must come up with the game plan of their lives. Here we go! @Anna - two weeks to plan snacks!
  4. ‘’The Color Purple’’ movie is among the best I’ve ever seen & also comes very close to replicating the book. But, of course, the musical is way different because they have to squeeze songs in where dialogue would typically be. It was fun to see a different take on it, and there’s also a men’s ensemble number that’s amazing.
  5. It’s Championship Sunday, and I’m posting about movies & musicals on the Today thread because I’m trying not to think too hard about the Niners game. And, of course, it’s the later game so there’s even more time to mull over it! We went to the grocery store for our snacks & dinner yesterday because there’s no going today unless we want to stand in long lines. We also planned a crockpot meal so we don’t have to do any cooking - just throw it all in the pot and turn it on low! Here we go, folks!
  6. @Versailles - thanks for the honest review. My son (who is a major film aficionado) gave it pretty much the same review. I’ll wait until this one is on Netflix (or something else) to see it. So, now it’s Little Women, Parasites, Marriage Story, and Harriet; Marriage Story largely to see Adam Driver as another character besides Kylo Ren. He was nominated for a Tony in a dramatic role and must be immensely talented. @Sandy - definitely see The Color Purple musical if you get a chance. It’s a great story, and one that we don’t often hear about - life right after the Civil War. Also, I saw Dear Evan Hansen for a second time yesterday & was reminded of the great power and music of this show. Another must if it comes to your area. Without spoiling it.....take tissues.
  7. @Versailles - Happy birthday to your husband! I'd love to hear your review of "1917." I'm gathering a list of movies I want to see before the Oscars & am considering this one. Also, I only go to matinees now as well. Those reclining seats in the dark are way too comfortable!!!!! As I was looking over my Oscar wish list of movies, I saw that Cynthia Erivo is nominated for her role in ''Harriet.'' Some of you may not know that she's a Tony winner for her role as Celie in ''The Color Purple'' musical. I'm excited to see her in a dramatic role.
  8. Ahhh...jury duty. The painstaking voir dire process of presumably weeding out jurors with potential biases to compile what both sides consider a ''fair and impartial'' jury. The last time I was called, I applied for & was surprisingly granted a hardship exemption. It was going to be a four-week criminal trial, and I don't get paid for jury duty (disclaimer: my generous employers would pay me for a 3-4 day trial without taking paid time off, but not 4 weeks). The judge made it sound like these exemptions are hard to get because just about everyone wants to get out of it, and he has to weigh one person's hardship against another's. Fair enough. I realized after the exemption was granted that he framed such requests in his opening speech in a way that we could complete the application that it would be granted, as in ''You may be an hourly employee who doesn't get paid for jury duty.'' That's what I wrote! Thank you, Judge Kennedy! Big Time Wrestling brings out some of the happier memories of my childhood, as @Anna and I would hang out on a Saturday afternoon and her dad would be watching it on TV. He told me week after week that these men are amazing athletes and ''you know, it's real.'' I would just nod and go along with it, because there was no arguing with him. And what would have been the point anyway? He enjoyed it, and it kept him entertained. Motown is still some of my favorite music of today. And, if there's one thing I've learned about Michiganders, they're tough as nails. Two words - Draymond Green.
  9. It's pins & needles in the San Francisco Bay Area again. The old emotions of playoff football that we haven't felt in years are back. It's a dream season that we never imagined would happen. We would have been happy with a winning season, yet here we are. I'm so thankful! Of course, it's hard to predict outcomes. But, history shows that you can never count Aaron Rodgers out of any playoffs, especially against the Niners. There's a rich history between these two teams. Thank goodness Dee Ford and Kwan Alexander are back to harass Aaron, although they were limited in practice yesterday. Hopefully, that's just so they can be at full strength come Sunday. I'm excited, but trying not to think too hard about it. As to brah Marcus Mariota, sorry to say he deserved to be benched. I'm hoping he can get it together because he's an amazing talent. As much as I dislike the tomahawk chant, I love Patrick Mahomes. He's so much fun to watch! Looking forward to this game, too. As to Tom Brady, I'm hoping he ends up on the Raiders. Wouldn't that be a hoot?????
  10. Saoirse Ronan. She was brilliant in ‘’Lady Bird,’’ and we’ll see ‘’Little Women’’ before the Oscars.
  11. I snack on Paleo Bites at work, but only 1/2 serving a day. They're somewhat healthy, and 3 of them fill me up. Sometimes I'll snack on the Trader Joe's roasted, salted cashews. Thankfully, those come in a serving size bag so I don't eat too many at a time. https://images.app.goo.gl/9wB9nJzRoCWocukG9
  12. Okay, it’s 10 degrees warmer there than it is here so I’ll say it - it’s cold here! I get what you’re saying about temperature swings though. That’s how last spring and fall went for us last year. It hasn’t been raining much (and we need it) so it’s stayed in the 50’s most of the winter. This morning, there was frost all over.
  13. Ahhhhh.....Sunday supper. Just the mention of this phrase invokes thoughts of soups & stews, maybe because it's chilly in Northern California right now. (I won't say cold because @DaveA will laugh at me.) To get out of our food rut, and so we don't have to meal plan for all 7 days of week (or wienie out because we're too lazy to cook after work), we started getting the Hello Fresh meal kits. All the ingredients and recipes for three days are delivered to our door. It works out so well because there are only two of us in the house. Our Sunday supper is now whichever of the 3 dishes yields the best & most leftovers for my office lunch the next day. Tonight, it will be Parmesan Crusted Chicken with spaghetti & cherry tomatoes. That dish with a salad tomorrow - YUM! Hmmmm....Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day? I don't want to know.................
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