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    Planning a holiday in Japan in 2022 !

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    I love to travel and get the opportunity of meeting new people.
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    Born in the UK, but brought up in Australia. Middle child of 3 and a Virgo.
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    Dog - Timmy for 18 years.
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    Walking, some yoga, used to love sailing. I like to watch the finals of sports like Rugby and Australian rules football, but not fussed about them during the season.
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    All Blacks Rugby team for New Zealand
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    London..any city really !
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    let them eat cake

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  1. Just woke to this new of some protest rallies taking place across England (photo below) and also in Berlin. Good to see other countries taking up the cause and supporting the US. Pressure from within and without is what is needed to turn this around. Maybe if the Government in the US know the rest of the world are disgusted with what is happening there, they will make some much needed changes to the justice system. No rallies planned in Australia that I have heard of yet but like the UK we have our own issues too. Here we have had rallies and inquiries in the past called Deaths in Custody. Like the US our black population is over-represented in prisons and sometimes picked up by police for small crimes of disobedience.
  2. Well a pared down mini version of Oz for them then. Open jaw ticketing - Start by flying into Sydney ? easy to spend quite a bit of time there - lovely harbour trips by ferry, Opera House, shopping, art gallery, theatre, The Rocks historic area, Manly ferry and beaches, Taronga Park Zoo for koalas and kangaroos. Leave time for a day trip by train or hire car down south near Kiama or up the coast Newcastle. Then in last week a short flight Sydney to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Or much further north to Cairns Botanic Gardens, Skyrail up mountain over rainforest, Aboriginal theatre performance about customs, Crocodile show, and boat trip Great Barrier Reef for the day, I did a great day trip in a coach to all the tropical fruit places, mango wine, coffee plantation it took all day up to the mountain area but was the best $100 I have spent. then flight out home to Japan ? Uluru is a longer journey inland and once there I doubt there is much to do to fill more than a couple of days. Alice Springs is the only nearby town and that might be a culture shock. Imo better to stick to the scenic coastline with less time.
  3. Versailles


    #1 “ Redback on the toilet seat “ - Slim Newton. I don’t like this twangy style of country and western music, but I sure am wary of poisonous Redback spiders. In my childhood toilets were most often located out the back garden, away from the house and you took a torch down with you at night - Warning : Always lift the seat and check for spiders before sitting down !
  4. Versailles

    Vitamin C

    It is officially winter in Australia now 1st June and citrus season. This year the crop from my orange tree is small (only 2 bowlfuls) but sweet after a bumper crop last year. they say that is how it goes. Grapefruit and mandarins will ripen next but I never have much luck with limes..so necessary for those Gin and tonics ! think it just needs heavy feeding and consistent water.
  5. Versailles


    Hey @Frank Beastie love that slow, moody number about Paris ! Suggestion shall we have a guide ? last person to post in the category picks the next theme ?
  6. In my state of West Australia, we are finally ready to re-open in a big way from next Saturday, that includes cinemas, art galleries, museums, gyms and unlimited road travel within the whole state for holidays. This is because we had no new cases at all for many days days...UNTIL a ship came into harbour with a COVID crew and our numbers soared again. Hopefully it is the truth that they did not walk around freely in the city after docking. They are being treated now so her’s hoping this small outbreak is contained. This is what the rest of the year will probably be like .. all calm then a small outbreak to snuff out, possibly repeated every few weeks.
  7. I’ll still be here in 2023 or 2024 to welcome you all. The thing with Australia is the huge distances - so you really want more than 2 weeks holiday to see as much as possible. Driving between states and places is not an option, as too much time would be wasted. Weather is another factor as some people hate our high summer which is too hot for many from the northern hemisphere - young backpackers excepted, they can function in any heat ! I would also not choose to visit in the depths of winter JULY, because even though it can be mild compared to USA, who wants to see wonderful iconic sights in the drizzling rain or against a grey sky. having said that if you want to visit tropical Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef then that is one of the best months as there is less humidity. Decisions, decisions.
  8. That exercise bike sounds like it makes staying in one spot for over an hour in your lounge room very interesting. What a great idea. NYC - Be careful cycling with that traffic and I believe 200,000 potholes ! Edinburgh - lovely old buildings but those hills would be a deal breaker. My suggestion if it is included in the maps section is a ride along the coast near Cairns, Queensland. I have only driven it but the road from Palm Cove or Ellis Beach cycling north as far as Port Douglas is very scenic.
  9. Well I know most of the patrons in the karaoke bar would walk out from boredom - but I think I would attempt this song. “With One Look” from the musical Sunset Boulevarde. Probably have to do the Glenn Close singing/talking version, but in my delusional state I imagine I can sing like Elaine Page or Patti LuPone.. Why - because I used to be able to sing a bit of it, mostly in the shower and with no breath control or musical training. It appeals as a number because it combines very theatrical moves with good musical phrasing.
  10. Sorry guys but it is impossible for me to pick just one foreign film ! I love watching them, even the ones where I come away thinking - What was that all about ? French and Italian - too many to mention. Spanish films like Pedro Almodovar’s - All About My Mother. Also enjoyed Pan’s Labyrinth. Scandi films like Babettes Feast, Swedish - As It is in Heaven - a quirky musical drama, Norwegian production - Stellan Skarsgard - In Order of Disappearance. Brazilian - I remember in 1980 being disturbed by the content of a film called Pixote -about the use of child criminals. New Zealand - I guess I am drawn to gritty, realistic portrayals of everyday life, so although it is not technically in another language, I do remember being amazed by the film about Maori life - Once Were Warriors.
  11. Versailles


    #4 - Walking into Doors - a song written by Archie Roach. The title is a euphemism for domestic violence which unfortunately is a big problem in Australia. Archie is an indigenous artist whose family were removed from their homeland to be rehoused on a mission. At age 4 he was forcibly removed from his whole family (as part of stolen generation) to Melbourne where he was fostered by a Scottish couple. They taught him to play Guitar. Indulge me ... I’ve also added a cover version by Radical Son.
  12. Versailles


    #1 Waltzing Matilda - a song my grandmother and father would have sung. lots of Aussies wished it could have become our official national anthem when we stopped singing God Save The Queen. A ballad written in 1894 by Banjo Patterson when he witnessed a strike by shearers on a sheep station. there was a bit of social and political unrest in Australia then until we were granted self government from Britain and amalgamated the different states in 1900. I know Andre Rieu is Dutch - but Mirusia is Australian, this was recorded on their Australian tour.
  13. All awake now !!! I just worked out that this is the time we are all awake at the same time and likely to be online together. It’s 06.15 am in LA ..Anna is up early ! Ogre and Rebel are busy sleeping. Sandy has been up and about for a while. it’s 14.15pm in the UK - Cestrian is online but Frank must be out shopping ? it’s 21.15pm in W Australia - and I am in my pyjamas - going to have a hot milk and a digestive soon.
  14. Versailles


    OK Frank I have another category... how about songs that your parents or grandparents listened to ?
  15. Yes what you call biscuits we would call scones, biscuits refer to any cookie commercial or homemade. Mc Vities Digestive’s are great..so crisp when fresh in store and not too sweet. in Australia we make our own they are called Granita. Always used as the basis of any cheesecake recipe.
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