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    2020 ... Big birthday this year.

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    Born in the UK, but brought up in Australia. Middle child of 3 and a Virgo.
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    Walking, some yoga, used to love sailing. I like to watch the finals of sports like Rugby and Australian rules football, but not fussed about them during the season.
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    London..any city really !
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    let them eat cake

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  1. Yes my daughter said that for many children going out to school each weekday from 8.30 till 3pm is their only safe time and place. The organisation is talking about taking over some self contained rooms at a big local hotel (because there are no tourist bookings) ..then staffing that with Carers to look after at risk children. However many of the carers currently on their books are what will be classed as elderly eg 60 years and over and they are reporting that they do not want to engage at the moment for the sake of their own health.
  2. Thanks @Sandy and @Anna for the tips about Amazon, eBay and Overstock.com I did not order a toaster after many hours of browsing, but I did find this dress especially designed for social distancing .. I have ordered one in a more flattering shade of pale lilac.
  3. i don’t have an album cover but saw this faux billboard on the net...sounds like a great gig if we could only get out to a venue that allows more than two people at a time !
  4. That ego of his is what you are up against... He (imo) was mentally unstable when he started the Presidency, so maybe this COVID crisis and the strain of being POTUS will be his undoing ?
  5. On a happier note... I love those Japanese shops that sell the most imaginative and colourful things for a good price. Although these days I try not to buy too much - but even a reformed shopper like me has slip ups sometimes. I make the excuse that I can buy items for gifts for friends and recently bought the most beautiful little silk cloth red and gold gift bag in the shape of a goldfish ..you opened the drawstrings of it’s mouth. I put some soap in the space, but it could be some sweets. It made a nice thank you gift when I visited a friend for afternoon tea..Pre COVID.
  6. My daughter works for a government body that oversees contact visits for parents and the children that have been taken away from them due to neglect, drugs, violence, sexual crimes etc It is a high stress job during normal times as all these families have a Dysfunctional component. There was never anything ordinary about her day or her role. Now that these contact visits have been deemed too dangerous health wise in the times of COVID, these families are cooped up sometimes together in the same household with little in the way of skills resources to handle the pressure cooker situation. I think the increase in domestic violence will be enormous after a month or so of this isolation. My daughter cannot work from home, so she and her husband have had to negotiate both their jobs so that they form a tag team and there is someone at home all day to mind their 5 year old son, as schools and daycare have now closed here. We as grandparents cannot help with childminding. Difficult times for all.
  7. I wish I could say I was. I chide myself for not doing so .. but my hair is a mess ..not washed it in ages, and some days I don’t even bother to brush it..just complete the whole days activities around the house and garden with my hair all mussed up at the back particularly, but as I rarely look in a mirror ..I can’t see it ! I should get my husband to take a photo to contrast and compare to how it usually looked pre-Covid. I try to keep in touch with family and friends by emailing a funny joke or nice photo daily, hoping to just keep their spirits up or that they sing out if they need help. The routines I have kept or instigated are: a double shot coffee from my machine and a sweet treat mid morning, and a gin and tonic with cheese and biscuits to watch the news by in the evening. Routines I have minimised: are listening to the news too often - just gets you COVID overload and it is depressing seeing all those coffins laid out in Italy, or scary watching huge hangars being converted in the UK, ready to act as a morgue.
  8. I am glad there is a mix of good and bad news in the States. i thought it was mostly good here because our COVID numbers although rising seem slower than many countries. Hopefully the debacle off the coast of West Australia with cruise ships full of sick passengers is resolving. Despite some tough talking at the beginning our State Premier has changed his tune and COVID positive passengers off one ship are now being treated in private hospital here ..I believe he was worried about the bill ... German Government probably going to work out something with our Government. It all sounds very harsh and mercenary at any other time and I am sure there is Maritime law saying you must accept and assist a ship in trouble, but in the days of COVID it seems everything is up for negotiation. Chatter on a site I belong to is that some big announcement will be made today about possible full lock down here. have to wait and see. Meanwhile my 4 slice toaster decides to break down at breakfast (toasted crumpet with butter and honey) this morning .. Really annoying ! Do I make a dash to the stores before a possible lockdown or make do ?
  9. He had a cold recently, he is old, it looks cold and wet ! Francis ...Get inside right now. ! He’s not the messiah.....He’s a very naughty boy
  10. “come ride the little train that is rolling down the track to the junction”..... Petticoat Junction ! My sister and I were brain washed by a steady diet of American TV shows in the mid to late 1950’s When TV transmission first began in Australia there was no locally made content, except for the news being broadcast. 80 per cent of the content would have been old black and white Tv series from the States. We had never been exposed to this cookie cutter life and were enthralled. It certainly was more exciting than watching the test pattern.
  11. i can’t find the Ziboom post where I originally remarked on the three cruise ships heading to my home town in Western Australia. Never mind ..I have been patiently and anxiously waiting as the Government of Western Australia played a game of brinkmanship with the companies that own these ships. Easier for me to post a photo of the newspaper article from todays “The Australian” newspaper - 27th March. You can see my scribblings in biro.... this indicates that I am going a little mad in self confinement, and have taken to talking back at the TV and writing comments all over the newspaper ! The “ no way“ comment - is because i am incredulous that anyone over 70 actually boarded a cruise ship in late March ! Long story short - three ships full of passengers want to come into port and offload their passengers....two of them have been told to refuel and “shove off“ - unless there are seriously ill patients onboard. One thing that raised the ire of the locals were photos of the German passengers on the liner Artania that has being kept isolated in the shipping lines away from our port. They were lazing about on deckchairs, sunbaking and swimming and not practising social isolation. Our Government has said go pronto, they say no. Stalemate situation.
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