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    Back home and trying to readjust by planning my next trip...maybe July 2020 ?

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    I love to travel and get the opportunity of meeting new people.
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    Born in the UK, but brought up in Australia. Middle child of 3 and a Virgo.
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    Dog - Timmy for 18 years.
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    Walking, some yoga, used to love sailing. I like to watch the finals of sports like Rugby and Australian rules football, but not fussed about them during the season.
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    All Blacks Rugby team for New Zealand
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    London..any city really !
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    let them eat cake

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  1. I love cheese.. my next ‘research’ foray will be to this Cheese Cathedral in Perth that boasts 350 cheeses and courses on all sorts of cheese related things. popular in Perth now are cheese wheel wedding cakes, but I still like a traditional fruit cake. Actually my north of England first husband loved tangy cheddar style hard cheese and a slab of fruit cake together, a popular way to eat it in that part of the UK.
  2. Yes grandfathers ... not always warm and fuzzy. We lived in fear of my paternal grandfather who resided in the cottage down the bottom of our garden. Not much like a gnome or fairy though ..more troll or ogre. He was so bad tempered and mysterious. He had lots of rifles and those bands of ammunition hung up on the walls in his dark and musty cavern of a kitchen. he used to go off on shooting expeditions for kangaroo and rabbit skins. he said the aboriginals in inland Australia had taught him how to hunt. He threatened to shoot my mother as he disliked the 20 year old English war bridge intensely. No wonder that marriage was doomed ! I tried to keep on his good side and as a young child would clean his rooms, run errands ..he liked to divide families - he had 5 children. I remember him telling me I was a favourite - but not my older sister, as she was “just like my mother “ ! Well the old bugger eventually died he left the grand sum of $100 to my sister and nothing to me !
  3. Dear me .. sorry to hear all this sad news ..it has certainly not been a good news day in the UK. hope your op goes well @Cestrian and @Morrigan that the funeral goes off without a hitch. Hugs to all. Even without those two major life events ....I read something about this week in January is also normally a depressing time due to the winter season, people being short of money after Xmas etc Keep safe and well.
  4. My worst interview for a job I did not get, was in the social work department at a large government hospital dealing mainly with veterans. I was interviewed by a panel of 3 - social workers and director of nursing and some of the questions related to my thoughts about working with people with disabilities. My CV also highlighted my work with blind and vision impaired. While outlining my experience and how I would handle this scenario or that one of the interviewers asked how I had gained a lot of experience working with blind, people with epilepsy etc I did not lie and said my son had been born with certain conditions. The whole interview went downhill from then, with one woman even asking how I would manage that job and my son ..who was in school by then ! Ironically I thought the very people that should have some insight into disability had no compassion or scruples. I knew that legally they should not have asked that direct question, but at that stage I could not tell a lie. Also Perth is a small place and the welfare social work field even smaller so if I had made an issue it at the interview time or after, it would have been a black mark against me. I have since learnt that in some situations it is best to lie to protect yourself.
  5. And Adam Driver looks really good too ! IMO
  6. OK ... not a great review for the movie but maybe it was because it was the wrong choice for a Happy Birthday outing. No way could this be a movie that leaves you feeling upbeat because if the content. WW 1 was an horrific waste of many lives in a brutal way. I know many on here will have not seen the movie so I don’t want to issue a spoiler alert and give away the plot. I knew that the story was fiction but was based on one of the many yarns that Sam Mendes heard his grandfather tell. The acting was fine with lots of well known male stars in cameo roles and the two young Brit actors in the lead roles were good especially George MacKay. The advertising promoted the movie being shot in one continuous flowing shot. Not quite I understand ...but it was done with very cleverly camouflaged breaks. Their use of natural lighting was unusual but it would have been impossible to have had long shots with loads of intrusive lighting gear on the sides of the shoot. Watch the trailer on Youtube to see the vision of the final dash across the battlefield to see what I mean. Roger Deakins was brilliant as usual ! The logistics filming the long shots must have been problematic and I have since read that the crew spent 6 months beforehand rehearsing the scenes in a choreographed fashion. So now to the story.. which is what I believe lets this movie down, and I will mention some of what I consider to be improbable parts of the plot. When two British lance corporals are tasked /ordered with getting as quickly as possible through no man’s land (to prevent an attack by a 1,600 strong unit that includes the brother of one of the main characters) I doubt you would stop to examine the inside cave of an abandoned German bunker system, also why in a seemingly destroyed and deserted village would there still be a young French woman with a baby she has found. The action takes place over 24 hours in summer in northern France, starts off on a summery day, weather always fine that day and night ... but the river is a raging cauldron of water that sweeps this tired, hungry and injured soldier over rapids, and a waterfall with heavy serge uniform and boots on. Despite tiredness and injury he manages to swim out of this. Some of the plot started to look a bit Indiana Jones ! my list of gripes goes on and on....but I guess I am being picky, as I can enjoy a stupid unbelievable opera plot !
  7. I was going to say Saoirse too. I first noticed her as a young girl in a British movie with Vanessa Redgrave....destined for stardom ! have to google the name now..will edit later. Thank heavens for google ..Atonement with Keira Keightley and Vanessa Redgrave.
  8. Depends what is classed as a reality show. I think that any show that uses normal (and I use the term loosely) people in it instead of trained actors, scriptwriters, directors etc ... is a reality show. in that case even the cooking shows like Masterchef qualify..and in the beginning I did follow some of those series. I have liked the series where a family are transported back through time to live like an Edwardian, Victorian or WW1 and WW2 family. Surprised to see how little free time mothers actually had and how all the families lost weight on the restricted calorie diet compared to our modern day diet. Normally I am not a fan of this genre as they tend to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and probably fill idiots and wannabes with hopes of being famous for doing nothing much. the Batchelor and Married at First sight etc come to mind.
  9. My husband’s birthday today, so we are off to the movies and dinner. He has picked the new movie “1918”. We now select a late afternoon to early evening session to go to as these days we tend to fall asleep in the cinema after 8pm ! As part of his birthday gift I have purchased some ingredients to make a Singapore Sling at home afterwards...I think the WW 1 movie will be a shattering experience so we might need a stiff drink. I also bought him a nice linen shirt and a pair of black chino trousers ..except they are going back to the store, as unbeknown to me they are those stovepipe, skinny leg type trouser leg. He got into them - but had a lot of trouble getting out of them..there was much cursing and cussing going on !
  10. I like it ..hat looks great and I am going to have to ask who is doing your ‘work’ ?
  11. Yes thanks got it now. Great performance and I loved the music. Thought I heard a bit of that song “All By Myself” ..? googled and it was first recorded by Eric Carmen 1976 and of course later on Celine Dion.... in the middle of the classical piece, but I guess all modern music has to have inspiration from somewhere. Did you like the movie Shine ? The Rach 2 was the difficult piece that is supposed to have contributed to the pianist David Helfgott’s mental breakdown in London.
  12. I get the same message. The International Olympic Committee blocked it ?
  13. I read about the jet fuel on school kids.. saw Shanghai and immediately presumed it was some crazy China Southern or Eastern type airline ...surprised it was a Delta flight ! She/He must have been flying too low for the fuel dump to vaporise..big mistake and I hope the airline do something nice for the school now. I love hats too. I remember back to the days when my mother and all the women of her generation would not go out without a hat and gloves on, even for a trip to town to buy groceries ! Then we went all mod and hats were abandoned for cute bobs, Mary Quant dresses and kerchiefs. Now Aussies have realised how damaging the relentless sun is, hats are back in favour.. a little. At least in all primary schools there is a strict NO HAT..NO PLAY rule enforced. We have one of the highest incidences of skin cancer and melanoma in the world. The damage is done in childhood, so it really isnt about fashion anymore - it is about longevity.
  14. Jacinta Ardern the Prime Minister of New Zealand, new Mum and a caring and ethical person who has shown the right amount of genuine empathy during two recent events in her country. The shooting at the mosque in Christchurch and the recent volcano eruption. Maybe she can write a book entitled “How to be a good leader” ... and give a copy to Trump ?
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