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    Will there be flights ? Planning a holiday in Japan in 2022 !

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  1. I am bored ! I used to hate it when my kids said that. 


    I feel I need to plan a holiday in 2020 but every time I get near the computer the task seems overwhelming and it is easier to stay put. 


    Tried using aTravel agent once to do all the leg work, but I knew I could organise a better itinerary. 


    First World Problems... I know. 

  2. Hi Cestrian, I am finally going to see Chester in July. I am staying with a lady in Frodsham for 2 nights, then off to Telford by train to stay  with a nursing friend before returning to my nieces home in London then flying home after a week. 


    What  is Frodsham like ? 

    What is Bridgnorth ? Nurse Tracey asked if I wanted to go there ..never heard of it. Guess I will say yes to everything ..its all new to me.

    I have mentioned Ironbridge, as I like industrial history and after all the castles in Scotland it will be a change !

    cheers Antoinette



    1. cestrian


      Hi Antoinette,


      Frodsham's a nice little town although I don't know a heck of a lot about it. Runcorn (just down the road from Frodsham) has a street market every Thursday, I sometimes go over there with my pal Brian.


      Let me know when you visit Chester and we can have lunch - I'd love to meet you.


      I don't know anything about Bridgenorth, but I've always had a yen to visit Ironbridge,  as I love industrial history too. There are day trips to Ironbridge from Chester, but they entail getting up pretty early and I'm not a fan of mornings, early or otherwise 🙄


      If you're staying with your niece in London you won't need the apartment I stayed in last year will you ?





    2. Versailles


      Yes I am actually going to hoysesit for my niece while they go to Greece for a week..nice hey I come to town and they all go ! Not really I asked them if I could do it..that way I get the house to myself and I get to use my yet to be purchased Senior Railcard and go off each day on the trains exploring. 


      The hotel i asked about was because I have a decision to make ..I will book an easyjet flight from Split to Gatwick, as the one direct to Edinburgh where I actually am heading for first off gets in way too late. 


      i dont fancy landing in Edinburgh at 1130pm  ish in a place I have never been, having to get me and my bag to some hotel.  


      So I thought 1 night in central London hotel ..then train to Scotland the bext day. Checked the Caledonian Sleeper ..seems great but that means hanging around in Euston Station till 11pm after arriving at Gatwick at 3.35pm that day. 


      It will be sorted soon ..but I have info overload atm


      yes a meet up in Chester would be great,  I am trying to work out a way down from Scotland ..maybe stopover in Yorkshire ?


      Are you  good with working out best routes and prices of trains and buses ? Up North George on Buzz50 was a whizz ! 


      Cheers  ..must  get to bed. 

  3. This new profile might look a little creepy ..may revert to a photo of a French Queen ! 

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