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    Do you dry your hands thoroughly then rub some hand cream into them after every time you wash them? is it a rash because of something in the soap that your skin is sensitive to - or is it broken skin due to being chapped and too dry? I have very dry skin and I have to apply hand cream after every wash. Even in these days of extra hand washing, the hand cream is just about keeping my hands from drying out too much. I also keep a tube of rich hand cream on the table beside my sitting room chair and rub some in at night while I’m sitting and relaxing. I also rub in some rich hand cream last thing at night just before I get into bed. At times when my hands have felt really dry and chapped in the past, I have applied a thick layer of rich cream, either just before I go to bed or when I’m sitting watching TV,, then put on a pair of cotton gloves - or a pair of disposable plastic gloves - or even a plastic bag on each hand - any kind of barrier to keep the moisture on my hands for a few hours or overnight. (I do the same with my feet sometimes, too - loads of moisturiser and cover with plastic bags for a few hours or overnight - it keeps them soft and keeps the hard, dry skin at bay!)
  2. Thanks for the Welcome Back @Frank Beastie - good to see you again. I have heard a lot of people say they miss Sport - and having to cancel or postpone Sports fixtures and competitions, like The Olympics and The Invictus Games, is sad for the players and competitors who have been in training. Hope you manage to get an online shopping slot - I know how difficult it is! If you are in self-isolation or in the vulnerable category, maybe you can find online a neighbourhood group who are getting shopping for those who have been advised not to leave home. I had a leaflet put through my door with details of a volunteer group in my town, with a Facebook group link and contact details to ring if anyone in isolation needs any help to get stuff. Take Care and Stay Safe
  3. Thank you @DaveA and @cestrian for your Welcome messages - it’s good to see you again on the forum. Just listening to the news has reinforced my faith in human nature again - the UK Government called for volunteers to help the vulnerable stay in their own homes and shield them from contact with Covid-19 by doing their shopping, running errands, being a point of contact for them, check they are ok etc . The Govt said they were looking for 250,000 volunteers - within two days they have had half a million volunteers.
  4. I can hardly bear to listen to Trump when clips of him are shown on our UK news. When he isn’t displaying his ignorance, he is displaying his arrogance - and often displays both at the same time. What really grated on me was even when he was thanking the people in the health service for working hard, he not only had to compliment Pence on working even harder but had to use the opportunity to say that nobody worked harder than Pence, except himself. He just can’t resist blowing his own trumpet.
  5. I miss ... spending time with my lovely fella, who is locked down in his home 120 miles away. seeing my son, especially on Mother’s Day, when we usually get together for a long country walk. seeing my friends, meeting up with them for an afternoon or evening out or cooking supper for them at my house. going to the refuse tip with my garden waste! (I’ve had to prune a lot of trees and bushes before their growing season starts but, now the tip is closed, I am having to chop the big spreading branches into small lengths and bundle them up for easier storage in the garden until I can get rid of them - they are too woody to compost.)
  6. While I was waiting to collect my prescription in the pharmacy this morning, I noticed that the boxes of hair colour for home application were marked down to half price ... I don’t bother with hair colour nowadays - I’ve started to grow old “gracefully” ... i.e. just give in to grey!
  7. Thanks for your Welcome @Versailles - it’s good to see you again too. I am still confined to home - but all non-essential workers in UK are now, so I’m in the same boat as everyone else in that respect. Hope everyone has a good day, whatever they’re doing - keeping spirits up is an important part of supporting each other to get through this.
  8. I wouldn’t expect someone not from UK to notice it, especially as her Dad wasn’t directly in line for the throne when she was born. I noticed the baby announcement, then looked at the date and realised it must be the birth of Princess Elizabeth, QEII. in UK, the Queen’s Birthday is a well known date and, as she was born in the same year as my Mum, I always remember the year she was born. Elizabeth was born at 02:40 on 21 April 1926, during the reign of her paternal grandfather, King George V. Her father, the Duke of York (later King George VI), was the second son of the King. Her mother, the Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother), was the youngest daughter of Scottish aristocrat the Earl of Strathmore.
  9. My favourite thing about Spring in this Coronavirus world is that having to stay at home in self-isolation gives me more time to do some much needed tidying and pruning in the garden. The weather has been unusually kind this last week or so with plenty of sunshine and no rain - still a bit chilly but if I wear a fleece and gloves, working outside is very comfortable - and hearing the birdsong and seeing all the Spring flowers and shrubs blooming is really lifting my spirits - the garden is awash with yellow daffodils and forsythias, with splashes of contrasting colours. I have enough pruning, tidying and weeding to keep me occupied for weeks and months!
  10. When that photo of the Duchess of York and that tiny side paragraph about the birth of her first daughter was printed, who could have guessed that daughter would end up being the Queen of the UK? Finding that newspaper in his cupboard is like finding an important historical memento. Back in those days, young baby Princess Elizabeth would have been the insignificant daughter of “the spare” younger brother of the heir to the throne. The public were probably content with a brief notice that she had been born, with no expectation of photos of the Duke and Duchess holding the new baby for the press and public to inspect. How different the news reporting is nowadays - consider all the pages of coverage that was given to the birth of Harry and Meghan’s first child, Archie - and the big fuss about there being no photo of the baby forthcoming “on demand”
  11. I’ve been “self-isolating” since early January, because I had a common virus that has turned into a chest infection, so haven’t had my hair cut since before Christmas. I used to have a long, layered bob but it is now well past my shoulders and the fringe and all the layers have grown out. I’ve given up doing anything but wash and and condition it, then leave it to dry naturally, with a few clips to keep it out of my eyes - I can’t remember it ever being quite as wavy as it is now - I look like my Mother did in the 1940s!
  12. Thank you @Anna and @Sandy for your Welcome Back messages - I often think of you all and the current situation has made me think of you all even more and wondering how all my friends here are all coping, especially @cestrian, after all your treatment - I hope you are being well and truly “shielded” from this nasty virus. @Sandy - those brothers and sisters of mine are no longer sitting on the stairs but the eldest sister is still The Boss - they are all on Facebook now, as are our children and some of our grandchildren are now - they are checking in on everyone and keeping up everyone’s spirits in these scary times, with various positive supporting and charitable activities and a large dose of humour, both gentle and wicked! It feels very warm and friendly to be back here among kind friends.
  13. Hello Everybody. I haven’t been around on this site for ages but thought I’d pop in, say Hello, and see how you are all getting on. Wishing you all well in this current virusey environment and lockdown. Stay Safe and well, everyone - and, if you remember me, I may stick around for a while to hang out with you all - we’re all in this together. Love n hugs xx
  14. I agree with Morrigan's summary. I think the large majority of MPs want to avoid a "cliff edge Brexit" (apart from a few MPs who probably have aspirations to make a financial killing by using the economic crisis and ensuing market fluctuations to their own advantage. It's interesting to note that Rees-Mogg's Father has previously written books about how economic crisis can benefit the elite) Despite their back-stabbing efforts to scupper things, I think we will leave with some kind of Withdrawal Agreement ... but then we'll have to begin the tricky negotiations with EU for a future trade deal, beyond the transition period. Everyone seems to agree we need to negotiate some kind of tariff free deal for the future and I don't think we'll be able to cherry pick everything we want - I think it's bound to have to include some key conditions imposed by EU. My own feeling is that whichever government is in power, we'll probably end up in the ironic position of agreeing to some kind of trade deal that involves making payments to EU and accepting regulatory alignment rules for the produce we trade in order to achieve a free trade agreement - but without any say or veto in those rules. If we do have to make payments and abide by EU trade alignment rules, I'd rather we had stayed a member and kept our vote and veto in the making of those rules.
  15. Dear Bridezilla, Thank you for your awfully kind invitation and very specific instructions about how you require your guests to dress. If creating a spectacular visual effect is higher priority than sharing this Special day with your Groom, family and friends or considering your guests' comfort and enjoyment, perhaps you should consider hiring a professional dance team to make sure your dream day is perfect? You forgot to ask your guests for their song suggestions for this amazing wedding reception - so I'd like to combine my reply to your wedding invitation with my song suggestion - it's an apt number from Meat Loaf - "I would do anything for love - But I won't do that!" PS You can call off the dogs and cancel the lie detector tests - it was me who posted your instructions on Facebook!
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