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  1. I agree with Morrigan's summary. I think the large majority of MPs want to avoid a "cliff edge Brexit" (apart from a few MPs who probably have aspirations to make a financial killing by using the economic crisis and ensuing market fluctuations to their own advantage. It's interesting to note that Rees-Mogg's Father has previously written books about how economic crisis can benefit the elite) Despite their back-stabbing efforts to scupper things, I think we will leave with some kind of Withdrawal Agreement ... but then we'll have to begin the tricky negotiations with EU for a future trade deal, beyond the transition period. Everyone seems to agree we need to negotiate some kind of tariff free deal for the future and I don't think we'll be able to cherry pick everything we want - I think it's bound to have to include some key conditions imposed by EU. My own feeling is that whichever government is in power, we'll probably end up in the ironic position of agreeing to some kind of trade deal that involves making payments to EU and accepting regulatory alignment rules for the produce we trade in order to achieve a free trade agreement - but without any say or veto in those rules. If we do have to make payments and abide by EU trade alignment rules, I'd rather we had stayed a member and kept our vote and veto in the making of those rules.
  2. Dear Bridezilla, Thank you for your awfully kind invitation and very specific instructions about how you require your guests to dress. If creating a spectacular visual effect is higher priority than sharing this Special day with your Groom, family and friends or considering your guests' comfort and enjoyment, perhaps you should consider hiring a professional dance team to make sure your dream day is perfect? You forgot to ask your guests for their song suggestions for this amazing wedding reception - so I'd like to combine my reply to your wedding invitation with my song suggestion - it's an apt number from Meat Loaf - "I would do anything for love - But I won't do that!" PS You can call off the dogs and cancel the lie detector tests - it was me who posted your instructions on Facebook!
  3. Jenny

    Pagan Festivals

    Yuletide Greetings to you all.
  4. Haha - Most scary horror story ever - and you only needed 4 words!
  5. This article isn't very clearly written but I didn't get the impression the GP fobbed her off - he thought she must be pregnant, despite negative tests, and referred her for an ultrasound scan, which showed she wasn't, then they discovered the cyst. It does seem amazing that this lady waited so long before seeking medical opinion but, if she had always been "Chunky", as she described herself, I suppose she just thought she was putting on weight and, as the change was gradual, it's easy to not realise how big it's growing. I remember when I first noticed a tiny growth on the side of my head - it started off as the size of a pimple and it increased in size very gradually. When it grew to the size of a pea, it started poking through my hair and being noticeable, so I went to the GP, who told me it was a cyst and referred me to a hospital consultant. I patiently waited for a letter from the hospital with an appointment date. In the meantime, this cyst was growing bigger but I had got used to it so didn't realise just how big it had got. After a couple of months, I went back to the GP to tell him I'd heard nothing from the Consultant - my GP was shocked to see how much the cyst had grown and sorted out an appointment for me straightaway. I had the thing removed a couple of weeks later and, when they showed it to me, it was the size of an egg - 3 or 4 times bigger than I thought it was.
  6. Coping with insulin dependent Diabetes is difficult enough, without having to try to ration insulin use because you can't afford to buy enough - what an awful situation. Do parents of children with diabetes in USA have to pay for their insulin too? Here in U.K., anyone who is diagnosed as insulin dependent is prescribed free insulin, free blood glucose monitor and testing strips. They also receive a range of extra health care monitoring checks because of the risk of complications arising from high blood sugar levels, including free eye tests and foot care from an NHS podiatrist. Blood glucose monitoring kits and testing strips are not available on NHS for Type II diabetics who are not insulin-dependent, though. Some groups are campaigning for this, as they believe that regular testing, in conjunction with medical guidance, would help people to manage their Type II diabetes better by diet, so that fewer people will suffer the health problems associated with poorly controlled blood glucose levels - and if they are given the tools to better manage their condition, they have more chance of being able to avoid having to take long term medication or become insulin dependent in the future.
  7. I was surprised to read that kids in that area were going to school in such expensive coats, as it's a low income area with higher than average unemployment. I imagine it's rather difficult to ban particular brands of Coats - there are so many expensive brands around now. I've always thought that school uniform is a great leveller - though I do remember that my Mum could never afford to buy us a school uniform coat as well as our uniform, so we had to go to school without a coat, as we weren't allowed to wear coats that didn't conform to school uniform rules - walking two miles to school on cold Winter mornings with only a skirt, blazer and a beret to keep me warm was not much fun, but I felt I had to pretend I was warm enough and didn't need a coat ... bbbrrr. My kids had uniforms but I can't remember any particular rules about coats - most kids wore some kind of anorak / parka coat - I certainly wouldn't send my kids to school in a really expensive coat they couldn't chuck on the floor or use as a Goal Post, cos I'm sure that's what they often did with them! In fact, my kids would have felt most uncomfortable about wearing anything at school that gave the impression they had a wealthier standard of living than their school mates - they wouldn't even mention they had been abroad on holiday when they returned to school after the Summer hols, in case any of their classmates' parents had not been able to afford to take their kids on holiday.
  8. Happy Birthday, young fella! Hope you're enjoying your Special Day and have a lovely time on your day off tomorrow.
  9. Belated Birthday Greetings, Morrigan. Sorry I missed it. So glad that you had a lovely day, with good weather. Many Happy Returns of the Day. I was out walking all day yesterday along the Northumberland Coast and the rain was lashing down all day - made worse by strong winds - I don't think we've ever been so wet at the end of a walk.
  10. Happy Birthday, Versailles. wishing you Many Happy Returns - hope you've had a wonderful celebration. xx
  11. He said that “Truth doesn’t matter to them,†and that “they only have their hatred & agenda." That sounds like a description of himself and his own supporters!
  12. I thought most of them were easy - may not have remembered the names of a couple of them if it had just been the photo without the multiple choice options to jog my memory of their names. I also got three of them wrong - the angle of the photo of a couple of them foxed me - and I've never seen a Cyprus flower before - I thought it looked a bit like hibiscus, so I plumped for that.
  13. OMG! Serves him right. I hope the raccoon was ok too. I've heard of being drunk as a skunk , but never heard of anyone being rat-arsed enough to respirate a raccoon.
  14. Yes, my thoughts were similar to yours. The part of that article I picked up on was: "On this subject a critic said: ‘I ain’t mad about a straight guy playing a gay guy, I’m mad that a straight guy is playing an old fashioned super camp comedic stereotype of a gay guy and Disney are peddling that shit as positive representation.’ " I don't know anything about this film but I cringe when I see this kind of portrayal.
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