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  1. On behalf of our friend @Sandy we will the Astros to win tonight’s exciting Game 7. Good luck to both teams and may it be a humdinger. If the Astros lose the Nats will win which some neutrals will favour for historical fairness reasons. But you can’t really expect to get to your first World Series and win first time out, can you? You need to grind out some heroic failures first. It’s the way the story goes. Either way it’s no lose. It’s been a majestic series, again, and baseball is the only winner. Still I am rooting for Sandy and the Astros because over the course of the season they deserve it. What price a George Springer home run in the first inning?
  2. I watched quite a bit of last night’s game amid a sleepless night, and it was an impressive display from the Nats. Their closer Doolittle who looks like he’s just come off the mountain was quite good too, and their ground fielding was sharp. I saw one great stretching catch from Zimmerman at first base and a really sharp pick up and throw by Doolittle from a good looking bunt by Wong which nearly got him to first. But I really can’t wait to see the Yankees in action again.
  3. Was watching the Dodgers Nats 10th inning on MLB tv and shoulda come on here! I forgot that @Frank Beastie is a Dodger. Sorry on your behalf Frank but I have been mind trained by the likes of @Rebel77 and @Anna to cheer loudly whenever the Dodgers choke in the off-season which is every year, one way or the other. Seeing Kershaw look so glum in the dugout you almost felt sorry for him. My prediction is the Astros will spring back to life tonight and whop the resurgent Rays. I want to see a Yanks-Astros AL final. I watched the Yanks the other night and boy are they impressive. Resilient. Luis Severino got himself out of a terrible hole two innings in a row. Yanks to win the WS in my book!
  4. The daily routine, up at six, tea, emails/Twitter, Giants check, Italian lesson, shower, out with the dog by 7. Staying in bed too long disrupts the prospect of things being done properly and on time. 365/365! Call me rigid...
  5. Dear @Rebel77 aka Patti our love and best wishes on your nice round birthday haha! We wish you all the best and we are looking forward to a MAJOR season of success with the Giants to celebrate Bruce’s departure! Go Giants and go the lovely Patti! Xx❤️❤️❤️⚾️⚾️🥂🍾🎂
  6. Hello Favouriters. I am still with you. Sorry not to have participated in recent selections. I have had a lot on my mind including work, volunteering, Morrigan’s appointment, and supporting my daughters’ ongoing crowdfunding efforts, not to mention estrangement. It all reduces the mental energy available to post. Ah well. Here is Janet Jackson in another collaboration, with L. Vandross. She’s always been a good collaborator and that shows if you look at YouTube. I like a collaborator. JJ #4 The Best Things In Life Are Free.
  7. [quote name='Baldrick' timestamp='1549569744']Hey why aren’t I listed as a Giant! Have I been fired as no 1 UK fan?[/quote] Ooops @Anna I have messed things up. I got impatient waiting to be reinstated as no 1 Giant and happened to notice I could edit the html myself. Which I did, adding Baldrick at the front of the Giants queue. But now the formatted table is lost and all you can see is the html. So sorry. Please repost the table!
  8. Hey why aren’t I listed as a Giant! Have I been fired as no 1 UK fan?
  9. Today is the second anniversary of #Five Favourites being launched. We have featured 203 separate artists over the two years, some more than once. A big hand to everyone on Ziboom for supporting the thread in such a great spirit of appreciation, discovery, nostalgia, and sheer joy at our shared love of music.
  10. [quote name='Frank Beastie' timestamp='1548592125']Well I listened to those two tracks and liked what I heard.. They have a good sound.. It is nice to hear something different and gives me a glimmer of hope that, just maybe, I can post bands that I am very fond of that others may not of heard before and not have to mostly complete the five myself.. It's a whole new can of worms! hahaha.. I thought this was good.. NR&TNS #3: A Little Honey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDPvYLe7dy4[/quote] @Frank Beastie go for it! We have exhausted all or most of the well known bands the world has ever seen with a few honourable exceptions (wot no James Brown?) and as @Anna says maybe #FF is morphing quietly into a discovery zone... long may it last!
  11. O M G @Rebel77 I love these guys! Thank you for the introduction. ❤️❤️This track here is brilliant IMO, kind of mountain gospel with a soul backbone. Wonderful tuneful harmonies with a rough edge but not too rough. This is Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats #4 Howling At Nothing A great discovery and the very essence of #FF a few days before its 2nd birthday. 👏👏
  12. [quote name='Rebel77' timestamp='1548517380']I had to find a Dr. Feelgood song in the strangest way because, like @Anna above, YouTube wanted me to put up a variety of Motley Crue songs! Like I choose race horses, I chose this song because of the name. Also, as I was listening to it, the lyrics cracked me up. Dr. Feelgood #5 - Milk and Alcohol[/quote] @Rebel77 This was actually one of their biggest commercial hits!
  13. Ok another fantastic performance from Dr Feelgood, #4, the best version I can find of She Does It Right This really was their heyday, circa 1975, with Wilko’s chops and Lee’s bristling panache, supported by a driving rhythm section. Awesome rock n roll.
  14. [quote name='Frank Beastie' timestamp='1548455944']Great choice, @Baldrick .. It's funny but I remember posting this clip I'm about to post before, maybe it was somewhere else, either here or on another site.. Anyway, I love this track and especially this performance.. Wilko's strutting back and forth is mesmerising.. Yes, as you mentioned above, this is his unique guitar style.. Doctor Feelgood #2: Roxette https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp2DvPKh118[/quote] Love this track Frank thanks for posting. It’s one of the several I wanted to.
  15. Anna your description is apt, thoroughly 70s Jumpy and British. Dr Feelgood were really in the vanguard of the punk revolution here, a year or two before it took off in the mainstream. Their musical style wasn’t punk, more like bluesy pub rock, but their working class roots (Canvey Island Essex, about as lowbrow as you can get), aggressive attitude, DIY approach and care about image were all thoroughly punk.
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