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    What am I doing? ... Not a lot! and I'm doing it in my own sweet time .. ;)

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    Frank Beastie
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    Suffolk ~ England ("\(*_*)/")
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    Music...Sport, especially football and F1 motor racing...Computers, internet and gaming, art, watching tv series...too many choices, too much to watch, not enough hours...
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    Very part time Bicycle Mechanic
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    Often found up a tree in the local park or playing football and running riot around the streets....Them were the days.....sighs!
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    I love animals, had cats all my life, 14 in all, not all at the same time, combinations of 1's 2's 3s and 4's....Currently none here, but there are 3 living with my ex and boys, they're lovely and very mischievous.....Oh, and also had one daft beautiful collie crossbreed dog...kept tropical fish, had a pond with koi carp...had a tortoise, a terrapin and stick insects....they're getting smaller.....I won't mention the fleas ;)
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    Football ( the one known to some as Soccer), Formula One motor racing and Boxing (not that I can watch it much these days, damn PayPerView..)...
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    West Ham United (The Hammers, The Irons.. COYI), Ipswich Town (The Tractor Boys)
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    Fish and chips!! ... Yummy!!
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    Growing old is mandatory.. Growing up is optional...

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  1. @Anna.. Yes, hopefully Stoke will be okay and start to climb the table.. They seem to enjoy playing for the new manager.. Wow!! What a great voice Tonya Pinkins has! Yes, she is a crazy lady in FTWD, her character is very evil... I don't like to say too much as I'm practically up to date and you are somewhere in Season 4.. But that does mean you are aware of the crossover of a certain character and there's another to come in Season 5.. John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) is also one on my fav characters in the series..
  2. Well done Stoke City.. Beating the Championship leaders West Brom 0-1 at The Hawthorns.. Just goes to show how unpredictable a league it is!! It was good game, West Brom bossed possession but couldn't break down the Potters defence, I thought Jack Butland was brilliant in goal, getting back to his England form!!.. Luckily for the Baggies they stay top as Leeds are off form too and lost at the weekend, but it's tight up there!! Stoke have pulled out a 4 point gap on the bottom three now, onwards and upwards!
  3. Congrats to all you 49ers fans here on reaching Superbowl 2020.. I'll be firmly on your side and will watch what I can of the game live, although it goes into the early hours of the morning UK time.. I'm glad you are enjoying "FTWD" @Anna.. I'm two episodes off finishing season 5 and still addicted to it.. There's a season 6 coming out this year from what I've read either in spring or summer but I didn't want to delve too deeply in case of spoilers, so through half closed eyes that's my take on it! With the footie on Saturday, West Ham drew 1-1 with Everton, it looked to be a fair scoreline, although I think we had more chances on target.. And Southampton lost 2-3 after being 2-0 up against Wolves, I saw highlights and it looked a very entertaining match, and that was some comeback! Did you and @Ogre get to see the match live together, Anna? I hope there wasn't any fighting, hahaha!! I watched live full match coverage of Liverpool vs Manchester United yesterday, the matches between these two are always exciting to watch as they are fierce rivals.. United gave it a good go but Liverpool march on after a 2-0 win.. After Manchester City and Leicester dropped points there is now a 16 point gap at the top of table, that is massive for this stage of the season and would need a huge implosion from Liverpool (which I can't see happening) for them to not to lift the Premier League Trophy in May.. Tonight in the Championship at 8pm UK time West Brom are playing Stoke and it's live on Sky Sports so I'll be watching... C'mon you Baggies!!! Sorry @Anna and @Baldrick, haha! You never know, upsets can happen!! I want Stoke to win matches and get out of trouble, just not this one!
  4. Well there's Rafe Spall (son of Timothy), whenever I catch him in something he is very good.. I also like Joseph Gilgun a lot.. He played Woody in "This is England", Cassidy in "Preacher" and I recently watched "Brassic" just because he was in it and really enjoyed it.. James McAvoy is an excellent actor, I first became aware of him in "The Last King of Scotland" and he was more recently in "Split" and "Glass"... I think Samantha Morton is an excellent actor although she is slightly over 40, she is amazing as the Whisperers leader Alpha in "The Walking Dead"..
  5. Just thought I'd share this with you all as I found it very amusing.. I was visiting my mother at the care home today and it was coming up to lunch time so we were sitting in the dining room with other residents waiting for the meals to be served.. One of the carers decided to put some music on and they have an Amazon player there so she said to the device "Alexa, play some country music!".. Well all was going well until the forth song in when this track below came on, hahahaha!! There were a couple of ladies just to the right of me and my mum visiting their relative.. I looked at one of them and shrugged my shoulders in a "What the heck!" kind of way.. Then we both started laughing.. It was all the funnier as no one apart from me and the two ladies seemed to notice the lyrics, everyone else was carrying on as normal as if it was just another song.. There were no care staff in the dining room at that time so the track played all the way through and then went onto something more akin to easy listening for the residents... That Alexa, huh! She obviously doesn't have a profanity filter or maybe just has a wicked sense of humour, I'm looking forward to hearing more next time I visit!!
  6. Quite right @Anna.. Luton came up to the Championship as last seasons League One Champions and Barnsley were runners up.. Charlton Athletic came up as the play off winners and are not doing that much better in 19th.. The EFL is a tough league to stay in once you get there... but as in the all the leagues we are basically just over halfway through so plenty of points still to be won.. I think most of my US sports picks are doing badly! So the streaks of those teams will be losing!! Congratulations to you 49er fans.. I may have to rethink my team for next season, Jaguars may have a cool name and emblem play in great colours but they ain't doing the business...
  7. Well Stoke are now above the relegation zone which considering they were rock bottom on Christmas day is an improvement, they just need to start picking up points on a more regular basis.. West Brom drew and Leeds lost so one point separates them at the top... Hahaha yeah that gif is of "Monkey" from a series of ads from many years ago here for ITV Digital and then PG Tips teabags where in both he starred along side comedian Johnny Vegas.. They even gave replica "Monkey" soft toys away attached to the boxes of teabags on one promotion, we have one somewhere in the house in London..
  8. Saints are going great guns now @Anna, it was an excellent win... I don't supposed you are too concerned that Spurs lost to Liverpool then! It was a good match for a 0-1.. Hammers lost yesterday to Sheffield Utd...DOH!!! We had a goal disallowed by VAR which last season would have certainly been a goal.. They messed with the handball rules and it's a bummer if your team is on the end of that, we deserved at least a draw!!
  9. I love the idea of hoversuits, as in Frank Herbert's Dune series of books and as seen worn by Baron Harkonnen in the Dune movie, although minus the worst case of acne ever see... In my younger years I had a frequently reccuring dream that I could hover just by putting my arms straight down by my sides and just flapping my hands.. I can remember this feeling so real at the time.. Where did those dreams go!! So a hoversuit would be great fun especially if I could hover down to our village co-op to pick up my food shopping.. and if it ever came into being as we get older we wouldn't have to walk with frames or worry about bone breaking falls...
  10. Keith Lemon (the alias of Yorkshire comedian Leigh Francis) seems to be everywhere and I think is overated.. He seems to have become his own character and does everything as Keith Lemon who is to me completely overbearing and childish and gets away with it all in the name of entertainment.. Wow! @Morrigan I seem to remember you being a big fan of Jo Brand.. I haven't seen her lately in anything to put me off, as I find her very funny.. I'm also a fan of Romesh Ranganathan and Rhod Gilbert.. I thought Rhod was funny when hosting "The Apprentice: You're Fired!" which was a few seasons ago, I'm not a fan of the guy doing it now, Tom Allen.. And Romesh is always funny, but I haven't watched everything he's been doing, there is a series where he is the judge on a type of comedy version of "Judge Rinder" the UK version of "Judge Judy", it's called "Judge Romesh" weirdly enough, but I've only seen trailers and I don't want to watch it as it might put me off him.. His "The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan" series is fun.. I completely agree about Michael McIntyre, I've never liked him or found him funny and can't stand that BBC Light entertainment show he does.. From the little I've of seen of it, it is very light on entertainment.. Nuff said!!
  11. Dont give up on your team Dave, still plenty of the season left, 17 games, that's a lot of points if you get on a winning streak.. Look where West Ham and Watford finished last season 10th and 11th out of 20, which might sound poor to you but I think it's a very decent finishing position for teams that don't have the spending power and star player lure of the Big Six.. The Big Six are now taking up five of the top six positions only Arsenal are adrift, they are having a terrible season (by their standards) but I wouldn't bet against them ending up in one of the top six positions come May.. Leicester are having a cracking season and keeping the Big Six honest at the moment..
  12. @Anna, a nice 5-2 win for Stoke, that's good, they're out of the bottom three now.. West Brom and Leeds drew 1-1 at the top of the Championship so Leeds still lead on goal difference.. Re: Hockey.. What's up with the Sharks this season then?
  13. I guess you are happy then @Anna!! ...I was going to ask which one you would have prefered to win, but you've answered it well, hahaha, I'm happy they won too even though if the Saints hadn't of won West Ham would now be back above them.. and... I'm very happy my Hammers crushed Bournemouth 4-0 (and I got to watch it televised live!! yeaaaaaaa!!!), we needed it after some abysmal displays of late. A good start on the return of David Moyes on his second stint as our manager..
  14. I would like to wish everyone on ZiBoom and very Happy and Healthy New Year.. Same as eqman I was also born in 1958, but only just as I turned 61 yesterday on the 31st and was born at 11:30pm surprisingly I wasn't named Justin (with apologies to all Justin's out there, haha).. I'm a dog in the Chinese Zodiac.. I found this on a site: Personality and characteristics A Dog’s most defining characteristic is their loyalty. They will never abandon their friends, family or work. Honest and just, they are popular in social circles. Everyone needs a Dog friend for advice and help. They are also good at helping others find and fix their bad habits. Despite how they act, they are worried and anxious inside. However, they will not let this stop them. Once they decide on something, no one can persuade them against it. Hmmm... interesting.. I found a couple of variations on this but posted this as it was the nicest and I didn't want to get worried or anxious inside, hahaha.. Have a great 2020 everyone!!
  15. If I had to pick one track, which I do, it's "All the Young Dudes" originally recorded by the band that got me into a lifetime love of rock music, Mott the Hoople.. I would have been around 13 when I first heard this song.. It was written by Bowie for the Herefordshire glam rockers as he was a fan of the band, he later recorded it himself. It takes me right back to my teens, there was so much great music from that era..
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