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    What am I doing? ... Not a lot! and I'm doing it in my own sweet time .. ;)

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    Frank Beastie
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    Suffolk ~ England ("\(*_*)/")
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    Music...Sport, especially football and F1 motor racing...Computers, internet and gaming, art, watching tv series...too many choices, too much to watch, not enough hours...
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    Very part time Bicycle Mechanic
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    Often found up a tree in the local park or playing football and running riot around the streets....Them were the days.....sighs!
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    I love animals, had cats all my life, 14 in all, not all at the same time, combinations of 1's 2's 3s and 4's....Currently none here, but there are 3 living with my ex and boys, they're lovely and very mischievous.....Oh, and also had one daft beautiful collie crossbreed dog...kept tropical fish, had a pond with koi carp...had a tortoise, a terrapin and stick insects....they're getting smaller.....I won't mention the fleas ;)
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    Football ( the one known to some as Soccer), Formula One motor racing and Boxing (not that I can watch it much these days, damn PayPerView..)...
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    West Ham United (The Hammers, The Irons.. COYI), Ipswich Town (The Tractor Boys)
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    Fish and chips!! ... Yummy!!
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    Growing old is mandatory.. Growing up is optional...

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  1. Everyone ready for a sing along? My ex sent me this so thought it might be fun to share it with you all. And it's so damn true, stupid clowns.. hahaha Tom Jones Parody Corona Virus Song with sing along lyrics written and sung by Robert T Leonard.
  2. @lemon, thank you, I especially love the Cheap Thrills album cover as it's by Robert Crumb and I'm a fan of his art.. I have an excellent documentary about him called "Crumb"... It's very interesting.. He is one weird man though, hahaha.. @Anna, thanks for the Rolling Stones entries.. I'm very familiar with the first, but the second one is especially interesting as it looks to be another die cut insert sleeve.. @Versailles, hahaha, thanks for giving me chuckle at the alternative names on this spoof music festival.. Thank you all for your contributions so far... I love this album and cover, Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti.. The album cover was designed by Peter Corriston and featured a die-cut sleeve design of a tenement building.. The buildings photographed for the cover were 96 and 98 St. Mark's Place in New York City.. There were two sleeve inserts, one for each disc as it was a double album, so these show in total four different collections of famous and infamous cultural figures and also snapshots of the band members which would be seen through the cut out windows on the front and back of the outer sleeve, the inner sleeves were wrapped in another sleeve which is how the album was displayed in shops with a letter in each window spelling the album title.. I'm showing all the variations for the figures in the windows, slightly annoying to me that I can't find five pics of the same lighting and colour tone, but it is what it is! The last of the four is the back of the sleeve.. All pics were viewable front or back..
  3. Being at home all by my lonesome I don't need to unecessarily do anything to appease others in my company.. I'm not sure I have any real routines.. I eat meals when I want to and what I want to, and in any order I fancy.. I'd missed that our clocks went forward today and got up in the afternoon with the wall clocks showing one time and my digital self adjusting devices showing another, it was confusing.. I had lunch for breakfast, a ham roll, then about 4 hours later some cereals for lunch.. I wash when I feel I need to, I mean it's different if I was going out, but the only person who can smell me is me, and I smell fine to me.. I have actually been starting to take up some exercise, I'm fortunate that I have free weights here, a barbell and dumbells and also an exercise bike... and I can run around the house if i want as I'll bump into no one!! I have been trying to make sure I get out into the garden at least once a day, although today was difficult, it's been lovely here the past 4-5 days, but today it snowed, then went sunny, then a hailstorm, then sunny again, then hail... really weird weather... My sleep pattern is completely shot though, although I'm a night owl when things are normal, I think I'm becoming more and more nocturnal as this progresses.. I'm certainly catching up on a lot of tv series, movies and gaming.. Thank gawd for the internet..
  4. I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we can all post our favourite album cover art.. It can be something that is ongoing and something to dip in and out of as we please.. There are tons of great album covers out there.. They can be illustrated or photographic in content, some are pictures of the band or artist.. I shall probably start with artwork of albums I have in my collection but there's no reason not to just post something you find online if you like.. It might be nice to post a little something about the production of the cover or a personal story of your own relating to it or your own personal thoughts about the cover, why you like it, or dislike it for that matter, as you may want to post an album cover you think is not up to par.. There are some just plain hilarious album covers out there too, where I think, what the hell were they thinking when they produced that garbage... Just have fun!! I was very influenced by Roger Dean's album art at Art School.. I was (still am) a big fan of prog rockers "Yes" and I recall one project in which I produced an album cover for an imaginary new album from keyboard player Rick Wakeman, as he was also doing solo albums.. I was quite pleased with the results, but on showing my friends they said, who is Rick Waheman? I had gotten just a little too carried away with my stylisation of the typography, and I had to admit the K did look very much like an H.. We laugh about it to this day, whenever we get together... Roger Dean is an English artist, designer and publisher, he illustrated album cover artwork from the late sixies onwards for bands such as Yes, Asia, Uriah Heep and Budgie among others.. I still love seeing them, but those covers and the style were very much of their time and whenever I see them I instantly think of the seventies.. This is "Yessongs" by Yes, the 1973 live album.. This is the cover art and as it was a triple album there are two gatefolds inside.. I loved looking at this albums artwork.. @Anna, is there some way of lining up album art or any images side by side rather than one on top of the other? ...as it's a better use of the space available.. I tried and it didn't allow me to, there's no way of clicking to allow me to do that.. I had fiddle with it in Photoshop to get it how I wanted it, then save and post it... Which I don't mind doing, but not everyone has PS of course!
  5. Yes, @Anna.. I do know this of course, as I'm a big Hayao Miyaziki and Studio Ghibli fan.. What a great version that is!!.. Cateen is a very talented pianist.. I really liked the Mozart he played on the toy piano that @Ogre posted too, it was fun..
  6. @Ogre, I found a version with lyrics on, good track thanks I enjoyed listening to it, and as you said tells the history of Alexander the Great's life.. I'm guessing it's just anyone in the UK or outside the US who can't see your post, as no one else has commented on not being able to see it.. It's just stupid copyright issues with some US videos that we can't see here, I don't know if that works the other way around, guessing it might.. I'd hate to think everything, or even half the vids I post are blank for you guys.. Surely someone would tell me if that was the case! Next up, Iron Maiden #3 anyone?
  7. I hope this stretches to keyboard players in rock music.. As Rick Wakeman of Prog Rock band "Yes" is an incredible keyboard player/pianist. Superb Technique and unbelievably fast hands, his fingers are literally a blur at times.. Seeing is believing, as in this video.. He's 70 now and is still performing.. I know he's not playing a traditional piano, but Wakeman was classically trained and there are other videos of him playing a Steinway on YouTube.. I was just blown away when I listened to him on this clip so wanted to post it.. It doesn't say what it is but I'm pretty certain it's part of "Merlin the Magician" from his 1975 prog rock concept album "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" as I bought the album on vinyl around that time or slightly after (it's sitting in a cupboard in London with my vinyl collection) and I recognise the piece..
  8. My favourite athlete is a former West Ham and England footballer called Trevor Brooking.. He's 71 now and the director of football development in England.. he's also been knighted, so Sir Trevor now.. He became my favourite player about a year or so after I became a Hammers fan in 1966 when England won the World Cup and three West Ham players, Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters played a big part in the win.. Trevor Brooking wasn't in that team and was at the time a teenager at the club. He made his senior debut in a friendly game against Swiss team Grasshopper Zurich in 1967.. He played most of his career at West Ham making 528 appearances and scoring 88 goals.. He won 47 England caps.. I wouldn't call him a great athlete, he was never the quickest or the strongest, but he made the game look easy.. He had a magnificent touch and just seemed to mostly wander almost nonchalantly around the pitch orchestrating the play, just getting into full stride when he needed too.. He was a perfect number 10 or playmaker, which is traditionally the position played by an attacking midfielder. The very best number 10's really don't have to run around too much, they read the game so well and make space and time for themselves to play in strikers with killer passes.. He featured in two of the Hammers three FA Cup wins in 1975 and 1980, the latter of which he won for us with a diving header against Arsenal..
  9. Good choice, @Ogre.. and a very interesting read about the jets, I love the liveries, especially the tail fin.. Actually, believe or not I don't have an Iron Maiden album in my entire collection although I am very familiar with many of their more famous tracks.. Sadly I can't play your video post.. It says "Video unavailable".. so it could possibly be a lost in the big pond translation thing.. Anyone, please let me know if any videos I post are unavailable to you. I'd hate to think I'm posting music vids that only I can see.. Hoping not to curse us all, get ya crosses and pointy sticks ready.. #2 Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
  10. Blimey this thread suddenly shot through the artist's... Ok, here we go! All we hear is Lady O'Gaga clap clap, Lady O'Googoo clap clap, Lady O'Gaga clap clap... errr, sorry that's Queen! I have to say her video's are kinda wacky but entertaining... Look out! I think Lady Gaga just gave birth to herself!!.. Then something evil came out!.. Booooo hissss!!... Ooooerr!!!... I like this one though, catchy tune! #3 Lady Gaga - Born This Way
  11. step step step CLUNK step step step CLUNK step step step CLUNK...
  12. Thanks for the kind words, @Jenny, and for the good advice.. I've already had a leaflet through my door from a wonderful group of people in our village who are offering to help the needy here.. It's good to know that those people have help, if they need it! I am self isolating, but only through my own personal choice.. I'm not classified as being in the vulnerable category, as I'm a healthy person in my early 60's with no underlying health conditions.. But this evil disease is killing healthy young people too (it's not picky), so I'm just being extra careful.. It annoys the heck outta me that some people are so blasé about it, going out and mixing when then don't really need to.. Sure they might be okay, might get it mildly or just be a carrier, but they don't seem to care, or have the capacity to think about how many people that they come into contact with could then pass it to others, the elderly, those with ill health.. Those are the people who through others selfish actions may end up in intensive care or even die!! Take care of yourself!
  13. I'm familiar with Robbie Robertson of "The Band", though I can't say I'm overly familiar with his solo albums, SDTCR I know, of course.. I'm going to finish off the 5 with this one.. I loved the Netflix movie "The Irishman", this song was apparently inspired by the movie, as Robbie was working on a song for the soundtrack at the same time as working on his album "Sinematic" (which is where this particular song comes from).. "I hear you paint houses" as you probably know, is a mob euphemism for "I hear you kill people".. #5 Robbie Robertson (feat. Van Morrison) - I Hear You Paint Houses
  14. Welcome back, @Jenny.. Nice to see you here again! I miss... Seeing my family, my ex and my boys are in London in lockdown.. My sis and her family, my bro in law and my two nephews dont live too far away but are in lockdown too, just like me.. Miss seeing friends too.. Footie: The Leagues and the Euro's.. Grand Prix Motor Racing.. Sport in general.. I was so looking forward to Baseball too... Olympic Games is also postponed.. Just getting out for a walk.. I haven't attempted to go out since I walked down to the local village Co-op on the 13th March.. I don't plan to go out now unless it's absolutely necessary, like getting food, but that will only be if I can't order it online.. Although trying to book online shopping slots is currently a joke..
  15. Isn't a mask supposed to also cover the nostrils as well!
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