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  1. threelilpugs


    Sorry, should have clarified...correcting my foreign language song. Thought that was in the correction?
  2. threelilpugs


    I never knew my grandparents, so here's one from my parents' record collection...with that iconic album cover #6 A Taste of Honey, by Herb Alpert
  3. threelilpugs


    Oh boy...got the foreign language song title wrong! It's 'Tilted,' not 'Tainted' Here's Christine and the Queens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RBzsjga73s Better Things (S2 E10) homage to the original
  4. threelilpugs


    Great category, and a great way to learn about new music artists! I discovered Christine and the Queens, watching a recent season finale of "Better Things." Seeing the actors perform to the song, then seeing where it came from was sublime. Something about rap...in French...spoken by a woman, worked for me. Foreign language song #3: 'Tainted,' by Christine and the Queens
  5. threelilpugs


    Bob Marley's 'Legend' was played a LOT back in the 90s... #2 song with bird/birds: "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley
  6. threelilpugs


    @Anna I love love love some of the Punk band names. The Germs...how fitting during C19.
  7. threelilpugs


    @Frank Beastie thanks for reminding me about Eva Cassidy. An old boyfriend made a 'mixed tape' (CD) in 2007 with 'Kathy's Song' on it (a Simon & Garfunkel song). I had never heard of her before that. She was such a talent. #4 Kathy's Song, by Eva Cassidy
  8. I'm not a big sports fan, but if I had a choice, I'd rather watch a game on TV from the comforts of home. Don't hate me. hehe. There is so much SPAM on Instagram of masks and door opener/keypad poking thingies, I can't remember what used to be marketed before C19. Spanx-like tummy control girdles? I'm not sure how to feel about Bill Maher's video, 'Immunity Booster.' I may have foolishly bought in to fear-mongering news and social media, or maybe succumbed to my OCD tendencies. Maybe both? In my own twisted way, what brings me comfort is that I'm not alone in trying to navigate my way through the craziness.
  9. threelilpugs


    @Anna Wow, I also love "Hello It's Me." So, a little bit of both... #4 "Hello, Goodbye" the Beatles
  10. threelilpugs


    An extra JAB, unrelated to this category, but I hope to sing any or all of these Goodbye songs to 45 in November #2 goodbye song: "Candle In The Wind,' by Elton John
  11. I'm conflicted about 45 taking Hydroxychloroquine. It's on one shoulder (take it, take it), but not on the other. More like after I remember who 45's back-up is...Pence. I'm still at Stage 1.25, but trying to find some balance. I've gotten a little too comfortable, taking my introversion to a whole new level!
  12. I have an American accent, West Coast. I've always been fond a Scottish accent.
  13. @cestrian and @eqman Modified stocks for 2020
  14. threelilpugs


    I secretly was crushing on BJ Thomas. Look at those eyes!! Not hip but I liked it anyway song #4 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, BJ Thomas.
  15. @sandy, unbelievable..."the virus nightmare is behind us"? Maybe come November, Gov Abbott will find that he's behind at the polls.
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