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    nature, music, films, books, people (fun/informative humans) art (i dabble with ink and paints)..much more..but unable at this time to list them all.
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    ive had many occupations..at this time...retail.
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    single, female ..working for a living. raised 2 boys on my own..they are now men..and on their own. i get along with most all people..and respectfully avoid those i dont.
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    i believe i grew up in a wonderful era. it was full of music..fun..experimentation of many things..some good..some bad. but it all came out good today. we allowed our imaginations to get us to a acceptable place in this world. tho i have to admit what goes on in this world now..confuses the living daylights out of me. chuckles.

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  1. wow...what an extrordinary family life you have lived Anna. I say this in awe and envy. please keep sharing memories with us..Im enjoying all of it. thank you so much!!
  2. yes, i think so. it was a different movie from that time. i was young then...(smiles)..and that one scene..where Adrienne was sitting on the bottom bunk bed..and Rocky (i think without a shirt)..leaned forward and all his muscles showed in his arms..and GASP..his under arm hair was showing....OMG..be still my palpitatin' heart....never knew under arm hair..would do that to me. lol...
  3. my very odd tongue in cheek dry wierd sense of humor. i can find humor in most anything.
  4. no. i would not wear a suit like that.my mind simply wont wrap around a world like that. as it was mentioned above..id watch on tv..(even though i havent watched tv in over 10 yrs)...
  5. id love to be able to play a violin..or fiddle...like Alison Krauss....most favorite (and very popular) classical i love is Vivaldi's 4 Seasons. and yet i adore fiddling music...toe tapping music. pretty much..it comes down to my enjoying string music.
  6. OOOooooeeeee Frank...if you sound like that video..think it would be good to just chat wid cha...lol...id be going..huh? huh? say that again beastie. hahhahaha....
  7. i agree with 3lilpugs...if i could have an accent like James McAvoy..id be very pleased with myself. btw..he is from Scotland.
  8. oh i believe there is one..reading this morning..appears China has one. would i take it? noooo. one could say my "trust" issues with China..are very low. yes..one could say im a pessimist. but being one..makes something that goes well.. a wonderful and exciting moment.
  9. we 3 seemed to have had the same type of mothers...GASP...could we possibly be related? Yes...thankyou for all the neighborhood mothers on my street in Torrance, Ca. who seemed to care more..and somehow balance it all out. Happy Mothers Day.
  10. ive never liked my first name. i was told the only reason i was named this..so it would match my father's initials....this coming from a woman who has to live in a world totally organized and in perfect condition. (this is no joke). i would of liked a name with 2 syllables. im partial to old fashion names..and would probably liked to have had...Ivy. yeah yeah i know...but Ivy i feel..fits me.
  11. i personally do not care for movies that are about war. especially the wars in my lifetime. vietnam especially. i lost a few friends and people whom i knew thru family in vietnam. the one movie i did see quite by accident..but held me captive..and opened my eyes from a different perspective on war...is The Hurt Locker. this has Jeremy Renner...and it simply blew me away..(and honestly that is NO pun)....
  12. the Chunnel is something i would never..ever go thru. no no no. i could sit and type all kinds of horror filled ideas that are going thru my head about that. fantastic engineering im sure..but...no.
  13. im also moving from California...i will be right behind you..however, i will be moving upward (points up)...this is only because in the state of Washington my sister lives..and this i feel being my last stage in life..i wish to live near her..this is a good thing. Now the state of Washington's political leanings..are not mine...but they do have lovely land and picturesque living. I dont plan on living in a large city like Seattle nor Tacoma. i am so DONE with California....so done.
  14. 2 noises annoy me...enough that i will and have done so...walked away. Voices or someone who believes they are speaking too me...that are high pitched and go on and on and on...non-stop. another is LOUD noises. Jarring extreme loud noises...for example..hammering..or factory noises..that are sudden. slamming of doors...that type. All of those put a major hiccup in my nice flow of things.
  15. i honestly think it depends on how well you know the person who is asking...if its intimate..yes..speak the truth. if its a good friend and you already know their personality flaws and so on....you have to kinda "wing" it.
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