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Everything I know about Japan

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Could fit on a post it note.. until today. 


I have just been to the Japanese Festival in Perth and come home with a swag of pamphlets including :


Kyoto and vicinity walking guide

Welcome to Hiroshima

50 Things to do in Yokohama

A handy map of Tokyo


I will have a lot of fun reading and looking at the beautiful photos of a country I know so little about but is now on my travel bucket list. 


The bullet trains, shrines, ikebana, beautiful kimono and cotton materials, unusual food ... everything is new and fascinating. 


By the time I do decide to go..eg post Coronvirus, post Olympic Games I hope to have a working knowledge of their history and culture to better appreciate travelling within the country. 


It was so hot and humid that I decided not to queue up to try some of the food stalls but called into a sushi train on the way home for some lobster Inari and seaweed salad.  






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I'm so glad you got to go!  Love the photos, except the wig one gives me nightmares.  I had to wear those from the age of 4, since I was taking Japanese classical dancing.  Once they put all the ornaments onto those wigs, it weighs a ton -- especially to small children.  I just remember my head wobbling all the time, and coming home with a gigantic headache.


Lobster inari -- never had that but it sounds SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.  I looked up some photos.   Is there rice in it, or is it just lobster? I love inarizushi.


If you do go to Japan, I recommend May for the festival in Fuchu.  I think this one might be one of the oldest in Japan, and it is the real deal with all the Buddhist priests and 10 mikoshi.  We are going next year for this as this festival belongs to my uncle's church, and we always try to go with everyone.  A friend from LA is joining us for this. You're welcome to join us, too.  If you go in July or August, Kyoto has some amazing festivals.  The weather is muggy, but the festivals are too much fun. 

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Ohayo gozai-masu 


I have been browsing the brochures and think I should map out some of the cities to fully appreciate the distances in Japan.

It seems that there is a Golden Triangle that most first time tourists go to, leaving other areas for another visit. 


What cities would you say are must see places ?  

How long would you recommend as a minimum time to allow if one was using the bullet trains to get about ?

Do they really bathe naked in the communal onsens ? 


So many questions !5BBB3300-1125-433C-B4B6-EB4A075F7E74.thumb.jpeg.ce52370c0b1e3b51a4cf5d4f0078e5a2.jpeg

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